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Many successes completed in 2024 by Vanarix

Vanarix offers a new solution to treat cartilage lesions. Indeed, once damaged, cartilage has a very limited capacity for self-repair and, if left untreated, often evolves into osteoarthritis, the most common joint disorder.

Vanarix has developed and recently patented a method for the production of Cartibeads™, which are the first high-quality hyaline cartilage microtissues resembling native articular cartilage. This innovative product aims to regenerate cartilage damage and targets focal lesions and early osteoarthritis.

In 2024, the company reached many milestones:

  • 4 millions CHF raised
  • Phase I/IIa clinical trial with 10/10 patients recruited and transplanted with autologous Cartibeads to treat cartilage damage in the knee
  • 2nd clinical trial with allogeneic Cartibeads underway
  • 3 horse patients treated with allogeneic Cartibeads

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