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Brings total raised in the Series E round to $276 million

Lausanne, Switzerland, June 12, 2019 – ADC Therapeutics, an oncology drug discovery and development company that specializes in the development of antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), today announced that it has closed a $76 million expansion of its Series E financing, bringing the total gross proceeds raised in the Series E financing to $276 million. The financing was supported by existing and new investors. The company has raised $531 million since its inception in 2011 to advance the development of pyrrolobenzodiazepine (PBD)-based ADCs for the treatment of hematological cancer and solid tumors.

Chris Martin, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of ADC Therapeutics, said, “We are delighted to expand our Series E round, which provides us with a strong balance sheet to fund preparations for a potential Biologic License Application (BLA) for ADCT-402 (loncastuximab tesirine) in relapsed or refractory diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) in the second half of 2020, as well as preparations for a pivotal Phase II trial of ADCT-301 (camidanlumab tesirine) in Hodgkin lymphoma based on our recent end of Phase I meeting with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. We look forward to our presentations on ADCT-402 and ADCT-301 at the upcoming 15th International Conference on Malignant Lymphoma (15-ICML) in Lugano, Switzerland, for which we announced details in a separate press release today.”

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JUNE 10, 2019, NEW YORK – A Ludwig Cancer Research study has deciphered a complex molecular conversation between cancer and immune cells that is key to orchestrating the successful invasion of tumors by T cells that kill cancer cells.

“We show that two key chemokines, CCL5 and CXCL9, are universally implicated in T cell infiltration across all solid tumors,” said George Coukos, who directs the Lausanne Branch of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research and led the study. “Their simultaneous presence in tumors is a key requirement for the engraftment of T cells and the establishment of a T cell-inflamed tumor, also known as a ‘hot tumor.’”

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03.06.2019 | Thierry Weber: «La pratique de la médecine va vivre une révolution»

Médecin-entrepreneur et spécialiste de la santé numérique, Thierry Weber considère le dossier électronique du patient comme une solution pour réduire les coûts de la santé. Les hôpitaux le proposeront dès 2020

Les dossiers cartonnés, dans lesquels les médecins écrivent encore à la main, sont voués à disparaître. Place au dossier électronique du patient, qui entrera en vigueur au printemps 2020. Le secteur de la santé va connaître toute une série de changements liés au numérique.

Le canton de Vaud ne veut pas rater cette transition et il veut même en devenir une référence. Il a notamment créé, en mars dernier, le Digital Health Hub au sein du Biopôle d’Epalinges. Celui-ci est dédié aux entreprises actives aussi bien dans l’analyse et la protection des données, le développement d’applications, de senseurs que d’appareils électroniques en lien avec la santé numérique. Ce centre comprend également l’association CARA, un organisme intercantonal qui promeut la cybersanté et le dossier électronique du patient.

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28.05.2019 | Instant T : Petite cellule mais grande invention

Une série suisse à la découverte des Romands qui ont eu du génie. L’instant T où Georges Müller de SEED Biosciences a eu l’idée qui permet maintenant aux scientifiques d’isoler des cellules de façon fiable. Une révolution pour la médecine personnalisée.–petite-cellule-mais-grande-invention?id=10458220

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17.05.2019 | Novigenix Developing NGS Version of Early Colorectal Cancer Detection Test

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – With a new CEO at its helm, Swiss molecular diagnostic firm Novigenix is developing a new version of Colox, its mRNA-based assay for early colorectal cancer detection that applies next-generation sequencing instead of RT-PCR.

The firm began a study earlier this year to validate the assay, which measures cancer-specific transcriptomic signatures in circulating immune cells, with the goal of eventually seeking regulatory approval in Europe for a commercial test.

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13.05.2019 | Novigenix Appoints Dr. Jan Groen as CEO to Lead Expansion to Multi-Product Cancer Diagnostic Platform Company

ImmunoTranscriptomic platform combines identification of immune cell mRNA signatures with AI for early cancer detection


LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – 07:00 CET, May 13, 2019 – Novigenix SA, a leading ImmunoTranscriptomics company that develops and commercializes products for early cancer detection and precision medicine today announced the appointment of Dr. Jan Groen to the position of Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors.

Dr. Jan Groen has many years of experience in the life science industry with a focus on emerging technologies, product development and commercialization. Dr. Groen was previously the President and CEO of MDxHealth SA (Euronext), an epigenetic diagnostic company focusing on urological cancers. During his 9 years at MDxHealth, Dr. Groen oversaw growth of total cumulative revenue to over US$100 million, the raising of more than US$80 million in equity financing, the establishment of a CLIA service laboratory in the United States and an ISO service laboratory in Europe, and the team expansion to over 220 staff to sell their prostate and other cancer diagnostic tests. Dr. Groen is co-founder of ViroClinics, founder CEO of DxOrange and has held numerous international executive management and board mandates in international diagnostic companies. He currently serves on the board of Angle Plc and Destina Genomics. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Medical Microbiology from the Erasmus University Rotterdam, a BSc in Clinical Laboratory Studies, and has published more than 125 papers in international scientific journals in the field of clinical diagnostics

“We are delighted to welcome Jan as the CEO of Novigenix. Jan’s decision to join Novigenix is testament to the potential and leadership position of our ImmunoTranscriptomics-based cancer diagnostic and precision medicine pipeline,” said Dr. Brian Hashemi, Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors at Novigenix. “Jan’s leadership and considerable experience will contribute to making Colox the new colorectal cancer screening standard, while further developing our technology into other indications.”

Novigenix is committed to unravel a new understanding of the human host response against cancer. The company was founded on the vision that ImmunoTranscriptomics will bring unprecedented advances in diagnosing and treating cancer patients leading to significant improvement in healthcare. Novigenix’s unique ImmunoTranscriptomics technology enables an accelerated identification of disease specific mRNA signatures of circulating immune cells, which combined with machine learning and predictive algorithms, can predict onset and progression of disease. The Company has established a valuable multicultural biobank and database of over 1,400 patients at risk of colorectal cancer (CRC) and has launched its first blood-based molecular diagnostic product, Colox®, for the early detection of colon cancer. Colox is currently being distributed in Switzerland by Unilabs and Dr. Risch laboratory.

“Following the successful commercialization of its first product for early colon cancer detection, Novigenix is ready to expand its product offering based on its unique ImmunoTranscriptomics technology platform. I very much look forward to working with its dynamic team to build on this initial success,” said Dr. Jan Groen.


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29.04.2019 | Mymetics Receives Funding from NIH for Novel HIV Vaccine Study

  • Funding to prepare Mymetics’ cold chain-independent needle-free mucosal virosome HIV vaccine candidate for clinical trials
  • Collaboration with Texas Biomedical Institute and University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  • Total award USD 8.67 million over 5 years, with USD 1.9 million budget in the first year


Epalinges, Switzerland, April 29, 2019 – Mymetics Corporation (OTCQB: MYMX), a pioneer and leader in the research and development of virosome-based vaccines against life threatening and life disabling diseases, announced today that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has awarded Mymetics and Texas Biomedical Research Institute (Texas Biomed) a five-year grant for the project called “Cold Chain-independent, Needle-free Mucosal Virosomal Vaccine to Prevent HIV-1 Acquisition at Mucosal Levels”.
The project has the objective to prepare Mymetics’ promising HIV-1 vaccine candidate for clinical trials. The vaccine candidate is based upon Mymetics’ virosomes, enveloped virus-like particles that display on their surface rationally designed HIV-1 antigens. The vaccine is created to induce protective mucosal antibodies acting as a frontline defense against sexual HIV transmission. An earlier formulation of the vaccine candidate has shown safety and immunogenicity in a Phase I clinical trial in healthy women. Two independent non-human primate studies demonstrated the safety and high efficacy of the virosome-based vaccine in Chinese and Indian-origin rhesus macaques against repeated low-dose intravaginal challenges with a monkey AIDS virus, a so-called tier 2 R5 SHIV that shares key biological features with human transmitted forms of HIV-1. Mymetics recently finished a European Horizon 2020 funded project where Mymetics developed adjuvanted new solid powder forms of the vaccine which can be directly administered to mucosal tissues (nose, sublingual or oral) without needles and that do not depend on refrigeration, which makes the new vaccine attractive for the developing world where AIDS is at epidemic levels.

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24.04.2019 | ADC Therapeutics and Adagene Announce License Agreement

ADC Therapeutics to develop next-generation masked antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), incorporating Adagene’s SAFEbody™ technology, with potential utility across multiple tumor types
Collaboration enables focus on targets in which healthy tissue expression precludes development of ADCs incorporating traditional antibodies

Lausanne, Switzerland and Suzhou, China, April 24, 2019 – ADC Therapeutics, an oncology drug discovery and development company that specializes in the development of proprietary antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), and Adagene Inc., an antibody engineering and discovery company, today announced that they have entered into a discovery collaboration and license agreement. ADC Therapeutics will use Adagene’s SAFEbody™ technology to generate a masked antibody that will be combined with ADC Therapeutics’ pyrrolobenzodiazepine (PBD) cytotoxic payload technology for the development of a novel ADC against a solid tumor target.

Adagene has developed the SAFEbody technology to produce masked antibodies that are activated to bind to an antigen in the tumor microenvironment by factors present in tumor tissues but not in healthy tissues. This enables enhanced specificity for targeting of an ADC and minimizes off-target toxicity on healthy cells, potentially enhancing the therapeutic index of the ADC.

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18.04.2019 | Le StartLab célèbre son premier anniversaire

Aucune nouvelle jeune entreprise ne rejoindra l’incubateur du Biopôle des hauts de Lausanne, ce printemps, démontrant la rigueur de son processus de sélection.

de Sophie Marenne, AGEFI 

Pas de nouvelle recrue pour le StartLab ce printemps. Aucune des start-up qui ont soumis leur candidature, fin mars, n’a été acceptée pour intégrer l’incubateur du Biopôle d’Epalinges dédié aux sciences de la vie. «La qualité est l’une des valeurs primordiales du StartLab», explique Nasri Nahas,…


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18.04.2019 | Seed Biosciences teste sa solution unicellulaire abordable

La jeune pousse qui grandit dans le StartLab du Biopôle d’Epalinges s’intéresse au marché de la médecine personnalisée.

de Sophie Marenne, AGEFI

L’équipe derrière SEED Biosciences compte sept personnes aujourd’hui. La spin-off de l’EPFL vise à fournir une solution d’isolation de cellules individuelles pour le marché de la médecine personnalisée.

Permettre au biologiste d’isoler de petites cellules, «des graines» afin qu’ils développent les thérapies de demain: voilà l’idée qui a poussé à la création de Seed Biosciences. «Cell seeding, dans le jargon, cela veut dire mettre des cellules dans des boîtes de culture», justifie Georges…


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18.04.2019 | Volumina Medical régénère la chair

La jeune entreprise basée au StartLab du Biopôle d’Epalinges conçoit des implants injectables, sans chirurgie. Le premier produit de la start-up cible la reconstruction du sein après l’ablation d’une tumeur.

de Sophie Marenne, AGEFI

La spin-off de l’EPF a été fondée en 2018 par Amélie Béduer, Thomas Braschler et Philippe Renaud. Elle emploie sept personnes aujourd’hui mais compte recruter trois à cinq ingénieurs ou docteurs en chimie, sciences des matériaux, biologie d’ici un an.

A l’origine, Amélie Béduer voulait régénérer les tissus du cerveau d’individus atteints par un AVC, grâce à un implant. En travaillant sur des matériaux de reconstruction cellulaire, au sein du laboratoire du professeur Philippe Renaud, à l’Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), elle a…


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18.04.2019 | Gnubiotics est aux petits soins envers les intestins

Pour la jeune entreprise installée au StartLab du Biopôle d’Epalinges, l’étape de la commercialisation vient de débuter.

de Sophie Marenne, AGEFI

L’équipe dénombre déjà une dizaine de personnes et présente un bon équilibre entre ceux qui sont au début de leur carrière et ceux qui portent une expérience plus vaste. De gauche à droite, Bernardo e Costa, Sara Vidal, Mehdi Omri, Yong Miao, Yemi Adesokan et Jean-Philippe Kunz.

Les objectifs de la start-up, créée en septembre 2016, sont de lutter contre les infections intestinales, protéger la muqueuse du tube digestif et ainsi contenir la prise de poids grâce aux oligosaccharides du lait humain (HMO), des composants très importants du lait maternel. «Nous développons…


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18.04.2019 | Sun bioscience standardise la culture de tissus humains

Au sein du StartLab du Biopôle d’Epalinges, la start-up est spécialisée en culture d’organoïdes.

de Sophie Marenne, AGEFI

Sun Bioscience dénombre trois collaborateurs: Jeroen Van Den Oever, Nathalie Brandenberg et Sylke Hoehnel (Murielle Sèvegrand)

Dernière arrivée au sein de l’incubateur, la start-up Sun bioscience est issue de la rencontre entre deux doctorantes à l’Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). Dans le laboratoire du professeur Matthias Lütolf, Sylke Hoehnel et Nathalie Brandenberg ont conçu des technologies de…


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17.04.2019 | Haya Therapeutics, aux racines de l’insuffisance cardiaque

La start-up était l’un des deux premiers locataires du StartLab du Biopôle d’Epalinges.

de Sophie Marenne, AGEFI

La jeune pousse compte quatre collaborateurs. Samir Ounzain (cofondateur et CEO), Daniel Blessing (cofondateur et CTO), Mohammad Reza Afghahi (CFO) et Dario Ranieri (chercheur et directeur de laboratoire).

La création d’Haya Therapeutics en 2017 coïncide avec la publication par la start-up d’une description du long ARN non codant Wisper, un régulateur spécifique de la fibrose du cœur. «Inhiber Wisper dans des modélisations animales précliniques nous a permis d’empêcher le développement d’insuffisance cardiaque à un niveau sans précédent», déclare Samir Ounzain, cofondateur et CEO de la jeune entreprise née dans l’unité de cardiologie expérimentale du CHUV, après cinq ans de recherches.

A la différence des traitements actuels, Haya Therapeutics ne vise pas à soigner les symptômes des insuffisances cardiaques mais leurs causes sous-jacentes. Grâce à l’injection d’une molécule, un petit fragment d’ADN modifié qui dégraderait Wisper, le processus de fibrose myocardique serait inhibé, bloquant le développement ultérieur d’une insuffisance cardiaque – une affection dont une personne sur cinq souffrira, à terme, à l’échelle mondiale. «Une fois diagnostiqué, le taux de survie des patients est comparable à celui des personnes atteintes d’un cancer à un stade avancé.»

