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A promising first Convergence in Oncology Summit

The first Convergence in Oncology Summit is fast approaching. Due on September 26th at the Biopôle Lausanne, the Summit is set to be a key event this fall. Major leaders from academia and industry are expected. Swiss pharmaceutical Roche will be present as well as Prof. George Coukos and Jurgi Camblong, CEO from Scale-up Sophia Genetics.

Convergence in Oncology is a unique opportunity in the quest to fight cancer. Focusing on Prevention & Diagnostics, Therapy, and Digitization, the forthcoming Summit at Biopôle Lausanne will offer attendees many opportunities to network and explore synergies.

From diagnostics to therapeutics, rapid change in technology innovation modifies the landscape faster than any organizations can keep up with. Convergence of technologies from mature and emerging sectors are creating new opportunities that can significantly accelerate disruptive solutions that benefit patients globally.

The principal aim of the Convergence in Oncology Summit, an annual event organized by professionals for professionals, is to promote development of new solutions through convergence and sharing of opportunities in the field of Oncology.

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