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PhenomX Health joins the Vanguard Accelerator

Biopôle SA is delighted to welcome PhenomX Health to its Vanguard Accelerator, a six-month programme that takes digital-health-oriented projects to the next level.

PhenomX Health is a FemTech company using expert-driven AI to analyse hormonal health symptoms combined with home-based scientific biomarkers to provide precision nutrition recommendations that honor the biochemical uniqueness of midlife women. Leveraging deep tech, health science and molecular nutrition systems, PhenomX aims to empower women of all backgrounds to take ownership of their wellness as they age. Their work focuses on the user’s biochemical individuality and is built from scientific data points and functional medicine experience. This is an innovative precision nutrition and scientific wellness approach that takes us into the future of health.

The Vanguard Accelerator is (…) ultimately enabling us to go to market faster and with a better value proposition.

Jérôme Michaud, COO and Co-Founder at PhenomX Health

The Vanguard Accelerator programme enables PhenomX Health to collaborate and engage with the local life sciences ecosystem, helping to identify how best to include all players – from midlife women to healthcare professionals and insurance companies to pharmacies – strengthening their value proposition and go-to-market strategies. This partnership will be crucial in establishing a full pre-to-post-menopause ecosystem, as the one-stop shop for scientific-based answers with established and proven results. The programme will also give PhenomX crucial exposure to investors as the company seeks to close a round of investment funding. This support will be further bolstered by access to the H4 initiative, a collaborative hub that boosts innovators in health and care in Vaud.

Jérôme Michaud, COO and Co-Founder at PhenomX Health, says: ‘The Vanguard Accelerator is a great fit for us. Not only will it unlock new opportunities, but it will test and challenge our plans, ultimately enabling us to go to market faster and with a better value proposition.’

Phenomix's team (left) and Pierre-Jean Wipff (right) meets for the Vanguard Accelerator.

Pierre-Jean Wipff, Director of Innovations and Partnerships at Biopôle, says: ‘We chose PhenomX because we were impressed by their outstanding knowledge in nutritional sciences, their entrepreneurial drive and the opportunity to offer menopausal women the care they need. Furthermore, we believe that the Vanguard Accelerator will help the company better understand the clinical and business context of their approach, as it is their core mission to provide clinically proven solutions and participate in elevating scientific education.’

PhenomX Health joins a wealth of other Vanguard start-ups pioneering digital health. Alumni of the programme include Consulto, biped.ai, Gabi SmartCare, Impli, Resilient, Sensemodi, XANA, Pneumoscope and PeriVision.

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The Vanguard Accelerator is a free six-month programme, run by Biopôle SA and its partners, to help promising digital health-oriented projects supercharge their innovation and take their business strategy to the next level.

This immersive programme gives early-stage start-ups the opportunity to work with diverse and experienced digital health experts, who can advise on business plans and strategies. They include clinicians, nurses and pharmacists, alongside regulators, investors and IT specialists, all ready to offer their expertise. Start-ups selected for the accelerator programme benefit from exclusive real-world insights for business hypothesis testing and networking support to bring their digital health innovation to life. Among the first companies to have been selected for the programme back in 2020 are Gabi Smartcare and Resilient.ai.

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