La start-up bouclera bientôt un tour de financement de série A. Par ailleurs, elle se lancera prochainement dans des tests précliniques sur de plus gros animaux. «Selon notre plan de développement, nous visons à soigner nos premiers patients humains dans trois ans.»


>> Article l’AGEFI

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12.04.2019 | A spin-off’s injectable implant takes top honors at Seed Night

Short and sweet. Last night, 22 entrepreneurs were given just 90 seconds each to pitch their projects to an audience of over 250 alumni and investors. Amélie Béduer, the CEO of Volumina Medical, won over the spectators and the jury with her company’s injectable implant. This biomaterial is designed to reconstruct soft tissue, following breast cancer surgery for example. It is injected with a syringe and represents a potential alternative to existing, more invasive, treatments. The product is currently in preclinical testing.

For these entrepreneurs, who are all in search of funding for their companies, the visibility they gained from their pitch last night was capital. The aim of this annual event, which is put together by EPFL Alumni, Innogrants (EPFL’s startup support fund) and Venturelab, is to forge ties between the School’s graduates and up-and-coming firms. It’s a networking initiative that keeps gaining momentum, based on the fact that graduates and successful entrepreneurs are investing more and more in the next generation of companies.

Both current and future entrepreneurs in attendance Thursday night drew inspiration from the keynote speakers. Steve Anavi, an EPFL graduate, described how he went from being an engineer to a serial entrepreneur. And Madiha Derouazi explained how she created her cancer-vaccine startup in 2012 and grew it into a company with some 15 employees – while raising 37 million francs along the way. “If you want to start a business, you need strength, endurance and boundless enthusiasm,” she said.

Following the pitches, the audience shortlisted four companies: Wakeit, Resistell, Volumina Medical and SwissDeCode. The four finalists were then asked the following question: “What keeps you awake at night?” Amélie Béduer clinched victory with her response; the jury particularly appreciated her “sense of duty and responsibility.” Steve Anavi added: “What’s more, the product she is developing builds on something that exists already – and that will facilitate buy-in among users.”

For Béduer, this was the first time she presented her work to such a large group of people. But she has faced tougher challenges as an entrepreneur: “Time pressure is much greater in business than in academic research. In order to start bringing in money, you need to develop your product quickly and make the right decisions. There’s no margin for error. It’s also important to choose your outside partners wisely, making sure they click with your team.” Thanks to Amélie Béduer’s focus and drive, Volumina Medical is certainly on the right track.


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11.04.2019 | Swiss biotech Gnubiotics, announces global launch of GNU100 the first microbiome specialty ingredient for companion animal gut health.

Lausanne, April 11th 2019 – Gnubiotics Sciences SA is a Swiss biotech company pioneering the development of products from complex microbiota accessible carbohydrates (MACs) as specialty ingredients for the global animal and human nutrition markets.

Gnubiotics announced its listing in the EU Feed Materials Register and commercial launch of its first-in class microbiome modulating prebiotic GNU100, for companion animal gut health. Gnubiotics’ GNU100 MAC is registered in Europe as an oligosaccharide-peptide complex with the objective to enhance microbiota restoration. As a result of its activity on specific commensals in the microbiome, GNU100 will also be studied to act as a weight control modulator.

GNU100 comprises of at least 30 different oligosaccharide structures that are functional mimics of Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs). HMOs are oligosaccharides found naturally in animal and human breast milk and are key to the early development and maintenance of the immune system.

At Vitafoods Europe, Gnubiotics will host a presentation by Prof. Kelly Swanson of the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, titled “Modulatory Activity of Microbiota Accessible Carbohydrates” which will highlight GNU100 in vivo palatability data as well as the in vitro activity of GNU100 on key microbes beneficial to companion animal health Lactobacillus acidophilus, Akkermansia muciniphila and Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron.

“The global launch of GNU100 marks a milestone in our commitment to bringing the benefits of our pipeline of functional HMO mimics to companion animals” said JP Kunz, CEO at Gnubiotics.

Through the combination of advanced high-precision chemistry and genomic technologies, Gnubiotics aims to expand nutritional solutions, to meet consumer expectations for effective, natural and healthier foods and supplements for their companion animal.

To learn more about how GNU100 can benefit your consumers, please visit Gnubiotics Sciences at Vitafoods Europe in Geneva Palexpo, May 7 – 9, 2019, at booth #K85

>> Press Release


About Gnubiotics:

Gnubiotics Sciences SA is a biotech company founded in Switzerland, located at the Biopôle in Lausanne, Switzerland, to develop a platform to commercialize microbiota accessible carbohydrate (MAC) ingredients for the functional nutrition and the therapeutics markets. These MAC formulations mimic the natural diversity and complexity of Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs) which are unique structures found in mothers’ milk and are crucial to early protection against infections and the immune development.
“GUT NATURALLY UNDERSTOOD” (GNU) became Gnubiotics raison-d’être with a goal to accelerate metabolic health in animals and humans. The company is developing a robust platform for selective microbiota modulation via natural mechanism of action with a rich pipeline in nutrition (Animal and Human) and later for medical food solutions.

Media contact information – Gnubiotics Sciences SA. Jean Philippe Kunz, CEO Email:

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11.04.2019 | SFL publishes impact assessment article in European Pharmaceutical Law Review

SFL’s Associate Legal Counsel and Data Protection Officer Lorelei Garagancea, together with Chief Scientific Officer Walter Fürst, have published the article “Legal impact assessment of Brexit: Clinical Trials data exchange and Data Protection” in the European Pharmaceutical Law Review. The article discusses how the current changes in policy in the EU could impact on clinical data exchange and data protection in projects involving both EU and non-EU countries, and particularly how this may affect multinational trials and programs in different Brexit scenarios.

SFL’s Legal & Compliance department offers comprehensive life sciences services to clients. Among other: legal impact assessments, GDPR compliance in clinical trials, legal classifications of combination products, medical devices and software. Please contact us to discuss your projects.


>> SFL website

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08.04.2019 | Le dîner du futur se partage bientôt à Vevey

Prévu le 2 mai prochain à la Halle Inox, ce repas unique en son genre projettera les convives autour d’une tablée imaginaire en 2029.

Que mangerons-nous en 2029? Des pilules protéinées ou des légumes du jardin? De la viande artificielle? A table ou en marchant? Ce sont les questions que pose l’ONG lausannoise Empowerment Foundation, dans le cadre de sa mission de sensibilisation aux impacts de la technologie.

Son premier Dîner du futur est prévu le 2 mai prochain à l’occasion de la réouverture de la nouvelle Halle Inox, dans l’enceinte des anciens Ateliers de constructions mécaniques de Vevey (ACMV). «Toutes nos activités grand public ont le même but: créer un moment de divertissement intelligent qui encourage au développement de l’esprit critique. Nous allons ici donner un aperçu des impacts possibles de la technologie sur nos habitudes alimentaires et la qualité de ce que nous consommons», note Charlotte Aubry, chargée de la communication.

>> Article Le Temps 8 avril 2019

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26.03.2019 | Lyonbiopôle et Biopôle SA s’allient avec Nestlé Health Science pour stimuler l’innovation entre entreprises dans le domaine de la nutrition santé

Lyon, France et Lausanne, Suisse le 28 mars 2019 – Lyonbiopôle, pôle de compétitivité santé de la région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, et Biopôle SA, entreprise gestionnaire du campus scientifique dédié aux sciences de la vie à Lausanne, ont coorganisé une journée de Open Innovation sur la thématique nutrition santé en collaboration avec Nestlé Health Science au Biopôle Lausanne le 26 mars 2019. 

Cette journée avait pour objectif de permettre des échanges entre un groupe leader sur son marché et des entreprises émergentes. Organisée au Biopôle Lausanne elle a permis à Nestlé Health Science de découvrir des entreprises innovantes et d’envisager des partenariats.

Pour garantir l’efficacité de cette démarche, Lyonbiopôle et Biopôle SA ont proposé une liste d’entreprises innovantes de leur écosystème et réseaux respectifs pour participer à cette rencontre unique. Nestlé Health Science a ensuite procédé à la sélection d’une quinzaine d’entreprises au fort potentiel d’innovation, en lien avec ses domaines d’intérêts

Stéphanie Blum, Head Translational Research et Membre du Comité Executive chez Nestlé Health Science : « Pionnière sur les sujets liés à la nutrition, Nestlé Health Science souhaite bénéficier de cette dynamique initiée par Lyonbiopôle et Biopôle SA en faveur du développement de liens entre startups/PME et grands groupes, pour rencontrer de nouveaux partenaires qui l’accompagneront dans sa démarche d’innovation. »


Florence Agostino-Etchetto, Directrice Générale de Lyonbiopôle, commente « Ce temps fort s’inscrit naturellement dans notre mission d’accompagnement et de mise en relation de nos membres avec de potentiels partenaires, afin de développer leur visibilité et leur business au-delà du territoire d’Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. Cette journée Open Innovation avec Nestlé Health Science confirme notre engagement sur l’activité nutrition santé, et est une belle illustration de notre vision du décloisonnement et du croisement fertile des écosystèmes santé et nutrition santé. Cette journée est également la suite logique du travail mené depuis 2017 avec le Biopôle de Lausanne pour que les deux régions travaillent main dans la main afin de faire rayonner leurs écosystèmes respectifs, et favoriser les échanges transfrontaliers. »


Nasri Nahas, Directeur Générale de Biopôle SA : « Le Biopôle est désormais connu pour la qualité et la diversité de ses entreprises et groupes de recherches académiques présents sur le campus. La convergence entre grands groupes et sociétés émergentes permet de garantir un meilleur accès à l’innovation et nous sommes fiers d’être moteur d’une initiative qui nous l’espérons permettra de développer des collaborations concrètes dans les prochains mois. »


>> Press release

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21.03.2019 | Newsweek magazine ranks the CHUV as one of the world’s ten best hospitals

Newsweek magazine has included the CHUV in its annual ranking of the world’s ten best hospitals. This ranking has been drawn up on the strength of the indications given by a panel of doctors, healthcare professionals and administrators across four continents.

According to the American weekly, the ten selected establishments stand out for their innovation in patient care and their ability to rise to the challenges of a rapidly evolving healthcare sector. This ranking has been drawn up in partnership with Statista Inc, a company specialised in statistics and market research. The CHUV ranks in ninth alongside the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, the Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, all in the United States, together with Singapore General Hospital, the Charity University Hospital in Berlin, Toronto General Hospital, the University of Tokyo Hospital and the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv. In its brief description, Newsweek highlights the engagement of the CHUV in training and its leading role in the Lake Geneva Health Valley. It also highlights the CHUV’s commitment to medical innovation and its knowledge-sharing policy through its open access magazine In Vivo published in both French and English. Professor Pierre-François Leyvraz, CHUV Director-General, expressed his pride at the fact that the hospital, which he has been at the head of since 2008 features amidst such world-famous establishments. “This ranking is the outcome not only of the institution’s strategic vision, but also of the collective work of the 11,000 staff members and our heads of Services and Departments. The CHUV exemplifies how a hospital which is a public service of the state and backed by a dynamic university, the University of Lausanne (UNIL), can achieve a standard of international excellence in patient care, training and research.”


>> Press Release CHUV

>> Newsweek’s article

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14.03.2019 | Biopôle launches the Digital Health Hub

Epalinges / Lausanne, Switzerland, March 14, 2019 – Biopôle SA has inaugurated today a new innovation center, the Digital Health Hub, dedicated to digital health in the presence of political and economic stakeholders from the region. Based at Biopôle, the new platform addresses the growing demand for a forum and gathering point to accelerate the development of patient-focused digital solutions.

Following the launch of the life sciences start-up incubator StartLab in March 2018, Biopôle SA has unveiled a new initiative, the Digital Health Hub, which brings together leading companies and renowned experts in the field of digital health. The new center officially opened its doors today and already hosts fifteen companies.

Nasri Nahas, CEO of Biopôle SA said: “Digitization is essential in every aspect of our lives. As a strategic player in the region, we are responsible for leading the integration of new technologies in the health field. Our vision at Biopôle is to develop a digital health center that is backed by our unique ecosystem in terms of diversity, expertise and resourcefulness, and which aims to become, thanks to the convergence of experts in health and digitization, a world-renowned center of excellence for developing digital solutions, accelerating projects and disseminating knowledge to patients.”

The Digital Health Hub welcomes Swiss and international stakeholders in digital health and has an infrastructure of 900 sq. m, consisting of private spaces and numerous common areas which can accommodate up to 20 companies. Furthermore, the new initiative includes a group of experts from the healthcare industry who all share the same passion: the integration of digitization in their field of activity. The group, named “Digital Pulse”, consists of around twenty experts with diverse profiles, such as researchers, public and industrial healthcare professionals, investors and entrepreneurs.

Thierry Weber, coordinator of the Digital Pulse Group stresses: “Digitization is being applied across healthcare at a rapid pace and it is difficult for patients to find their way in a context where solutions are complex and regulation struggles to keep pace. We wanted to bring together digital health experts to support the development of patient-friendly solutions and to understand how we can better support them.”

Since its creation in 2004, Biopôle has become a strategic site for research and development in the field of life sciences and a key location in Switzerland. With the growth of its ecosystem and its network, Biopôle SA seeks to promote the convergence of leading ideas and projects across life sciences to support innovation in the region. Thanks to the new buildings scheduled to be completed in 2020 and 2021, adding around 20,000 sq. m of additional space, Biopôle will be able to accommodate a large number of companies, organizations and projects that want to be closer to the new Digital Health Hub and to benefit from the unique ecosystem of companies and institutions on the campus.


Media contact:


Photo (N. Spuhler), lef to right: Adrien de Tonnec, Sales & Marketing Manager atMedtronic; Prof Thomas Hügle, Chef du Service de rhumatologie du CHUV; Philippe Leuba, Chef du Département de l’économie, de l’innovation et du sport et Nasri Nahas, CEO of  Biopôle SA

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13.03.2019 | Sylke Hoenel, Co-Founder and CEO at SUN Bioscience selected among the 2019 finalists of the Cartier Women’Initiative

Precision medicine aims to tailor treatments to each patient for a more effective health care system, especially for complex diseases where the “one drug fits all” concept does not hold true. While genetic biomarkers are a potential solution, little is still understood about DNA, making precise and unbiased predictions difficult. To test emerging drugs and understand the accuracy of genetic biomarkers, pharmaceutical companies need to conduct their tests on materials as close to the patient as possible. The answer can be found in one of the hottest topics in life science today: organoids, miniature three-dimensional human tissue cultures derived from stem cells that reproduce much of the original human organ at tiny scale in the laboratory.

