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GONDOLA – 365 days in retrospect

Euro 2.5 million research grant
Late 2019 was a proud moment for us at Gondola Medical Technologies. We received a research grant of Euro 2.5 million from Horizon 2020 (EIC Accelerator Award) of the European Commission. This grant is a vote of confidence that helped us boost our activities as a company.
The GONDOLA® AMPS treatment is a non-invasive, no side effects therapy for neurological conditions that cause walking and balance impairments. It helps patients to regain independence, to move better, and live better.

HQ at Biopôle in Lausanne
Moving our HQ from Ticino to Biopôle in Lausanne is strategic for our development as a MedTech company. Biopôle is a top-notch science park, renowned in Switzerland and internationally, and we are proud to be part of its life science community. Over the last year, our team grew from 5 to 17 employees, scaling our scientific research, marketing, and sales activities.

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