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Alithea Genomics and AdipoGen Life Sciences announce partnership

Alithea Genomics and AdipoGen Life Sciences Partner on Distributing the MERCURIUS™ RNA Sequencing Kits on the Life Science Research Market

Alithea Genomics and Adipogen Life Sciences, Inc (AdipoGen) entered into an international marketing and distribution agreement for resale of the MERCURIUS™ BRB-Seq kits (which are based on Alithea's flagship Bulk RNA Barcoding followed by sequencing (BRB-seq) technology) on the research reagents market.

Alithea Genomics (https://www.alitheagenomics.com), a startup from EPFL, is a life science company based in Lausanne, Switzerland, focusing on the development of cutting-edge and high-throughput library preparation tools for RNA sequencing. Their products enable for the first time large-scale drug and biomarker discovery projects based on RNA sequencing data.

AdipoGen (www.adipogen.com) is a manufacturer and international distributor of innovative life sciences research reagents based in the U.S. and Switzerland. AdipoGen develops and manufactures proteins, antibodies, assays, and biochemicals for the research reagents market. Since its inception in 2010, AdipoGen is working at the forefront of making new exciting technologies readily available for the research and diagnostics market.

Riccardo Dainese, CEO and co-founder at Alithea Genomics, and Alessandro Traina, VP of Marketing at AdipoGen called the deal a strategic collaboration. Alithea Genomics can quickly access the international research market through the expertise of AdipoGen and its distribution network, providing their exciting new RNA Sequencing Kits to life science research institutes worldwide. "By making them available to the scientific community through AdipoGen, we hope to increase awareness of our in-house developed and manufactured MERCURIUS™ BRB-Seq kits", said Dainese.

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