“Organoids can be multiplied without changing the cells’ DNA. This makes them unique and a faithful representation of the genetic and functional machinery of patients and their diseases,” explains Sylke Hoehnel. “They are ideal testbeds, but to increase their adoption we need to make them more user-friendly.” In 2016, Sylke co-founded SUN bioscience to standardise organoid culture and facilitate their use in drug screenings.


To achieve this, Sylke and her co-founder, Nathalie Brandenberg, have developed a proprietary hardware technology called Gri3D, used to produce organoids at large scale, high quality and lower cost. The company has developed its own custom manufacturing robot to make Gri3D, allowing the technology to be fine-tuned to every organoid system. Launched in 2016, the company has already notched up 58 clients in 13 countries, including important pharmaceutical firms and European stem cell academics.

One of the first organoids grown on SUN bioscience’s Gri3D are “mini-intestines” for Cystic Fibrosis research. “Cystic Fibrosis serves as an ideal proof-of-concept to demonstrate the effectiveness of this type of precision medicine,” says Sylke. “Drug efficacy for the disease hovers at barely over 50% for the most common mutation. Testing directly on an organoid, rather than predicting success based on genetic analysis, has the potential to improve these results.” To carry out these tests, SUN bioscience is exploring new clinical readouts that work exclusively with its Gri3D-produced organoids. A clinical pilot in Switzerland using their technology is currently underway.Alongside medical benefits come economic and environmental advantages. “Our technology maximises the amount of readable data points per surface, with up to 1,000 more than other organ-on-a-chip technologies, but at a comparable price.” And since the plastics employed in this field are single-use, 1,000 more data points can eliminate hundreds of plates that would normally be used, saving on plastic waste.Keen to protect patient data and identities and anticipate upcoming regulations, SUN bioscience is also developing strategies to allow access to large sets of patient-specific organoids while maintaining privacy. “We want patients to be directly involved in decisions about how their cells are used and what data is generated on them,” says Sylke. 

Like many scientists turned entrepreneurs, Sylke evokes the frustration of seeing how much fine scientific research ends up tucked away in university drawers. Her company was born from a side project which she and Nathalie worked on to standardise fabrication of retinal organoids, in collaboration with the Jules Gonin Eye Hospital in Lausanne. It was here that they started to develop their Gri3D technology. “It was exciting because it was a tricky project that we conducted alongside our PhD without even knowing if it would work!” says Sylke. “But it was also inspiring to be so close to doctors’ and patients’ needs.”

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26.02.2019 | Biowatch, l’authentification en continu au poignet

Présente au Mobile World Congress sur le pavillon suisse, la start-up romande Biowatch, basée à Épalinges, elle, a développé une solution biométrique qui se base sur la reconnaissance des veines du poignet. Baptisé LeBracelet, il s’agit, comme son nom l’indique, d’un bracelet connecté qui permet à l’utilisateur une authentification en continu.

Parmi les cas d’utilisation de cet appareil, son patron Matthias Vanoni, qui a cofondé ce spin-off de l’institut de recherche Idiap de Martigny en février 2015, montre comment il peut par exemple être utilisé pour déverrouiller un ordinateur sans mot de passe. Une fois la reconnaissance des veines activée, il suffit d’approcher le bracelet à la machine connectée pour ouvrir une session. Ce système est aussi censé permettre des accès sécurisés à des comptes en ligne, mais aussi l’entrée contrôlée dans des bâtiments, solution déjà testée en entreprise. LeBracelet se veut le remplaçant des badges traditionnels, des mots de passe, des clés ou encore de codes PIN.

La start-up, qui a déjà levé 1,2 million de francs et espère clôturer un second tour de table de 2 millions de francs, est sur le point de lancer une campagne Kickstarter. Celle-ci est prévue d’ici fin mai, début juin. Soutenue par Innosuisse, elle collabore avec les instituts de recherche CSEM et Idiap pour l’amélioration de la partie matérielle et des algorithmes de reconnaissance des veines du poignet.

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22.02.2019 | SenSwiss wins the Biopôle StartLab Prize at the Swiss Finals of the Global Accelerator Imagine IF organised by Innovation Forum Lausanne


22 February 2019 – SenSwiss, a team of 9 motivated Master students studying Microengineering, Bioengineering and Life Sciences representing the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), wins the Biopôle StartLab Prize at the Swiss Finals of the Global Accelerator Imagine IF organised by Innovation Forum Lausanne.

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12.02.2019 | Seed Biosciences and Andrew Alliance receive innovation awards in Washington

Two Swiss startups have won awards at the SLAS 2019 exhibition, one of the largest exhibitions for the life sciences and technology industry. Seed Biosciences received the Ignite Award as the best emerging startup, while Andrew Alliance won the Best Product Award.

SLAS 2019 international conference and exhibition brings together thousands of players in the life sciences technology and discovery such as scientists, researchers, engineers, academics and business leaders. The event also features more than 300 companies that showcase and launch new products and services. The 2019 exhibition took place from 2nd to 6th February in Washington D.C.

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06.02.2019 | New restaurant on campus: CSS’s Ven’art Restaurant is open to the public since January 1st, 2019

All year long, SV Group will treat your taste buds.
Tasty, fresh, healthy, durable: our nutritional philosophy is to offer you the best. A daily challenge based on quality, creativity and pleasure.
Just to attract you:

  • A choice of three daily menus: 1) Bistrot : back to authenticity and friendship with some great classics; 2) Pleasure: dishes prepared following the seasons with swiss and local products; 3) Green’s keen: a delicious colorful vegetarian offer
  • A generous salad bar based on fresh and seasonal vegetables
  • A large variety of sandwiches
  • Bircher mueslis with fresh cut fruits
  • Our home made Fairtrade ice tea and lemonade
  • Our promotions and thematic weeks based on seasonality.


The restaurant is opened from Monday to Friday, from 7:30 am to 4:15 pm and suggests warm meals from 11:30 am to 1:15 pm.
Besides, thanks to our application “Mobile Menu” available free of charge on AppStore and Android or on the internet mobile website, you can consult the menu plan whenever you want via the following link or you can download the app SMobile Menu” on your smartphone.
To consult our opening hours during holidays and public holidays, you can visit directly our microsite.
The whole SV Team is looking forward to meeting you from January 1st!

Your contact :
SV (Suisse) SA
Restaurant Ven’Art
Restaurant manager: Laure Thonney
Avenue de Valmont 41 – 1010 Lausanne
Phone: 058 277 64 21

Weekly menu:

Regarding SV Suisse: 
SV Suisse, has his headquarters in Dübendorf (ZH) and is issued from a non profit-making organisation Schweizer Verband Soldatenwohl created in 1914 by Else Züblin-Spiller. Today, the leader of collective catering has more than 5000 collaborators
Today SV Group’s principal activity is collective catering, with more than 300 restaurants and schools. SV Suisse, that has it’s regional headquarters in Gland has approximately 32 company restaurants in Suisse romande.
In 2013, SV Suisse and WWF Suisse have developped together a program of protect the climate ONE TWO WE. Today, more than 100 restaurants participate in this program.
Besides, SV Group is activ in the catering event sector (dine&shine), in public restaurants (SPIGA) and in hotels (Courtyard by Marriott, Renaissance, Residence Inn by Marriott, Moxy). /

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05.02.2019 | SUN Bioscience selected for StartLab Incubator

05.02.2019 – SUN Bioscience, the Swiss bioengineering venture led by Sylke Hoehnel is the 5th start-up to join Biopôle’s StartLab in Epalinges. Pioneering a new approach to precision health, the company uses organoids, that are stem cell derived micro-tissues that represent patients and their diseases in all their facets. The solution impressed StartLab Advisory Board.

Just a few weeks after launching its Gri3D platform enabling large-scale, standardized, rapid, and reliable production of 3-D in vitro organoid cultures from patient stem cells, SUN Bioscience achieves a new milestone. The company will join the growing list of promising life science startups based at Biopôle’s StartLab in Epalinges. The first four were SEED Biosciences, HaYa Therapeutics, GNUbiotics and Volumina Medical.


Disrupting Precision Health with organoids

Founded in 2016 by Nathalie Brandenberg and Sylke Hoehnel, SUN bioscience works on a new approach to Precision Health. Instead of or in addition to genetic biomarkers, the start-up uses organoids, that are stem cell derived micro-tissues that represent patients and their diseases in all their facets. Sylke Hoehnel explains “Our vision is to enable organoid-driven personalized medicine by reducing the burdens of accessing and working with patient-derived organoids via technologies and services that we provide and will provide in the future.”

SUN bioscience’s first platform, Gri3D, a microwell array technology for reproducible image-based phenotypic screenings, is being implemented for a cystic fibrosis diagnostic test. Such patient-treatment matching based on organoids has the potential to overcome the limitations of genetic biomarkers whereby the outcome of a complex system is directly tested, rather than predicted based on a set of single, often non-correlated, factors. The idea for the Gri3D technology was born out of the PhD from both founders in the Laboratory of Stem Cell Bioengineering at EPFL.

As the CEO and co-founder Sylke Hoehnel further explains: “We are first addressing the problems that most 3D technologies are difficult to scale, especially organoids, that are typically even more complex than 3D spheroid models (they require multiple cell types or long differentiation/maturation times). Our Gri3D platform is unique as it combines already formed microstructured hydrogels, that can be easily customised to different organoid protocols. Additionally because the hydrogel is already formed, our customers can adopt to our technologies very easily and they are compatible with high-throughput automation processes both for the production and also analysis of organoids.”


Benefiting from Startlab’ unique positioning

For the founders, the Startlab environment has a very unique positioning as it’s one of the only startup rent-in locations in Switzerland offering equipped laboratory space. Especially in the beginning when young companies don’t need 100% laboratory space, building such an environment is a big money investment for something that you will not use all the time. So that is something that convinced the team. The proximity to Centre Hospitalier Vaudois (CHUV) is also something very valuable to them.

Biopôle Lausanne looks also forward to the arrival of the Swiss bioengineering startup, as its CEO, Nasri Nahas explains: “We are delighted to welcome Sun Biosciences as the 5th company to be incubated in StartLab. The Advisory Board unanimously voted positively for this great start-up supported by solid science in the fast growing field of organoids. The company’s founders and management team enjoy the right mindset and skills to drive the company towards an innovative and growing business model. Thanks to StartLab coaching and the support of Entrepreneur’s Club, their chances of success will be maximised.”


Many challenges await SUN Bioscience

Speaking of the future plans of the company, Sylke Hoehnel explains “We will first move our Gri3D production robot until May/June 2019 and from there we will see whether and when we will install our human organoid cultures, because this needs to be properly set up.”

SUN Bioscience next challenge is to streamline the production and sales of Gri3D. Gri3D is already used by various groups in the large Swiss Pharma companies to streamline their 3D screening approaches. The founders want to focus on these type of customers and expand their customer portfolio. In parallel their technology is used for a clinical pilot (with 15 patients) investigating how organoids can be used to predict treatment responses for Cystic Fibrosis and when the data for this clinical pilot is in, the goal is to expand this to a larger clinical study.


Who will be the 6th startup to join StartLab?

Swiss life science startups wishing to seize the StartLab Incubator opportunity can send their application until March 31st. Selected startups will join the next cohort in Spring. More information is available on StartLab website.

Picture: Nathalie Brandenberg, Sylke Hoehnel, Jeroen van den Oever

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30.01.2019 | BioAlps moves main office to Biopôle

The main office of BioAlps is as now located at Biopôle Lausanne with a set up a base office at Campus Biotech Innovation Park. Both moves enable BioAlps to be closer to their life sciences sommunity at the center of Health Valley hubs.


If you would like your business opportunities to be listed here, please fill in the form to upload your information. Please note, we will only post opportunities related to the life sciences:

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29.01.2019 | Catalyze: a new corporate special offer dedicated to Biopôle members

Amsterdam, 29 January 2019 – Catalyze announces collaboration with Biopôle, providing dedicated services to members towards better access to non-dilutive funding opportunities.

Catalyze is an expert in obtaining non-dilutive funding for life science innovations. Catalyze provides clients and partners with the necessary help in obtaining funding for their R&D projects, supporting them as well with services to build strong European consortia. Starting this year, the company will provide support to the life science community of Biopôle science park in Lausanne.

Finding the right funding opportunity and building competitive proposals with solid consortia is a challenging and highly competitive process for companies and researchers. The dedicated services of Catalyze to Biopôle will facilitate members’ access to national and international funding programmes, increasing their competitiveness and chances for success.

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21.01.2019 | New application deadline Startlab: 31 March 2019

Have you got a great idea for a novel therapy, a ground- breaking diagnostic, or a whole new way of looking at a disease? Now to put that drive and inspiration to work, and turn your vision into a practical reality, you are searching for the perfect environment to nurture your dream.

Apply today

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16.01.2019 | ADC Therapeutics Announces First Patient Dosed in Phase I Clinical Trial of ADCT-601 in Advanced Solid Tumors

Pyrrolobenzodiazepine-based antibody drug conjugate targets AXL, a receptor tyrosine kinase highly expressed in solid tumors

Lausanne, Switzerland, January 16, 2019 – ADC Therapeutics, an oncology drug discovery and development company that specializes in the development of proprietary antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), today announced that the first patient has been dosed in its Phase I clinical trial evaluating the safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics and anti-tumor activity of ADCT-601 in patients with selected solid tumors that are locally advanced or metastatic.

ADCT-601 is an ADC composed of a humanized monoclonal antibody against human AXL, conjugated using GlycoConnect™ site specific conjugation technology to a pyrrolobenzodiazepine (PBD) dimer toxin. In preclinical studies, ADCT-601 demonstrated potent and specific in vitro and in vivo anti-tumor activity in multiple cancer-derived models with different levels of AXL expression, and was stable and well tolerated.

Jay Feingold, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President of Clinical Development at ADC Therapeutics, said, “AXL is a novel and ideal target for an ADC approach, as it is overexpressed in many solid tumor types. We look forward to exploring the effect of ADCT-601 on patients with selected advanced solid tumors who have failed or are intolerant to any established therapy. With five ADCs in eight ongoing clinical trials for multiple indications, we believe our highly targeted therapies have the potential to meaningfully improve outcomes for patients with solid tumors and hematological cancers.”

The open-label, multicenter, single-arm trial will include a Phase Ia dose-escalation part followed by a Phase Ib dose-expansion part. The dose-escalation part is designed to determine the maximum tolerated dose of ADCT-601. The identified dose will be evaluated in the dose-expansion part. Approximately 75 patients will be enrolled in the trial. For more information, please visit (identifier NCT03700294).

