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Saintonge becomes first hospital in France to install the Dexter® surgical robot

Saintonge Hospital is the first healthcare institution in France to purchase and install the novel Dexter® surgical system. Dexter’s clinical versatility will provide on-demand robotic aid to help improve patient outcomes in general surgery, gynecology and urology. 

Saintonge Hospital has purchased and installed its first surgical robot: Distalmotion’s Dexter®, a Swiss solution. This marks the first Dexter installation in France. With its new Dexter system Saintonge Hospital is pioneering a new approach to best-in-class minimally invasive care called “on-demand robotics”.

This new concept allows laparoscopic surgeons to choose their preferred tools for every step of a surgical procedure. Sometimes these will be handheld tools, manipulated manually at bedside. At other times – particularly for steps that require the highest degree of precision - robotic instruments, manipulated from a robotic console will be the preferred option. The leading surgeons at Saintonge Hospital now have the ultimate freedom of choice between the two surgical techniques. This unlocks new benefits for the surgical teams in Saintes and helps them deliver optimal care for patients.

Unlocking new possibilities in the OR 

Fabrice Leburgue, Director of Saintonge Hospital, explains why the adoption of Dexter represents a key milestone for his institution: “We are proud to be the first hospital in France to offer our patients this innovative surgical solution. This investment addresses our objective to continuously modernize our equipment and to support our surgical team in delivering the best possible care for every patient at Saintonge Hospital.”

Delivering best-in-class care in high volumes and across numerous indications at Saintonge Hospital speaks to the vision that drives Distalmotion, the company that designed and developed the Dexter robot. Michael Friedrich, CEO of Lausanne, Switzerland based Distalmotion affirms: “We want to establish a new standard of care, where all patients in urology, gynecology and general surgery have access to the best possible treatment – also when that treatment requires or strongly benefits from robotic assistance. That is why we are now rolling-out Dexter across Europe.”

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