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Novigenix and Philips Sign Technology License Agreement for Prostate Cancer Precision Oncology Products

Novigenix and Philips Sign Technology License Agreement for Prostate Cancer Precision Oncology Products
New precision solutions may be accessible on Philips IntelliSpace Precision Medicine Platform  

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – March 8, 2022 – Novigenix SA, a leading Swiss biotech that develops and commercializes Immuno-Transcriptomic precision oncology solutions, today announced a Technology License Agreement with Royal Philips (‘Philips’) for development of new tissue biopsy Prostate cancer (PCa) Immuno-Transcriptomic tests to improve prostate cancer patient outcomes.

Through this agreement Novigenix has access to Philips Intellectual Property on tumor-derived Immuno-Transcriptomic signatures for development and launch of commercial products. The parties anticipate that PCa products based on tumor ImmunoTranscriptomics will provide actionable information to help oncologists with treatment decisions of high-risk patients. At local recurrence diagnosis alone, over 100,000 patients per year could benefit from such tests worldwide.

Dr. Alain Herard, cancer certified Urologist at Polyclinic of Reims – Bezannes, commented “Today ~50% of patients experiencing a local recurrence will progress to metastatic disease despite treatment. On the other hand some patients with less aggressive tumors are overtreated. A test that effectively stratifies patients with high and low risk of recurrence can personalize therapy and would be highly beneficial.”

“Previously we have demonstrated the value of our Liquid Immuno-Transcriptomic Sequencing Platform (LITOseek) for development of precision oncology solutions in field of Colorectal and Bladder cancer.” said Dr. Brian Hashemi, Executive Chairman of Novigenix. “Through this agreement with Philips we look forward to further supporting oncologists with new precision medicine solutions that can help improve prostate cancer patient outcomes”. 

About Novigenix

Novigenix is a precision medicine biotech providing a new understanding of the human host response to cancer and its response to therapy. The Company was founded on the vision that Immuno-Transcriptomics will bring unprecedented advances in diagnosing and treating cancer patients, leading to significant improvement in healthcare. Novigenix’s unique Immuno-Transcriptomic platform enables an accelerated identification of disease specific mRNA signatures of immune cells, which combined with machine learning and predictive algorithms provide new insights into onset and progression of disease. For more information visit www.novigenix.com

About LITOseek 

The Liquid Immuno-Transcriptomic Sequencing Platform of Novigenix, LITOseek, analyzes the gene expression modifications (mRNA signatures) induced by the host immune response to various triggers, such as onset of cancer. Disease specific algorithms are developed through application of Artificial Intelligence on patient mRNA signatures in combination with clinical and medical parameters. The LITOseek platform has been designed and optimized for development of precision oncology solutions based on the human Immuno-Transcriptome, with continuous improvement of predictive and adaptive algorithms.


Dr. Brian Hashemi
M: +41 78 809 85 44
E: brian.hashemi@novigenix.com

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