About ADCT-601

ADCT-601 is an antibody drug conjugate (ADC) composed of a humanized monoclonal antibody that binds to human AXL, conjugated using GlycoConnect™ technology to a linker with a pyrrolobenzodiazepine (PBD) dimer toxin. Once bound to an AXL-expressing cell, ADCT-601 is internalized into the cell where enzymes release the PBD-based warhead. The PBD-based warhead has the ability to form highly cytotoxic DNA interstrand cross-links, blocking cell division and ultimately killing the cancer cell. ADCT-601 is being evaluated in a Phase I clinical trial in patients with advanced solid tumors (NCT03700294).

About ADC Therapeutics

ADC Therapeutics SA is an oncology drug discovery and development company that specializes in the development of proprietary antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) targeting major hematological malignancies and solid tumors. The Company’s ADCs are highly targeted biopharmaceutical drugs that combine monoclonal antibodies specific to surface antigens present on particular tumor cells with a novel class of highly potent pyrrolobenzodiazepine (PBD)-based warheads via a chemical linker. The Company has five PBD-based ADCs in ongoing clinical trials, ranging from first in human to pivotal Phase II, in the USA and Europe, and a deep pipeline of other preclinical ADCs in development. ADC Therapeutics has world-class partners, including AstraZeneca and its global biologics research and development arm, MedImmune. The Company is based in Lausanne (Biopôle), Switzerland and has operations in London, San Francisco and New Jersey. For more information, visit

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03.01.2019 | ADC Therapeutics to Appoint Peter Hug, Ph.D., to Board of Directors

Lausanne, Switzerland, January 3, 2019 – ADC Therapeutics, an oncology drug discovery and development company that specializes in the development of proprietary antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), today announced that Peter Hug, Ph.D., will be appointed to its board of directors. Dr. Hug is a 35-year veteran of Roche.

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13.12.2018 | Mymetics Virosomes Successful in Allergy Proof-of-Concept Study

Epalinges, Switzerland, December 13, 2018 – Mymetics Corporation (OTCQB: MYMX), a pioneer and leader in the research and development of virosome-based vaccines against life threatening and life disabling diseases, announced today that the pre-clinical proof-of-concept study for allergies, with their partner Anergis SA, has met the success criteria.
The mice proof-of-concept immunogenicity study evaluated the effects of the Bet v 1 COPs (Anergis’ proprietary birch pollen allergy peptides) using the five subcutaneous injection schedule used in former AllerT clinical trials. The development of AllerT (Bet v 1 COPs plus aluminum hydroxide) was discontinued by Anergis in 2017 following completion of a Phase 2 clinical trial showing evidence of sensitization to the peptides and a 7% reduction in seasonal allergy symptoms vs placebo (p=0.0047).

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13.12.2018 | Anergis Reports Positive Preclinical Proof-of Concept Data of the Second-Generation COP Allergy

EPALINGES, Switzerland, December 13th, 2018 – Anergis, a company developing proprietary ultra-fast Allergy Immunotherapy (AIT), announced today that the Company has successfully completed the mice proof-of-concept study of the second-generation COP allergy vaccines based on its research collaboration with Mymetics SA, a leader in the research and development of virosome-based vaccines. The Company plans to raise new financing to return to clinical trials in allergic patients as soon as possible.

The mice proof-of-concept immunogenicity study evaluated the effects of the Bet v 1 COPs (the birch pollen allergy proprietary peptides) using the five subcutaneous injection schedule used in clinical trials with Anergis’ first-generation product candidate AllerT. The development of AllerT (Bet v 1 COPs plus aluminum hydroxide) was discontinued by Anergis in 2017 following completion of a Phase 2 clinical trial showing evidence of sensitization to the peptides and a 7% reduction in seasonal allergy symptoms vs. placebo (p=0.0047).

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28.11.2018 | GNUBiotics Sciences won Startup Innovation Challenge – Ingredients Category at HiE 2018

28 Nov 2018 – GNUBiotics (Switzerland) has won the Ingredients category in the Startup Innovation Challenge at HiE 2018 in Frankfurt. The company is developing a novel platform for selective microbiota modulation, with an initial market focus on the pet food arena. A subsequent entrance is foreseen into the infant nutrition market….

Link to LinkedIn post on Gnubiotics Sciences SA corporate page

Link to full article

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22.11.2018 | Un nouveau biotope pour les bécassines sourdes

Lausanne, Suisse, le 22 novembre 2018 – Biopôle SA, le Canton Vaud, la Ville de Lausanne et la Commune d’Epalinges annoncent aujourd’hui la signature d’une convention pour la réalisation et l’entretien d’un nouveau biotope sur le terrain du Pôles Vennes, entre Lausanne et Epalinges.

En 2017, des bécassines sourdes avaient été découvertes dans un bassin de rétention initialement prévu pour la gestion des eaux claires de la partie nord du site du Biopôle. Le constat fait par l’ornithologue, Monsieur Lionel Maumary, avait amené les différentes parties à s’interroger sur la cohabitation entre la nature et l’Homme, dans un lieu à forte densité urbaine et en pleine croissance.

Originairement construit pour la gestion des eaux lors de travaux de construction du métro M2 et des bâtiments aux alentours, le bassin s’est transformé au fil du temps en un environnement idéal pour l’implantation de différentes espèces de la faune et de la flore. Entre autres, des bécassines sourdes, espèce rare en Suisse, y ont trouvé refuge pour leur période de séjour hivernal. Afin de rendre au bassin de rétention son utilisation originelle et permettre la poursuite du développement du site, en harmonie avec une flore et faune désormais installées, un mandat d’étude a été confié à un bureau spécialisé. L’objectif étant d’envisager les solutions possibles pour la construction sur le Pôle Vennes d’un biotope consacré aux espèces recensées.

Le projet du nouveau biotope s’inscrit dans la volonté de toutes les parties présentes sur site, les deux propriétaires fonciers et les deux Communes, de donner un nouveau site d’hivernage aux bécassines sourdes, ainsi qu’à d’autres espèces qui ont trouvé refuge dans le bassin de rétention au fil des années.

Communiqué de presse

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21.11.2018 | Biopôle Lausanne: the campus where immunology scales up

Biopôle Lausanne: the campus where immunology scales up
Special Issue on BioAlps, the Life Sciences cluster of Western Switzerland – Technology by Bilan

A glimpse behind the community model that enables company development and inter-organisational collaboration and innovation.
Shaping new products, designing new efficient immunotherapies, introducing nutritional goods to cancer research… these are just few of the inspiring business projects that visitors will find at Biopôle Lausanne. They all attempt to foster research in life sciences and quickly turn it into solu- tions for patients…..

Read the special issue

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13.11.2018 | SEED Biosciences joins three talented ventures at StartLab

Personalized medicine enabler SEED Biosciences will be the 4th start-up to join Biopôle’s StartLab, the first incubator dedicated to life sciences located in the Canton of Vaud. The EPFL spinoff’s application was unanimously appreciated by the StartLab Advisory Board.

Just a few days after winning CHF 130’000 in the Venture Kick’s Final, Vaud medtech SEED Biosciences becomes the 4th life science startup selected to join Biopôle’s StartLab in Epalinges. The first three companies were HaYa Therapeutics, GNUbiotics and Volumina Medical, all award-winning swiss ventures.

A personalized medicine enabler

SEED Biosciences developed DispenCell, a compact pipetting robot to enable scientists to precisely isolate single cells three times faster than existing solutions. Single cell isolation is a key enabling step in many biological processes, including the production of biologics, cancer diagnosis, stem cell therapies and personalized medicine.

Current methods of single cell isolation are not traceable yet, which implies that scientists invest up to five months in validation time or need to invest in very expensive equipment. The patented pipetting system also permits accurate traceability, complying with the most stringent industry and regulatory standards. With DispenCell, SEED Biosciences offers an affordable and intuitive single-cell solution to industry players competing in the emerging multi-billion market of personalized medicine.

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  • Nestlé Health Science to Invest $98 Million in Aimmune through the Purchase of 3.24 Million Shares of Aimmune Stock at $30.27 per Share
  • Companies Extend Existing Strategic Collaboration Agreement Focused on Offering Innovative Food Allergy Therapies
  • Nestlé Health Science CEO Greg Behar Continues as Aimmune Director


BRISBANE, California, November 12, 2018 — Aimmune Therapeutics, Inc. (Nasdaq:AIMT), a biopharmaceutical company developing treatments for potentially life-threatening food allergies, today announced that Nestlé Health Science will make an additional equity investment in Aimmune of $98 million, increasing Nestlé Health Science’s ownership of Aimmune to approximately 19 percent.

This $98 million investment brings Nestlé Health Science’s total investment in Aimmune to $273 million. Nestlé Health Science first invested $145 million in Aimmune in November 2016, followed by $30 million as part of Aimmune’s public offering in February 2018.

Aimmune and Nestlé Health Science also entered into a two-year extension of their original two-year strategic collaboration agreement, focused on offering innovative food allergy therapies. The agreement does not contain any partnership, collaboration, or negotiation restrictions on Aimmune. Aimmune retains all rights to its current and future pipeline assets, and Aimmune and Nestlé Health Science will collaborate towards successful development of such assets.

“We’re extremely pleased to continue this valuable collaboration with Nestlé Health Science,” said Jayson Dallas, M.D., President and CEO of Aimmune. “Nestlé Health Science has been a tremendous ally as we lead the way into the new field of food allergy treatment. Their expertise in the pediatric space and their insights as a premier consumer health and medical nutrition products company have advanced our thinking and will help with critical planning as we anticipate launching AR101. We’re especially grateful to have Greg on our board and to be able to continue to benefit from his guidance and vision in service of our shared commitment to improving the lives of people affected by food allergies. Combined with our $255 million of cash, as of the end of the third quarter, this $98 million investment finances the company well beyond the anticipated approval and launch of AR101 in the United States. Additionally, it gives us the ability to bring AR101 to patients in Europe and to develop our pipeline of treatments for other food allergies.”

Greg Behar, CEO of Nestlé Health Science, stated: “With this investment, Nestlé Health Science continues to be the largest investor in Aimmune. We’re proud to reaffirm our strong strategic interest in Aimmune and the important progress they have made toward addressing the significant unmet needs in pediatric food allergy. The imminent U.S. regulatory filing for AR101 and the anticipated launch to follow in the coming year will be great news for people with peanut allergy, who need robust, reliable protection from accidental-exposure reactions. This collaboration exemplifies Nestlé Health Science’s commitment to food allergy and our excitement to continue an alliance with a leading innovator in the development of food allergy therapeutics.”

The investment adds a two-year extension to the original two-year strategic collaboration between Aimmune and Nestlé Health Science launched in November 2016. Through the continuation of the Strategic Collaboration Committee, Aimmune and Nestlé Health Science will engage broadly on Aimmune’s current and future development programs, leveraging Nestlé Health Science’s scientific, regulatory, and commercial expertise.

Upon closing of the equity investment, Aimmune will receive a payment of $98 million in connection with Nestlé Health Science’s purchase of 3,237,529 newly issued shares of Aimmune’s common stock at $30.27 per share, priced at a five-day volume adjusted trading average. After the completion of the transaction, Nestlé Health Science’s total investments in Aimmune will correspond to an 18.9-percent stake in the company.

The companies expect to close the equity investment by the end of 2018, subject to the expiration or termination of applicable waiting periods under all applicable antitrust laws and satisfaction of other usual and customary closing conditions.


>> Read the full press release

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05.11.2018 | Biopôle life sciences campus continues to expand with the construction of a new building

  • The new SB-A building reflects growing demand at the leading Swiss life sciences campus
  • Additional 10,000 square metres of space to host companies active in life sciences
  • Construction to start in February 2019 with expected delivery in Q2 2020


Lausanne, Switzerland, 5 November 2018 – Biopôle SA, a leading Swiss life sciences campus, today announced the signing of a partnership agreement with EPIC Suisse, a real estate investor, for the construction of a new building on its site in Epalinges, Lausanne. The SB-A building will be dedicated to office and laboratory spaces for companies active in the life sciences field, from young start-ups to sector-leading businesses. With a surface area of approximately 10,000 square metres, the new companies hosted in SB-A could generate up to 300 new jobs, adding to the existing 1,200 life sciences professionals on site.

Nasri Nahas, CEO of Biopôle SA, commented: “The SB-A building has been conceived in response to the growing demand for flexible office and laboratory spaces at Biopôle. The Canton of Vaud is known both nationally and internationally as a hub of innovation and Biopôle is increasingly recognized as “the place to be” for companies active in the field of life sciences. This building will further contribute towards the vibrant and innovative life sciences ecosystems in the Canton of Vaud, and across Switzerland.”

Arik Parizer, CEO of EPIC Suisse SA commented: “Our group has believed from the beginning in the potential of the campus, and we were the first investors at Biopôle in 2007. With SB-A, we are committing to our fourth building on site, proof that our conviction persists more than 10 years later. Our successful collaboration with Biopôle enables us to bring together to the market a new infrastructure that reflects the dynamism of the Biopôle campus.”

SB-A will be the product of the partnership between Biopôle SA and EPIC Suisse, as well as HRS Real Estate SA, the project developer and construction company, and the architect Bonnard Wœffray in Monthey.

Construction of the new building is expected to start in February 2019 and is due to finish in Q2 2020. With the completion of SB-A, the Biopôle campus will total approximately 55,000 square metres of useable surface. There are plans for further expansion by 28,000 square metres by 2021, as a result of the collaboration between Biopôle SA, the Canton of Vaud University Hospital (CHUV) and the University of Lausanne.


Planned development of Biopôle life sciences campus

  • 2018: Retraites Populaires and Biopôle SA unveil the SE-B building (9,000 sqm)
  • 2020: Expected delivery of SB-A (10,000 sqm), bringing Biopôle SA’s total constructed surface to 55,000 sqm
  • 2021: Expected delivery of SE-C (9,000 sqm) comprising laboratories, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facilities and offices for the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
  • 2021: Expected delivery of SB-B (Biopôle SA) & SB-C (UNIL & CHUV) comprising 19,000 sqm of offices, laboratories & services (restaurant, gym, crèche, etc.


About EPIC Suisse

Since entering the market in 2004, EPIC Suisse has established itself as one of the key real estate companies in Switzerland and today manages a substantial real estate portfolio. EPIC Suisse focuses on long-term, sustainable profitability. On the basis of the “buy, build and hold” strategy, EPIC Suisse purchases attractive real estate – primarily office buildings, logistic centres, and shopping centres – invests in their development and optimisation, and retains the properties in its portfolio over a long term. Long-term rental agreements as well as geographical and sector diversification enable EPIC Suisse to generate stable and long-term earnings.


