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Facilitim to service the Serine Building!

Facilitim is pleased to announce that it has won the caretaker contract for Biopôle’s new building, Serine, thus extending its service area within the campus!

Covering 9500m2, 6 floors and 67 parking spaces, the Facilitim teams will bring all their expertise to bear on the occupants of this new building and will be responsible for the maintenance of both the premises and the outdoor areas of the building. This will be a new string to its bow, because Facilitim manages a large part of the Biopôle campus already!

What does Facilitim bring to the campus?

Facilitim has been involved in the development of the Biopôle campus in Epalinges since 2010. The management of the site’s buildings and infrastructure and the supervision and servicing of the businesses there form part of the duties that each of the teams perform at this site. Listening to the needs and service requirements of the large majority of the owners and tenants of the Biopôle, Facilitim acts as caretaker for eight of the on-site buildings, which represents over 40,000 m2!

As a reminder, Facilitim is an entity of the DBS Group, the benchmark for property services in French-speaking Switzerland, and enjoys significant coverage in German-speaking Switzerland. Facilitim offers innovative solutions for the management of complex districts and supports the various stakeholders through all the stages of their projects, from design of the district to set-up and daily on-site management.

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