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PeriVision patent claims accepted by US Patent & Trademark office

Young ophthalmology startup achieves further milestone towards commercialization in the US.

Perimetry / visual field testing is a crucial tool to diagnose and monitor glaucoma, a chronic eye disease and the leading cause for irreversible blindness. Globally, 80 million people suffer from it. The standard perimetry is a bottleneck for practices and hospitals. It is long (c. 20 min.), uncomfortable, often uneliable and requiring a dedicated dark room and assistant.

PeriVision is an opthalmology-AI startup that wants to reimagine this clinical worflow by combining novel technologies. They incorporate a 70% faster AI-based test into portable VR-headsets. This enables patient-friendly testing and optimized workflows to increase patient capacity for customers.

The AI-based perimetry strategy learns and leverages the dependency between visual field test locations to optimally obtain the visual field much quicker than the standard perimetry examinations. Clinical study results showed that this approach can achieve a 70% reduction in time with no compromise on measurement quality. Coupled with a VR-device, the solution will bring high efficiency in the clinical workflow and improve decision-making in patients’ follow-up and treatment.

This week, PeriVision received the positive decision by the US Patent & Trademark Office that the patent claims for the AI-based perimetry testing strategy have been accepted in the US. Their unique AI technology was already patented in the EU and with this further US patent approval, PeriVision has achieved an important milestone in their US market-entry roadmap. Over the next two years, they will finalize a first VR-perimetry product and further validate it in additional clinical studies with leading glaucoma key opinion leaders in the US and Switzerland, and then aim for a successful product lunch in the US and Swiss market.

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