About Biopôle

Biopôle SA is a life sciences campus based in Lausanne, Switzerland, bringing together a strong community of industry and academia. It offers a world-class combination of infrastructure, added value services, living space and community engagement where partners can thrive and bring science to life. The site houses more than 70 companies and institutions, including several head offices of multinational corporations, start-ups and clinical development teams, together with technology and service providers. It also hosts 25 world-famous research groups, in particular the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV), the University of Lausanne (UNIL) and the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research. Started in 2004 by the public authorities of the Canton of Vaud, Biopôle SA is a privately held not-for-profit company in charge of the management and promotion of the campus.


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16.10.2018 | Mymetics Starts Research Collaboration Project in Cancer Immunotherapy with eTheRNA

Epalinges, Switzerland, October 16, 2018 – Mymetics Corporation (OTCQB:MYMX), a pioneer and leader in the research and development of virosome-based vaccines, announced today that Mymetics BV, the Dutch subsidiary of Mymetics Corporation, has entered into a research collaboration project with eTheRNA immunotherapy NV, a clinical stage biotech company developing novel mRNA cancer immunotherapies.
The objective of the project is to evaluate the suitability of Mymetics’ proprietary virosome vaccine delivery technology in combination with eTheRNA’s proprietary TriMix mRNA. eTheRNA will evaluate the duration and intensity of mRNA expression when formulated with virosome technology in vivo and the induction of antigen specific T cells and antitumor efficacy upon therapeutic vaccination in selected tumor models.
Mymetics’ virosome particles have shown to be able to trigger good specific T cell responses as virosomes are able to be absorbed and processed by dendritic cells, thereby presenting specific antigens to T cells to promote immunity against these foreign antigens.

Press release

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26.09.2018 | Glenmark Pharmaceuticals S.A. Opens New Translational Discovery Centre at Biopôle Lausanne-Epalinges


Lausanne, Switzerland – September 26, 2018 – Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, S.A. celebrates the inauguration and official opening of its new translational research and discovery centre at the Biopôle campus of Lausanne ( The new centre will employ 40 scientists involved in antibody and therapeutic protein discovery and engineering, new target identification and qualification to expand the company’s pipeline of new biologic entities in the therapeutic areas of oncology, respiratory disease and dermatology.


“The inauguration of our new translational discovery centre is the first step towards co-creating and co-innovating alongside globally recognized life science leaders in the Lausanne vicinity. Glenmark’s increasing presence in Switzerland strengthens our track record as a company committed to remaining at the forefront of innovation,” said Dr. Kurt Stoeckli, President and Chief Scientific Officer of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals.


“The arrival of Glenmark on the Biopôle Lausanne Campus marks an important step in the development of our site and its positioning as the place to be for companies active in the field of life sciences. Glenmark’s new translational research unit will undoubtedly further strengthen our ecosystem, in close collaboration with our academic partners from CHUV and Unil as well as with other Biopôle members. We look forward to seeing these synergies unfold and we wish Glenmark a fruitful development in Biopôle” said Nasri Nahas, CEO of Biopôle.


The company’s rapidly evolving pipeline of novel biologics and the growing demand for technical development and manufacturing will require further expansion of Glenmark’s current capabilities and capacities. Glenmark will continue to invest in, and operate, its process development and biologics manufacturing centre out of La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Neuchȃtel.


About Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (GPL) is a global innovative pharmaceutical company with operations in more than 50 countries. Glenmark has a diverse pipeline with several compounds in various stages of clinical development, primarily focused in the areas of oncology, respiratory disease and dermatology. Glenmark has improved the lives of millions of patients by offering safe, affordable medications for nearly 40 years. For more information, visit

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals S.A., established in Switzerland in 2004, is a research and development centre focused on biologics. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. of India. Glenmark’s biologics research centre has a robust pipeline of monoclonal antibodies in various stages of development, including bispecific antibodies. The focus of the biologics research and development centre is to develop novel biologic entities in the therapeutic areas of immunology, oncology and inflammation. Glenmark S.A. currently employs approximately 160 people at its research centre.

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Innovaud soutient l’innovation dans le canton depuis 2013. En offrant un accompagnement gratuit aux startups, scale-ups et PME innovantes vaudoises, Innovaud se focalise sur les innovations à haute technologie ou avec de nouvelles approches. Retour sur les points marquants et chiffres clefs.

En 5 ans, Innovaud a accompagné 1’033 entreprises – dont la moitié sont des PME – dans les domaines des sciences de la vie (33%), des technologies de l’information et de communication (27%), de l’industrie de précision (14%) et des cleantech (15%).
129 startups ont été créées avec l’aide d’Innovaud en 5 ans. Ces startups ont généré 330 emplois environ jusqu’à présent. Par ailleurs, durant cette même période, les startups vaudoises ont levé des fonds à hauteur de 1,2 milliard de francs.

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10.09.2018 | Collaboration ISV & Champidor

The SVI is proud to announce in collaboration with Champidor the release of the first Vitamin D enriched mushroom in Switzerland.

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05.09.2018 | Anergis Initiates Development of Second-Generation COP Allergy Vaccines; Announces Publication of Sustained Efficacy Data from Ph. IIb Study Follow-up

EPALINGES, Switzerland, September 5th, 2018 – Anergis, a company developing proprietary ultra-fast Allergy Immunotherapy (AIT), announced today that the Company has initiated the development of the second generation of its ultra-fast COP allergy vaccines. Moreover, the Company reported the publication of key proof-of-concept data from a clinical phase IIb follow-up trial demonstrating sustained clinical efficacy of its birch pollen vaccine AllerT for more than one pollen season.

In 2016, results of a Phase IIb trial with the AllerT COP allergy vaccine published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology [1] demonstrated the efficacy of AllerT during the natural birch pollen season immediately following a single 2-month treatment course. The new data published in this year’s August issue of the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology [2]demonstrate that the efficacy of AllerT persisted during the following annual pollen season a year later without repeated treatment. Results were based on a follow-up including 196 of 240 patients that originally enrolled in the study.

Improvements in scores after the second season for both primary and secondary endpoints were over 20%, the threshold usually considered to be clinically relevant. Together with earlier evidence of immunological memory lasting for at least 4 years [3], these clinical data confirm the core concept of ultra-fast AIT, i.e. eliciting a persistent benefit by administering a single treatment course with a COP allergy vaccine.

For optimized clinical efficacy and tolerability, Anergis now has initiated a new preclinical research program to design the next generation of COP allergy vaccines. Second-generation COP allergy vaccines are designed to boost and at the same time to modulate the immunogenicity of COPs towards a more TH1 rather than TH2 immune response. As part of this program, Anergis has entered into a research collaboration with Mymetics Corporation (OTCQB:MYMX), a pioneer and leader in the research and development of virosome-based vaccines.

Research to identify the most suitable formulation has already started, with initial results expected in Q1/2019. Subsequently, Anergis aims to proceed to the clinical evaluation of its second-generation COP allergy vaccines as soon as possible.

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28.08.2018 | A promising first Convergence in Oncology Summit

The first Convergence in Oncology Summit is fast approaching. Due on September 26th at the Biopôle Lausanne, the Summit is set to be a key event this fall. Major leaders from academia and industry are expected. Swiss pharmaceutical Roche will be present as well as Prof. George Coukos and Jurgi Camblong, CEO from Scale-up Sophia Genetics.

Convergence in Oncology is a unique opportunity in the quest to fight cancer. Focusing on Prevention & Diagnostics, Therapy, and Digitization, the forthcoming Summit at Biopôle Lausanne will offer attendees many opportunities to network and explore synergies.

From diagnostics to therapeutics, rapid change in technology innovation modifies the landscape faster than any organizations can keep up with. Convergence of technologies from mature and emerging sectors are creating new opportunities that can significantly accelerate disruptive solutions that benefit patients globally.

The principal aim of the Convergence in Oncology Summit, an annual event organized by professionals for professionals, is to promote development of new solutions through convergence and sharing of opportunities in the field of Oncology.

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22.08.2018 | Mymetics : Development of a Virosomal RSV Vaccine Containing 3D-PHAD® Adjuvant: Formulation, Composition, and Long-Term Stability

Purpose  :Characterization of virosomes, in late stage preclinical development as vaccines for Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), with a membrane-incorporated synthetic monophosphoryl lipid A, 3D-PHAD® adjuvant.

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16.08.2018 | Romandie medtech and biotech shine in Venture Kick finale

New advances in heart failure & tissue reconstruction therapies – Venture Kick’s latest winners of CHF 130,000 are two Romandie startups bringing innovative medical therapies to the table – one tackles the outside from the inside, the other goes to the heart of the problem. Both projects show again the high potential of Switzerland in the Biotech sector.

According to recent WHO reports, heart failure is one of the biggest killers in the world, with one in five people developing heart failure with deadly consequences. To solve this growing issue, HAYA Therapeutics has chosen to attack the problem head-on, addressing the heart failure process directly. The startup, spun out of the Experimental Cardiology unit at the CHUV, discovered a new way to target a heart-specific long noncoding RNA (ribonucleic acid), known as Wisper, that is a heart specific regulator of cardiac fibrosis. RNA – an essential molecule assembled as a chain of nucleotides, much like DNA – transfers genetic code and can directly interfere in organ malfunctions. Using its extensive knowhow and first-in-class approach, HAYA Therapeutics developed a pharmaceutical solution capable of blocking myocardial fibrosis and treating heart failure, potentially saving millions of lives.

Volumina Medical, an EPFL spin-off, develops a cutting-edge regenerative technology for soft tissues. Following a tumor ablation, a trauma or for aesthetic purposes, many patients need to regain their physical integrity and appearance. Existing solutions do not enable to create new durable volumes and often require extensive surgery or repeated treatments. The areas most concerned are the face and the breasts. To reduce risks and offer a minimally invasive solution, Volumina Medical has developed an injectable scaffold capable of regenerating volumes of soft tissues. The scaffold, injected through thin cannulas, supports vascularized growth and helps rebuild the natural shape of the affected soft tissues, enabling a natural look and feel without surgery.

“The Venture Kick process and funds received have been fundamental in developing our business case for translating this breakthrough science from the laboratory bench to the hospital bed potentially providing hope for millions of heart failure patients worldwide.” said HAYA Therapeutics CEO and co-founder Samir Ounzain.

Volumina collaborates actively with practicing physicians and key opinion leaders and will be using the funds from Venture Kick to further develop its groundbreaking product. Amélie Béduer, CEO and co-founder of Volumina, explained: “Venture Kick provides a solid support both through the investment and through a very pertinent concrete personalized advice. In addition, it opens the doors to an incredible network of top level entrepreneurs and investors.”


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07.08.2018 | ADC Therapeutics Doses First Patient in Pivotal Clinical Trial of ADCT-402 in Patients with Relapsed or Refractory Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma

Phase II trial evaluating efficacy and safety of CD19-targeting antibody drug conjugate intended to support submission of Biologics License Application Top-line data expected in third quarter of 2019.

Lausanne, Switzerland, August 7, 2018 – ADC Therapeutics, an oncology drug discovery and development company that specializes in the development of proprietary antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), today announced that the first patient has been dosed in its Phase II clinical trial intended to support the submission of Biologics License Application (BLA) to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The clinical trial is evaluating the efficacy and safety of ADCT-402 (loncastuximab tesirine) in patients with relapsed or refractory diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL).

Phase II trial evaluating efficacy and safety of CD19-targeting antibody drug conjugate intended to support submission of Biologics License Application Top-line data expected in third quarter of 2019.

Lausanne, Switzerland, August 7, 2018 – ADC Therapeutics, an oncology drug discovery and development company that specializes in the development of proprietary antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), today announced that the first patient has been dosed in its Phase II clinical trial intended to support the submission of Biologics License Application (BLA) to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The clinical trial is evaluating the efficacy and safety of ADCT-402 (loncastuximab tesirine) in patients with relapsed or refractory diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL).

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17.07.2018 | Legacy Healthcare signs an Investment & Joint-Venture Agreement with China Energy Hua Chen Technology

Legacy Healthcare, a Corporate Member of the Biopôle Community, signed yesterday an Investment & Joint-Venture Agreement with China Energy Hua Chen Technology (CEHCT), a Chinese investment fund.


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11.05.2018 | GNUBiotics Sciences introduces next generation HMOs composed of up to 130 diverse microbiota accessible carbohydrates (MACs) structures

Gnubiotics Sciences is a Swiss-based biotech developing next generation human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs), composed of up to 130 different microbiota-accessible carbohydrates (MACs) for the global infant formula market. Atthe 51st annual conference ofthe European Society of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (ESPGHAN), Gnubiotics presented the first structural and functional data about their product, the naturally-occurring MACs. These MACs, of superior diversity relative to the recently launched synthetic HMOs, 2-fucosyllactose (2FL) and lacto-N-neotetraose (LNnT), can be selectively utilized by specific bacteria present in the infant’s microbiome. The Gnubiotics’ team also presented their state-of-the-art analytical capabilities by showing at the strain level, changes to the infant’s Bifidobacterial composition as well as a highresolution profiling of Bacteroides species and strains in caesarean and vaginally born infants.

Press release

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30.04.2018 | La recherche en sciences de la vie offre un nouvel essor au Biopôle

HRS Real Estate SA va réaliser trois nouveaux bâtiments sur le site du Biopôle à Epalinges. Deux d’entre eux sont destinés au CHUV et à l’UNIL, dans le cadre du développement des sciences de la vie sur le site, notamment de la recherche en oncologie et de l’ingénierie immunitaire.

Le site du Biopôle à Epalinges amorce un nouveau développement, dont la physionomie est désormais connue : le CHUV et Biopôle SA ont adjugé la conception et réalisation en entreprise totale de plusieurs édifices destinés à la recherche et à la médecine de pointe. L’entreprise HRS Real Estate SA, qui s’est adjointe les compétences du bureau d’architecture Burckhardt + Partner SA, a remporté l’appel d’offres pour construire un bâtiment destiné à l’ingénierie immunitaire en oncologie et dédié à la branche lausannoise de l’Institut Ludwig, un Centre de médecine de précision et d’ingénierie immunitaire contre les maladies infectieuses et les problèmes d’immunodéficience, ainsi qu’un immeuble réservé à Biopôle SA et un parking sur la même plateforme. La maîtrise d’ouvrage sera conjointe entre le CHUV, l’Université de Lausanne (UNIL) et Biopôle SA.

