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Ferring Biologics Innovation Centre opens at Biopôle

On 1 April 2021, the research-driven biopharmaceutical group Ferring Pharmaceuticals opened a state-of-the-art innovation centre at Biopôle, bringing a new hub for biologics research and development to the vibrant life sciences campus near Lausanne, Switzerland.

The Ferring Biologics Innovation Centre targets unmet medical needs in the company’s specialist areas of reproductive medicine and maternal health, gastroenterology and uro-oncology. Ferring’s decision to invest in this cutting-edge infrastructure marks a leap forward in the company’s strategy to strengthen its capabilities and expertise in new biologic agents as it continues to grow.

Located at the heart of the Swiss Health Valley, Biopôle boasts a 2,000-strong community of industry leaders and academic experts, representing over a hundred of the world’s most innovative life sciences companies and research groups. It therefore offers Ferring immediate access to the technologies, expertise and talent it needs to power its new facility – and the constant flow of ideas that will help the Centre to thrive.

Ferring Pharmaceuticals is delighted to have launched the Biologics Innovation Centre amid this constantly growing life sciences ecosystem in the dynamic canton of Vaud. The Biopôle community is a crossroads where disciplines, generations and perspectives meet in the pursuit of outstanding innovation. It makes the ideal launchpad for this new phase in Ferring’s efforts to build families and help people live better lives.

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