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Pryv SA releases an Open-Source Solution for Personal Data & Privacy Management

The release of Open Pryv.io delivers a free, full production, easy-to-install open-source solution for the collection and management of sensitive personal and health data.

Lausanne, Switzerland, June 9th, 2020 — Today, Pryv SA, the leading Swiss provider of personal data and privacy management software announced the open-source release of Open Pryv.io: a free and scalable personal data lifecycle management platform specifically engineered to empower developers to rapidly create and scale breakthrough, GDPR, and privacy compliant products, services, and experiences.

As developer productivity has become a competitive necessity, the ready-to-use Open Pryv.io is marking a turning point to de-complexify the development of personal data and digital health applications.

Data pooling, data aggregation, consent management, and data interoperability are among the Open Pryv.io’s capabilities that are raising the bar for delivering a reliable solution for collecting and managing heterogeneous sets of real-world personal data with full respect to privacy.
“Releasing our core software in open-source today is a natural move for us. From day one, Pryv.io was built to be open-sourced” says Pierre-Mikael Legris, CEO and co-founder of Pryv SA. ”In fact, our source code has always been open for our clients. By releasing Open Pryv.io, we provide any company with a tool allowing them to address the enhanced citizen’s right, which sends a strong message of transparency and inclusivity”.

Fostering faster innovation and less duplication of effort are also among the main drivers of Open Pryv.io’s release. Nowadays developers value using open-source instead of redeveloping available code. Integrating Pryv.io open components will allow developers to free them up to work on what is unique in their products and add privacy-by-design to their value proposition.

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