Communiqué de presse

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25.04.2018 | Retraites Populaires and Biopôle SA unveil the SE-B building and StartLab, the first incubator dedicated to life sciences located in the Canton of Vaud

Lausanne, Switzerland, 25 April 2018

Retraites Populaires and its partner Biopôle SA today inaugurated a new 9,100 m2 building, funded and constructed by Retraites Populaires on the site of Biopôle, a leading Swiss life science park. The SE-B building already hosts several businesses active in life sciences. Moreover it is now home to the first incubator dedicated to life sciences in the Canton of Vaud – StartLab – whose mission is to foster the next generation of entrepreneurs in the region.

The new 9,100 m2 building can jointly house both young start-ups and sector-leading businesses. These new companies could generate between 300 and 500 new jobs, in addition to 1,200 people who currently work at the Biopôle site. New tenants of the SE-B building already include the medical analysis company Unilabs, the Lausanne-based scaleup Abionic, which has developed a device that enables potential cases of sepsis to be detected incredibly quickly, plus the global pharmaceutical company Glenmark, which will establish a
translational research centre.

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23.04.2018 | Anergis and Mymetics Start Research Collaboration Project on the use of Virosomes for Ultra-Fast Allergy Immunotherapy

Epalinges, Switzerland, April 23, 2018 – Mymetics Corporation (OTCQB:MYMX), a pioneer and leader in the research and development of virosome-based vaccines, and Anergis SA, a company developing Contiguous Overlapping Peptides (COPs) for ultra-fast allergy immunotherapy, announced today that Mymetics SA, the Swiss subsidiary of Mymetics Corporation and Anergis SA have entered into a Research Collaboration project.
The pre-clinical study program will evaluate the immunogenicity profile of the Anergis peptides designed to treat birch allergy (the Bet v1 COPs) when presented on Mymetics’ proprietary virosomes, with or without undisclosed TLR ligands or other adjuvants, and will compare the results to Anergis’ AllerT product combination (Bet v1 COPs with aluminum hydroxide).

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APRIL 11, 2018, New York — A Ludwig Cancer Research study has shown that an entirely new type of personalized cancer vaccine induces novel, potent and clinically effective immune responses in patients receiving a combination of standard therapies for recurrent, stage III and IV ovarian cancer.

Led by Lana Kandalaft, George Coukos and Alexandre Harari of the Lausanne Branch of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, the study also found that the vaccine—made from a processed sample of a patient’s tumor and delivered via that patient’s own immune cells—is well tolerated, safely administered and can be made in sufficient quantities with relative ease. Further, the researchers show that the immune responses it elicits are vigorous and target both known cancer antigens as well as a broad variety of the unique antigens, or “neoantigens”, expressed by each patient’s cancer cells.

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28.03.2018 | Abionic Successfully Raises CHF 20 Million in Series C Financing

  • Network of Eminent High Net Worth Individuals Join Financing Syndicate
  • Financing to Extend Abionic’s Portfolio of Point-of-Care IVD Tests for Critical Care and Emergency Medicine
  • International Clinical Study of World’s Most Rapid Sepsis Test Starts in 14 Hospitals


Biopôle, Lausanne, Switzerland, March 28, 2018Abionic SA, a developer of disruptive nanotechnology based rapid diagnostic solutions, announced today the successful closing of a CHF 20 million Series C financing. The round was led by Pierangelo Bottinelli, Chairman of Symphony International Holdings Limited, and included Philippe Glatz (Chairman of two private hospitals), Peter Brabeck-Letmathe (former CEO and Chairman of Nestlé), Arkady Volozh (Co-Founder and CEO of Yandex), Jean-Bernard and Nelson Dumas (Owners of Dumas Construction), Investiere AG and Zürcher Kantonalbank.

Press Release

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26.03.2018 | Mars Bleu, une campagne pour sensibiliser au dépistage du cancer colorectal soutenue par Novigenix

Novigenix s’engage dans la campagne Mars bleu en lançant une campagne d’incitation à la prévention et au dépistage du cancer du côlon que vous pouvez découvrir sur

Plus d’information ici:

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15.03.2018 | Ludwig Lausanne – UNIL-CHUV Oncology department study extends the potential for personalized immunotherapy to a large variety of cancers

New methods developed for the study could be applied to devise personalized, cell-based immunotherapies for epithelial ovarian cancer or other types of tumors

A Ludwig Cancer Research study shows that ovarian cancer, which has proved resistant to currently available immunotherapies, could be susceptible to personalized immunotherapy. Led by Ludwig Lausanne investigator Alexandre Harari and George Coukos, director of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Lausanne, the study shows that ovarian tumors harbor highly reactive killer T cells—which kill infected and cancerous cells—and demonstrates how they can be identified and selectively grown for use in personalized, cell-based immunotherapies.

News release (English)

News release (French)


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06.03.2018 | Glenmark Pharmaceuticals S.A. to Invest in New Translational Research Group at Biopôle Lausanne-Epalinges

LA CHAUX-DE-FONDS, Switzerland and PARAMUS, N.J.March 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Glenmark Pharmaceuticals announced today it will enhance its capabilities in translational research by opening a new discovery centre at the Biopôle campus of Lausanne ( Glenmark will continue to invest in, and operate its process development and biologics manufacturing centre out of La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Neuchȃtel. Approximately 20% of current employees will be housed in the discovery group at Lausanne.

“The Biopôle is one of the most vibrant ecosystems for life sciences innovation in Europe. This expansion opens a universe of opportunity to foster our innovation capabilities by collaborating with the world class research centres, academic groups and hospitals in the Lausanne vicinity. 

Press release

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02.02.2018 | Haya Therapeutics passes Venture Kick stage 2

Congratulations to HAYA Therapeutics selected by the jury to receive CHF 20,000 from Venture Kick

HAYA Therapeutics (a member of StartLab, Biopôle’s life science incubator) is dedicated to treating heart failure through the discovery and development of innovative first-in-class RNA-based therapeutics, with a specific focus on long noncoding RNAs. The startup aims to be the first company and world leader in translating long noncoding RNA discoveries into breakthrough bench-to-bedside tools to monitor and treat heart failure patients.

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31.01.2018 | Swiss Venture Capital Report 2018: ADC Therapeutics ranks #1 in top 20 VC rounds in Switzerland for the second consecutive year, closing CHF 197 Million in 2017

After having raised the largest investment round for a Swiss startup in 2016 (CHF 104 Million), ADC Therapeutics ranks #1 again in the top 20 VC rounds in 2017 with 200 Million (raised in October 2017).

New record: Swiss startups have raised 938 Millions in total in 2017, CHF 595 Million for Life Sciences companies, far beyond ICT and other sectors like Cleantech or Consumer products.

And Vaud ranks #1 attracting 32% of the total investments for startups in Switzerland.

For more information:  Read the latest Swiss Venture Capital Report 2018

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15.01.2018 | Cristalean et Medidee s’associent pour mieux servir l’innovation MedTech en Wallonie

Le cabinet de conseil règlementaire et qualité Cristalean, basé à Charleroi, et le groupe européen de conseil Medidee s’allient pour aider les entreprises MedTech wallonnes à relever les nouveaux challenges réglementaires qui se présentent à elles.

Entre le renforcement de la réglementation européenne sur les dispositifs médicaux, le récent amendement de la loi aux Etats-Unis qui vise à accélérer l’innovation médicale (21st Century Cures Act) et l’émergence constante de nouvelles technologies (ne citons, par exemple, que l’Internet of Things, le machine learning et les nanotechnologies), le paysage réglementaire MedTech est en pleine transformation.
Comment, dès lors, faire face à tous ces changements qui constituent, au mieux, autant d’inconnues, mais bien souvent aussi des barrières très pénalisantes pour les scientifiques, les porteurs de projets et les industriels de toutes tailles ?


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05.01.2018 | Gnubiotics Sciences raises CHF 2.3 million

Gnubiotics Sciences is a Vaud based biotech developing a platform to commercialize microbiome modulating products for the functional and medical nutrition markets. The startup has raised CHF 2.3 million through convertible debt with private investors and seeks to commercialise its first product candidate.

Startupticker article (in English)

AGEFI article (in French)

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03.01.2018 | Abionic selected as one of the best Medical Technologies of 2017 by Medgadget

There have been several advances in diagnostics this year, making it hard for us to pick the top few. Large strides have been made in diagnosing allergies, with Abionic, a Swiss-based company, winning FDA registration for their nanotechnology-focused assay that detects allergies to cats, dogs, trees and grasses.


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In response to the 2017 autumn call InnoTREK Mr. Daniel Blessing (right) submitted an innovative project on the development of cardiac-specific vectors. Hosted in the experimental cardiology department at the University Hospital of Lausanne of Professor Thierry Pedrazzini (left), the financial support of the InnoTREK grant allows the laureate to mature this technology towards a start-up project over the coming year. The vectors to be developed are intended to reinforce a therapeutic approach developed by Thierry Pedrazzini (left) and Samir Ounzain (center) to treat cardiac diseases with long non-coding RNAs.

Together they will drive forward their project “HaYa Therapeutics”,..

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11.12.2017 | ADC Therapeutics Presents Interim Phase I Data from its Novel Antibody-Drug Conjugate ADCT-402

Presented at ASH Annual Meeting

Lausanne, Switzerland, December 11, 2017 – ADC Therapeutics (ADCT), an oncology drug discovery and development company that specializes in the development of proprietary Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) targeting major cancers, today announced clinical data from two ongoing Phase I clinical trials evaluating ADCT-402 (loncastuximab tesirine or “Lonca-T”) in important subtypes of lymphoma and leukemia. The data were presented at the 59th American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting in Atlanta, USA.

Press release

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06.12.2017 | Abionic Announces Appointment of Leading Diagnostics Industry Experts to Board of Directors

Abionic SA, a developer of disrupter nanotechnology based rapid diagnostic solutions, announced today the appointment of two diagnostic industry experts, Dr. Gerd Grenner and Nader Donzel, to its Board of Directors.

Press Release

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05.12.2017 | Nestlé extends consumer healthcare portfolio by agreeing to acquire Atrium Innovations

Nestlé today announced that it agreed to acquire privately held Atrium Innovations, a global leader in nutritional health products, from a group of investors led by Permira Funds for USD 2.3 billion in cash. Atrium’s 2017 sales are expected to reach almost USD 700 million.

Press Release

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PACTT is proud to announce that HaYa and Lymphatica, two start-up projects from the University Hospital of Lausanne (CHUV), are amongst the gold winners of the MassChallenge Switzerland.

More information 

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27 November 2017


• Appointments made to StartLab Advisory Board
• First candidates – HaYa Therapeutics and GNUbiotics- selected for dedicated life sciences incubator
• Plug and play facilities to open in spring 2018
• Focus on high quality startups to enrich dynamic Swiss ecosystem

Lausanne, Switzerland, 27 November 2017 – Biopôle SA, a leading Swiss life sciences park, today announced the appointment of 11 members to the Advisory Board (SAB) of StartLab, the first incubator dedicated to life sciences located in the Canton of Vaud. The SAB’s role includes the selection of the most promising candidates for the incubator, accompanying them throughout their development and efficiently anchoring the aspiring businesses within Biopôle’s dynamic ecosystem.

Press release

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24.11.2017 | Legacy Healthcare raises CHF 2 million

Legacy Healthcare, a Lausanne based biopharma developing innovative botanical drugs in supportive oncology care and dermatology, has raised CHF2m as part of series B financing round. The funds will be used to take Phase II and Phase III drug candidates to the market. The company has two patented cosmetic products against hair loss already on the market, marketed by Abbott, Galderma and Biolab.

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26.10.2017 | Abionic prouve ses compétences aux Etats-Unis après l’Europe

La scale-up Abionic, basée au Biopôle d’Epalinges, a obtenu la semaine dernière une validation de la Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pour son test d’allergie ultra rapide. Elle se prépare désormais à la phase de commercialisation pour les Etats-Unis, le test est déjà disponible en Suisse et en Europe. Ce n’est d’ailleurs pas le seul projet qui est dans le pipeline de la jeune entreprise romande. Nicolas Durand, CEO et cofondateur, a répondu aux questions de L’Agefi.

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26.10.2017 | SimplicityBio is Awarded the CTI Start-Up Label

SimplicityBio’s CTI Start-Up journey was crowned by the CTI Label, a seal of quality, achievement, and a sign of credibility and readiness for sustainable growth

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23.10.2017 | ADC Therapeutics Announces Closing of $200 Million Private Financing to Fund Two Lead Programs Through Registrational Trials

Lausanne, Switzerland, October 23, 2017 – ADC Therapeutics (ADCT), an oncology drug discovery and development company that specializes in the development of proprietary Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) targeting major cancers, today announced that it has raised $200 million through a private placement. The financing was oversubscribed and supported by both existing and new investors, including Auven Therapeutics, Redmile, the Wild Family Office and AstraZeneca.

Press release available here

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20.10.2017 | Abionic Announces FDA Registration for World’s Most Rapid Allergy Test and abioSCOPE® Diagnostic Testing Platform

  • Test detects sensitization to four common respiratory allergens in United States.
  • Scheduled to be commercially available in the US in 2018
  • October 20, 2017 01:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time


LAUSANNE, Switzerland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Abionic SA, a developer of disrupter nanotechnology based rapid diagnostic solutions, announced today that its rapid allergy test, IVD CAPSULE Aeroallergens, and the easy to use testing platform, abioSCOPE® have been registered in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Abionic intends to commence commercialization of IVD CAPSULE Aeroallergens in this market in 2018.

Press release available here


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  • 2018 clinical trial for PKU candidate boosts pipeline for Nestlé Health Science’s Vitaflo business
  • Partnership to leverage Codexis’ enzyme discovery platform to fuel therapeutic and nutritional innovation


Epalinges, Switzerland, 12 October 2017 – As part of its core strategy to advance the therapeutic role of nutrition, Nestlé Health Science (NHSc) is forming an innovation partnership with Codexis (NASDAQ: CDXS), a pioneer in protein engineering and enzyme optimization. The partnership will leverage and extend the application of Codexis’ CodeEvolver® protein engineering platform, creating novel enzymes that will further fuel innovation for NHSc’s subsidiary Vitaflo, specializing for inborn errors of metabolism, as well as for NHSc’s Consumer Care and Medical Nutrition portfolio.

