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A new approach to surgical robotics for minimally invasive care

How Distalmotion makes sense of robotic surgery through a hybrid approach and integrated design thinking.

Operating from its headquarters and labs at the Biopôle in Lausanne, Distalmotion has embarked on a mission to remove the complexity out of robotic surgery in order to fast track its widespread adoption in minimally invasive surgical care. To do so, the company has developed a surgical robot called Dexter that integrates seamlessly and without compromise into existing laparoscopical procedures to bring sought-after simplicity and versatility to the market for minimally invasive care.

Complexity and costs are currently major barriers to the widespread adoption of robotic systems in operating rooms. Distalmotion serves as a trusted partner to hospitals and clinics worldwide, providing reliable and precise robotic surgery systems, at fair, usage-based and transparent cost. As such, Distalmotion hopes to establish a new, global and robotic standard of care that allows everyone to access the benefits of robotic surgery.

Michael Friedrich, CEO of Distalmotion, caught up with Alfred Angerer and Stefan Lienhard in Episode 25 of the Podcast Marktplatz Gesundheitswesen, to discuss in detail how Dexter’s hybrid approach to integrating robotics and laparoscopy stands to facilitate the widespread adoption of robotic surgery. The hour long discussion (in German) – including discussion and quantification of efficiency gains and cost savings – is available at the following link on www.gesundheitswesen.org or at your preferred podcast library.

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