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Adaptyv Bio Receives FIT Tech Seed Loan of CHF 100’000

Adaptyv Bio, receives the FIT Tech Seed loan will to help them roll out their platform allowing users to test and synthesise any protein.

Epalinges-based Adaptyv Bio has taken protein engineering to a whole new level. Acting as a high-tech protein foundry, the start-up speeds up the design process for proteins.

As of today, protein engineering remains a long, very tedious, and expensive task as labs and companies lack the automation and data integration to perform repeatable, scalable protein testing. This is where Adaptyv Bio works its magic: taking advantage of its automated wet lab the company builds a solution for rapid experimental validation of newly designed proteins, while also drastically reducing the costs per protein.

Combined with artificial intelligence, this new technology will make it easier for protein designers to engineer new proteins for a variety of applications, such as designed antibodies, novel enzymes or alternative materials.

The Tech Seed loan from FIT will enable Adaptyv to verify the commercial validity of its antibody screening platform and roll out access to the platform at the end of this year.

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