Full press release

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Synaptive Medical Inc., a medical device and technology company, today released Modus V™. This second-generation, high-powered digital microscope with a robotic arm is derived from Canadarm technology used on the International Space Station. Designed with feedback from Synaptive’s clinical partners, Modus V is the new cornerstone of its integrated BrightMatter™ platform.

Full press release

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03.10.2017 | SunRegen Healthcare AG awarded special “StartLab prize” by Biopôle at the IMAGINE IF! Accelerator for Science Ventures Swiss finals

Swiss Winner chosen for IMAGINE IF! Accelerator for Science Ventures
> Innovation Forum Lausanne organizes the Swiss Finals of global IMAGINE IF! Accelerator for Science Ventures
> 11 promising deep-tech projects pitch in front of a panel of experts in industry, research and innovation
> Winner is “Skypull” focused on an autonomous tethered drones to capture the immense potential of high altitude winds
> Winner joins global Top 20 projects from 300 applications that will compete at the global finals at the Innovation Leaders Conference, Oxford, UK, and receives CHF2,500 cash prize
> “SunRegen Healthcare AG” awarded special prize of 3 months free membership of StartLab incubator at Biopôle, the first incubator dedicated to life sciences located in the Canton of Vaud

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SEPTEMBER 19, 2017, New York — A Ludwig Cancer Research study has uncovered a new mechanism by which cancer cells evade destruction by the immune system. The paper, led by Camilla Jandus of the Lausanne Branch of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, describes how immune cells known as group 2 innate lymphoid cells (ILC2s) are recruited by leukemic cells to suppress an essential anticancer immune response. The study, which appears in the current issue of Nature Communications, further suggests that the newly discovered immunosuppressive axis likely holds sway in other types of cancer—and that it might be disrupted by therapies already in use to treat other diseases.

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06.09.2017 | Anergis Announces Top Line Results From Large-Scale ATIBAR Trial With Ultra-Fast Allergy Immunotherapy AllerT

EPALINGES, Switzerland, September 6th, 2017 – Anergis, a company developing proprietary ultra-fast allergy immunotherapy, announced today the top-line results from the ATIBAR trial, a Phase IIb field-based clinical trial with Anergis’ lead compound AllerT for patients with birch pollen allergy.

A total of 421 patients were randomized at 38 European trial centers in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Slovakia and Sweden between September 2016 and January 2017. The trial met its objective to provide conclusive results, with well-balanced treatment groups, very few dropouts, and narrow confidence intervals of the observed treatment effects. The pollen exposure was satisfactory as assessed by the data collected from the pollen traps located close to the trial centers.

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04.09.2017 | Ludwig Cancer Research releases its Annual Research Highlights Report 2017

Ludwig Annual Research Highlights Report 2017–

“Behind every scientific discovery is a great story. In our 2017 Research Highlights Report, we share the curiosity, collaboration and mentorship behind Ludwig scientists’ latest discoveries. These include advances in immunotherapy, radiotherapy, understanding cancer’s evolution and more. Enjoy!”

2017 Research Highlights Report

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13.07.2017 | SimplicityBio SA Joins 3.2M Eurostars funded HeartLinc Program

SimplicityBio SA Joins 3.2M Eurostars funded HeartLinc Program led by FIRALIS S.A. to develop lncRNA based IVD test for risk of developing heart failure (HF) after acute myocardial infarction (AMI)

Press release available here

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• Diagnostic innovations in IBD and Liver Disease in the pipeline
• Positioned to shape the microbiome diagnostics market

Epalinges, Switzerland, 11 July 2017 – Nestlé Health Science and Enterome are jointly creating Microbiome Diagnostics Partners (MDP), which aims to lead the development and commercialization of innovative microbiome-based diagnostics with potential to transform therapeutic approaches across a broad spectrum of challenging health conditions, including inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) and liver diseases. The partnership follows Nestlé Health Science’s initial investment announced in April 2016.

MDP’s initial focus will be accelerating Enterome’s diagnostic programs, which include IBD 110 for the assessment and management of mucosal healing and MET210 for NASH (non-alcoholic steatohepatitis). Current standard of care for these conditions include invasive procedures such as endoscopy and biopsies, rather than a non-invasive stool/serum combined Dx tests that will be developed by MDP. Future innovation efforts will leverage advanced microbial and serum-based metabolic technologies developed respectively at Enterome and Nestlé Health Science’s diagnostics arm Prometheus Laboratories.

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07.07.2017 | Alliance lausannoise pour la recherche en oncologie

L’Université de Lausanne, l’Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, le CHUV et Roche ont conclu une alliance pour la recherche et le développement de thérapies oncologiques.

L’Université de Lausanne (UNIL), l’Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) et le Centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois (CHUV) vont ainsi travailler conjointement avec Roche à la réalisation de projets de recherche, d’étape préclinique, clinique et translationnelle, dans des domaines spécifiques de l’oncologie. Les domaines de recherche identifiés sont : l’oncologie et l’immunothérapie, l’imagerie et la thérapie moléculaire, avec un accent sur le microenvironnement tumoral. L’alliance finance, depuis octobre 2016, six projets trans-institutionnels de recherche préclinique, sélectionnés suite à la revue de nombreuses propositions soumises par des chercheurs des trois institutions.

Communiqué de presse

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06.07.2017 | Nasri Nahas, CEO of Biopôle, interviewed on the « Swiss Entrepreneurs Foundation », the new startup fund of CHF 500 Mio announced by the Federal Councillor Mr. Schneider-Ammann.

Nasri Nahas, CEO of Biopôle, interviewed on the « Swiss Entrepreneurs Foundation », the new startup fund of CHF 500 Mio announced by Mr. Johann Schneider-Ammann, Federal Councillor in charge of Economic Affairs, Education and Research (EAER).

In french:

Vidéo RTS Info – le 19h30:

Interview à 1 mn 40s

Article Le temps: Un demi-milliard pour les start-up? Un «début»

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Nestlé Health Science and the Australian Stroke Foundation have entered into a partnership designed to improve the nutrition and hydration management of stroke survivors. Stroke is one of the leading causes of dysphagia (swallowing difficulties); it is estimated that 40%1 of survivors have an ongoing need for swallowing support, leaving them vulnerable to dehydration, malnutrition and aspiration pneumonia.

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  • Plug and play incubator in brand new building ready Q1 2018
  • Fully equipped laboratories and shared offices to welcome 10-12 startups
  • Pay as you play model reduces risk for entrepreneurs and investors
  • Applications now open for aspiring business creators
  • Leading Swiss life sciences community, home to over 50 companies, 25 institutions and world-leading research groups


Lausanne, Switzerland, 8 June 2017 – Biopôle SA, a leading Swiss life sciences park, today announced the creation of StartLab, the first incubator dedicated to life sciences located in the Canton of Vaud.

StartLab will offer 700 m2 of fully equipped laboratories and 300 m2 of shared offices, as a new home for 10-12 startup companies of 35-40 persons in total. It will be part of the new 9,000 m2 building developed by Retraites Populaires, a company specialized in life and occupational pensions.

Biopôle has a clear strategy to be one of the best life sciences hubs in Europe, where industry and academia benefit from a vibrant community of exceptional talents, stimulating collaborations, added value services and an unrivalled quality of life.

More information on:

Press release english
Press release french
Press release german


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31.05.2017 | World’s fastest Sepsis Test from Abionic Produces Result in Five Minutes when Tested in patients at London and Zurich Hospitals

World’s fastest Sepsis Test from Abionic Produces Result in Five Minutes when Tested in patients at London and Zurich Hospitals

Press release

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23.05.2017 | ADC Therapeutics Doses First Patient in a Phase I Clinical Trial of ADCT-502 in Patients with Advanced Solid Tumors with HER2 Expression

– Trial to provide data on safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics and efficacy
– ADCT-502 represents ADC Therapeutic’s fourth ADC program in clinical trials
Lausanne, Switzerland, May 19, 2017 – ADC Therapeutics (ADCT), an oncology drug discovery and development company that specializes in the development of proprietary Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) targeting major cancers, today announced that the first patient has been dosed in a Phase I clinical trial to evaluate its antibody drug conjugate (ADC) ADCT-502 in patients with advanced solid tumors with HER2 expression.

Press release in PDF: click here

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09.05.2017 | Nestlé Health Science partners with AliHealth for the launch of Boost in China

Beijing, 9 May 2017 – Nestlé Health Science and AliHealth, Alibaba’ flagship medical and health e-commerce platform, are partnering to launch a Boost product portfolio in China. Boost is an innovative range of science-based nutrition targeting the needs of the healthy consumers, focusing on China’s busy urban working population.

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21.04.2017 | SimplicityBio: 2017 Red Herring Top 100 Europe Award Finalist

SimplicityBio has been selected as a  finalist for the Red Herring’s  Top 100 Europe award , a prestigious list honoring the year’s most promising private technology ventures from the European business region.

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03.04.2017 | «Les thérapies cellulaires débuteront cet été»

Oncologie : Lana Kandalaft a la lourde tâche d’amener les traitements innovants contre le cancer au chevet des malades. Le point sur l’avancée des recherches menées par le Département d’oncologie CHUV-UNIL.

Les autorités vaudoises et le CHUV mettent le paquet, on le sait, sur la mise au point de thérapies innovantes contre le cancer. Sous l’égide du professeur George Coukos, chef du Département d’oncologie CHUV-UNIL, la voie choisie est celle de l’immunothérapie, à savoir la stimulation du système immunitaire du patient pour qu’il détruise la tumeur. Le Centre de thérapies expérimentales (CTE) est un maillon central de la chaîne de traitement. C’est lui qui, en établissant des ponts entre recherche et clinique, doit amener les innovations au chevet du patient. A sa tête: Lana Kandalaft, débauchée en 2013 de l’Université de Pennsylvanie.

Plus d’informations

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Beijing, March 30, 2017 – Nestlé Health Science (NHSc) and the Chinese Stroke Association (CSA) have entered into a collaboration agreement designed to improve the screening, diagnosis and management of dysphagia (swallowing difficulties) amongst stroke patients. Stroke is one of the most common causes of dysphagia; it is estimated that between 3.4 and 7.4 million patients are suffering from dysphagia in China, leaving them vulnerable to dehydration, malnutrition and aspiration pneumonia.

Press release

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15.03.2017 | Novigenix Signs Distribution Agreement with Dr Risch Medical Laboratory to Access Swiss German Market for Colox®, its blood based colorectal cancer test

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, March 15, 2017 – Novigenix SA today announced a commercialization agreement with Dr Risch Medical Laboratory for Colox, its blood test for the early detection of colorectal cancer (CRC). Dr Risch is a successful and science-driven clinical laboratory organization with a strong foothold in the Swiss German market and Liechtenstein.

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14.03.2017 | TAmiRNA And SimplicityBio Join Forces To Improve MicroRNA Biomarker Development

TAmiRNA and SimplicityBio, a Swiss bioinformatics company specialized in in silico biomarker discovery, signed a partnership agreement. The aim of this partnership is to accelerate TAmiRNA´s biomarker development programs and to offer compelling biomarker development services to clients from academia and biotech industry.

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24.02.2017 | Abionic to open distribution channel in the United Kingdom and Ireland

Epalinges, Switzerland, February 24th, 2017 – Abionic SA, a developer of disrupter nanotechnology based point-of-care diagnostic solutions, announced today having signed an exclusive distribution agreement in the United Kingdom and Ireland with Captium Limited.

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13.02.2017 | Ludwig Lausanne’s Johanna Joyce won a Cancer Research UK Grand Challenge award

Ludwig Cancer Research extends its congratulations to Johanna Joyce, who is part of an international multidisciplinary team that has been named a recipient of the Cancer Research UK Grand Challenge award.

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09.02.2017 | Anergis Completes Patient Recruitment In Large-Scale ATIBAR Trial With Ultra-Fast Allergy Immunotherapy AllerT

  • 421 patients randomized at 38 European trial centers
  • Top-line results expected in Q3, 2017


EPALINGES, Switzerland, February 8, 2017 – Anergis, a company developing proprietary ultra-fast allergy immunotherapy, announced today that it has completed patient recruitment in the ATIBAR trial, a Phase IIb field-based clinical trial with Anergis’ lead compound AllerT for patients with birch pollen allergy.

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07.02.2017 | SimplicityBio appoints Matthew Hall as CEO to drive growth

SimplicityBio SA, a bioinformatics company leader in biomarker discovery, appoints its Co-founder Matthew Hall Ph.D as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Matthew brings extensive experience in the biotechnology industry combining scientific knowledge, business acumen and leadership to drive the organization and ensure its continuous growth.

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25.01.2017 | ADC Therapeutics ranks #1 in top 20 VC rounds in Switzerland in 2016 with CHF 104 Million

Vaud ranks #1, attracting 51% of the total Swiss startups funding (nearly CHF 1 billion!) and Biopôle-based biotech startup ADC Therapeutics raised the biggest investment round in 2016 in Switzerland (CHF 104 Million).

Read the latest Swiss Venture Capital Report 2017 for more information

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24.01.2017 | Anergis Appoints Klaus Schollmeier As New Chairman Of The Board Of Directors

EPALINGES, Switzerland, January 24, 2017 – Anergis SA, a Swiss clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing proprietary products for ultra-fast allergy immunotherapy, today announced the appointment of Dr. Klaus Schollmeier as Chairman of its Board of Directors.

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10.01.2017 | Incyte and Merck to Advance Clinical Development Program Investigating the Combination of Epacadostat with KEYTRUDA® (pembrolizumab)

WILMINGTON, Del. & KENILWORTH, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jan. 9, 2017– Incyte Corporation (Nasdaq:INCY) and Merck (NYSE:MRK), known as MSD outside the United States and Canada, today announced the decision to advance the clinical development program investigating the combination of epacadostat, Incyte’s investigational oral selective IDO1 inhibitor, with KEYTRUDA® (pembrolizumab), Merck’s anti-PD-1 therapy.

View the full release here

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10.01.2017 | A new director for the IUMSP in 2017

Professor Murielle Bochud, currently responsible for the IUMSP’s Division of chronic diseases (dMC), will be the next Chief of Service, director of the IUMSP.

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09.01.2017 | Abionic Receives CE Mark for Most Rapid Sepsis and Iron Deficiency Point of Care Diagnostics

LAUSANNE, Switzerland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Abionic SA, a developer of disrupter nanotechnology based point-of-care diagnostic solutions, announced today the receipt of CE Mark (Conformité Européenne) for two novel tests using its easy to use testing platform, abioSCOPE. The CE Mark allows Abionic to commercialize its tests for sepsis risk assessment and management (PSP Test) and iron deficiency throughout the European Union.

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05.01.2017 | Xigen’s Brimapitide, an Innovative JNK Inhibitor, Delivers Positive Phase II Results in Inflammatory Eye Disease

Geneva, Switzerland, January 05, 2017 / B3C newswire / — Xigen, a Swiss Company developing therapeutic peptides for the treatment of inflammatory diseases announces today the online publication of successful Phase II results for its lead compound Brimapitide (XG-102) in the American Journal of Ophthalmology.

View the full release here

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16.12.2016 | CHMP Recommends Approval of Lilly’s Baricitinib for the Treatment of Adults with Moderate to Severe Active Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

INDIANAPOLIS, Dec. 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Eli Lilly and Company (NYSE: LLY) and Incyte Corporation (NASDAQ: INCY) announced today that the European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) has issued a positive opinion, recommending the approval of baricitinib – which if approved would be marketed as Olumiant®. Baricitinib would be indicated for the treatment of moderate to severe active rheumatoid arthritis in adult patients who have responded inadequately to, or who are intolerant to one or more disease modifying anti rheumatic drugs (DMARDs). Baricitinib may be used as monotherapy or in combination with methotrexate.

View the full release here

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Mymetics Corporation (MYMX), a pioneer and leader in the research and development of virosome-based vaccines to prevent transmission of human infectious diseases, announced today that its subsidiary Mymetics B.V. has agreed on a research project with Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccine division of Sanofi (SNY). The project will investigate the immunogenicity of influenza vaccines based on Mymetics’ proprietary virosome technology platform in pre-clinical settings. If this project is successful it could result in a further and more extensive collaboration between the two companies.

More information

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• Strategic Collaboration underscores Nestlé Health Science’s commitment to innovation in the management of food allergies and building a broad portfolio of solutions addressing the medical need of patients
• Aimmune is developing treatments for life-threatening food allergies; lead product AR101 is in Phase III for peanut allergy with US FDA Breakthrough Therapy Designation

Epalinges, Switzerland, 4 November 2016 – Nestlé Health Science announced today that it will make an equity investment of USD 145 million in US-based Aimmune Therapeutics (Nasdaq:AIMT), which corresponds to a 15% stake after completion of the transaction. The parties also entered into a strategic collaboration to accelerate the development of innovative oral immunotherapy biologics designed to desensitize people with food allergies and protect them from the consequences of accidental exposure.

Press Release Nestlé Health Science

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25.10.2016 | TATAA Biocenter and SimplicityBio Announce Complete Solution for Biomarker Discovery, Signature Optimization and Validation

Sweden and Monthey, Switzerland – October 25, 2016:

TATAA Biocenter, Europe’s leading provider of genomic services and the world’s foremost organizer of hands-on training in molecular diagnostics has partnered with SimplicityBio, a leading provider of in silico solutions for multivariate and multimodal analyses to offer complete solutions for biomarker discovery, signature optimization and validation. The partnership offers a complete solution comprising biomarker discovery, assay and protocol optimization, analytical validation, standardization, and clinical validation leading to robust and reliable biomarker signatures for diagnostics, prognostics and theranostics. Platforms include microarrays, qPCR, dPCR and NGS and virtually any kind of biomarkers with emphasis on mRNA, microRNA, lncRNA, DNA (SNP, CNV, methylation, cfDNA), protein and circulating tumor cells.

Press release TATAA Biocenter and SimplicityBio

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18.10.2016 | New building at Biopôle to welcome more life science organisations from 2018

New building at Biopôle to welcome more life science organisations from 2018

Retraites Populaires will construct and fund the future building at Biopôle, in Epalinges. The two institutions have signed a contract.

Lausanne, 18 October 2016 -­ As of 2018, a new building at Biopôle, in Epalinges, will meet the increasing demand for laboratory and office space. Retraites Populaires and the management of the life science park have signed a contract, appointing the retirement provision specialist from canton Vaud to construct and fund the future building. In exchange, Biopôle will grant Retraites Populaires a “right of use” (droit de superficie) on the plot of land for the new building.
Construction will begin this month, with completion scheduled for January 2018. The new 9000 m2 building will ultimately house numerous companies, generating between 300 and 500 new jobs in addition to the 1100 people who currently work at Biopôle…

Read full press release (Eng)
Read full press release (Fr)
Read full press release (DE)

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18.10.2016 | ADC Therapeutics Announces Closing of $105 Million Private Financing

ADC Therapeutics (ADCT), an oncology drug discovery and development company that specializes in the development of proprietary Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) targeting major cancers, today announced that it has raised $105 million through a private placement. The financing was oversubscribed and supported by both new and existing investors, including Auven Therapeutics, the Wild Family Office and AstraZeneca.

Refer to the PDF for the full press release.

Media contact: Dr. Chris Martin

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16.09.2016 | 300 chercheurs sous un même toit

A Epalinges, un nouveau laboratoire de recherche réunira chercheurs et cliniciens spécialistes de l’immunothérapie, une technique innovante pour combattre le cancer.

Le CHUV a inauguré jeudi un laboratoire de production cellulaire pour l’immunothérapie sur le site Biopôle d’Epalinges. Cette structure permettra d’offrir des traitements de pointe pour la lutte contre
le cancer, grâce à la fabrication de produits thérapeutiques personnalisés qui ciblent directement les tumeurs.

Lien sur l’article du Temps/en ligne

Lien sur l’article du Temps/pdf


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Investment in company Phagenesis to address swallowing difficulties experienced by stroke patients

Epalinges, Switzerland, 1 September 2016 – Nestlé Health Science is entering into a staged, milestone-based acquisition of Phagenesis Ltd, a UK-based company developing Phagenyx®, an innovative pharyngeal electrical stimulation device to treat dysphagia (swallowing difficulty). The condition is commonly experienced by post stroke patients, but also the elderly and those undergoing post mechanical ventilation in intensive care units (ICU). Phagenyx® is designed to restore the neurological control of swallowing.

>Press Release Nestlé Health Science

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29.08.2016 | Ludwig Cancer Research releases its Annual Research Highlights Report

Ludwig Annual Research Highlights Report –
Our Annual Research Highlights Report is now available! Here we share life-changing discoveries made by Ludwig scientists and share the personal journeys, fascinations and partnerships behind the science.

2015 Research Highlights Report

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25.08.2016 | Nestlé Health Science Launches to Support Pediatric Tube-Feeding Journey

Nestlé Health Science today announced the launch of, a comprehensive online resource dedicated to children with a feeding tube and other unique nutrition needs.

For more information on the press release, click here:

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20.07.2016 | Lausanne: Biopôle se réorganise pour la gagne!

Le parc scientifique dédié aux sciences de la vie de Lausanne fait peau neuve. Trois ans après le renvoi de 2 administrateurs accusés de gestion déloyale, il vient de se doter d’un nouveau conseil d’administration et d’une stratégie de complètement revue, comme nous l’explique Nasri Nahas, directeur général de Biopôle.

Situé au cœur de la Health Valley, il se repositionne comme un écosystème dynamique et proactif orienté davantage vers l’oncologie et ouvert à une plus grande mixité d’acteurs. l’Institut international Ludwig de recherche sur le cancer vient d’ailleurs d’annoncer son installation sur le site, avec un investissement de 274 M€ sur les 30 ans à venir…..

Suite de l’article de Biotech Finances

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• New Board and management with clear strategy for benefit of members
• Vibrant life sciences community in Lausanne set for major expansion
• World-class academia and industry focused on oncology, immunology, personalized medicine and nutritional health
• Ludwig Cancer Research to join Biopôle

Lausanne, Switzerland, 11 July 2016 – Biopôle SA, a leading life sciences park located in the Swiss Canton of Vaud, today announced the appointment of a new Board of Directors responsible for its strategic management and future development. The new Board is another key step in the re-positioning of Biopôle in Switzerland and internationally, following the appointment in October 2015 of new CEO Nasri Nahas.

Biopôle has a clear strategy to be one of the best life sciences locations in Europe where industry and academia benefit from a vibrant community of exceptional talents, stimulating collaborations, added value services and an unrivalled quality of life…

> Read full press release (Eng)
> Read full press release (Fr)
> Read full press release (DE)

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09.05.2016 | Novigenix publishes multi-center study of Colox® in Clinical Cancer Research

Novigenix publishes multi-center study of Colox® in Clinical Cancer Research : Data validate blood-based test’s ability to detect colorectal cancer early and reliably.

Novigenix SA today announced the publication of a clinical validation study of Colox in the highly ranked journal Clinical Cancer Research. Colox is a blood test based on a 29-gene host immune response panel in combination with tumor biomarkers for the early detection of colorectal cancer (CRC).

Press release Novigenix

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09.05.2016 | Incyte and ARIAD Announce Agreement for Incyte to Acquire ARIAD’s European Operations and In-license Iclusig® (ponatinib) in Europe

Incyte Corporation(Nasdaq:INCY) and ARIAD Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Nasdaq:ARIA) today announced the entry into a definitive agreement for Incyte to acquire ARIAD’s European operations. At the close of the transaction, the companies will also enter into a license agreement whereby Incyte will obtain an exclusive license to develop and commercialize Iclusig® (ponatinib) in Europe and other select countries.

> Press release ARIAD

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05.04.2016 | Mymetics announces successful preclinical results with malaria transmission-blocking vaccine candidate

Mymetics Corporation (OTCQB: MYMX), a pioneer in the research and development of virosome based vaccines to prevent transmission of human infectious diseases, announced today that the preclinical study with Mymetics’ virosome based formulations for a malaria transmission-blocking vaccine candidate has been successful. The study showed that the virosome vaccine candidates, at the highest dose tested, generate high antibody titers against the required antigens and they were able to significantly reduce (97-100%) the transmission of the Plasmodium falciparum parasite.

> Press release Mymetics

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04.04.2016 | Anergis Closes CHF 5 Million Financing Round Extension to Conduct the ATIBAR Trial

Anergis Closes CHF 5 Million Financing Round Extension to Conduct Large-Scale ATIBAR Trial with Ultra-Fast Allergy Immunotherapy AllerT.

> Press release Anergis

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04.09.2015 | ADC Therapeutics lève $ 80 millions

ADC Therapeutics, an oncology drug discovery and development company headquartered in Biopôle (technological parc – Epalinges near Lausanne), today announced that it has raised $80 million through a private placement of equity. New investors include leading European and US-based investors alongside founding investor Auven Therapeutics and participation from AstraZeneca.

> Website

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18.06.2015 | Nasri Nahas nommé à la direction de Biopôle S.A.

Le Conseil d’administration de Biopôle SA a nommé Monsieur Nasri Nahas (43 ans) en tant que nouveau directeur du parc vaudois dédié à l’accueil d’entreprises des sciences de la vie. Biologiste et ingénieur de formation, au bénéfice d’une riche expérience de management dans plusieurs entreprises biotech, actif professionnellement depuis 14 ans en Suisse romande, Nasri Nahas entrera en fonction le 1er octobre 2015.

Communiqué de presse

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15.06.2015 | L’Institut Ludwig va s’installer au Biopôle

Un bâtiment dédié à l’oncologie et destiné à accueillir les chercheurs de l’Institut Ludwig, dont l’effectif augmentera, sera construit sur le site du Biopôle. En effet, le Ludwig Cancer Research, a désigné l’Institut Ludwig de Lausanne, installé depuis le début des années 1970 dans la capitale vaudoise, comme site prioritaire pour bénéficier de son généreux soutien à la recherche fondamentale sur le cancer. Cette filiale de la Fondation Ludwig, une parmi douze disséminées à travers le monde, bénéficiera d’une concentration des moyens financiers de la fondation.

Source: 24heures

> Article du 24heures

> Ludwig Cancer Research

> Institut Ludwig de Lausanne

> Communiqué de presse de l’Etat de Vaud

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05.03.2015 | Inauguration de la permanence Mobilité

Le nouveau plan d’affectation cantonal du site « Vennes » (60 entreprises, environ 2’000 employés en 2016) fixe des objectifs ambitieux en terme de mobilité durable. Conscient du défi et de l’enjeu, l’organe de gestion du site – dont font partie Biopôle SA, les communes territoriales, Lausanne Région, des entreprises du site et certains services cantonaux – a décidé de mettre en place des mesures d’incitation à des solutions de mobilité alternatives, dont la principale est l’ouverture d’une permanence mobilité inaugurée le 5 mars 2015 au Biopôle.

> Communiqué de presse

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05.12.2014 | Nouveau financement de CHF 14.5 millions pour Anergis

Anergis, société basée au Biopôle, a obtenu un nouveau financement de CHF 14.5 millions. Félicitations!

> Communiqué de presse

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14.11.2014 | Le Conseil d’administration se renforce

Le Conseil d’administration se renforce avec l’arrivée de M. Maurice Mischler, Syndic et représentant de la Commune d’Epalinges.

> Portrait de M. Mischler

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13.02.2014 | Ariad inaugure ses locaux au Biopôle

Une nouvelle entreprise pharmaceutique s’est installée avec 80 employés sur le site du Biopôle. La société américaine Ariad, spécialisée dans la recherche sur le cancer, a inauguré le 12 février 2014 son siège européen dans le bâtiment Terrasse, en présence de son directeur général et fondateur de l’entreprise, Harvey J. Berger.

> Website

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20.08.2013 | Visite d’une délégation Guangzhou Chine

Le 9 août 2013, Biopôle a eu le plaisir de recevoir une délégation de la ville de Guangzhou en Chine. Un accord de partenariat avait été signé entre Bioisland (Guangzhou) et Biopôle en 2010. Le but de la visite était de développer les échanges entre les deux parcs.

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01.03.2013 | Deux sociétés du Biopôle parmi les 50 start-up helvétiques dans lesquelles investir

Le Biopôle tient à féliciter les start-up Zestagen et Legacy Healthcare de figurer parmi les 50 start-up helvétiques dans lesquelles investir, sélectionnées par le magazine économique Bilan et un jury indépendant.

Zestagen est active dans le développement d’anticorps monoclonaux destinés à soigner des maladies telles que le cancer.

Legacy Healthcare quant à elle conçoit, développe et commercialise des traitements innovants dans des aires thérapeutiques ciblées. Dans le domaine de la dermatologie, leurs efforts portent sur des pathologies du cuir chevelu et de la peau.

> Zestagen

> Legacy Healthcare

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04.02.2013 | ARIAD PHARMACEUTICALS s’installera au Biopôle

Un nouvel acteur actif dans la lutte contre le cancer sur l’arc lémanique, ARIAD Pharmaceuticals s’installera au Biopôle dès 2014.

> Communiqué de presse