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Aspivix: winner of the 15th French American Entrepreneurship Award

The French American Entrepreneurship Award (FAEA) has concluded its 15th year by recognizing three exceptional early-stage startups led by French entrepreneurs in the US. Since 2008, the FAEA has supported innovation and growth for these businesses, helping them succeed in the American market.

A Jury, comprised of a Panel of Experts and FAEA Committee members, carefully evaluated a group of promising startups based on the innovative nature, viability, and scalability of each business model.

2024 FAEA Winners:

  • First Prize: WeWard (Health & Wellness) – This innovative app uses gamification to encourage healthy habits, motivating users to walk more through rewards and charitable incentives. WeWard’s CEO & founder, Yves Benchimol, highlighted the app’s impact: “WeWard users increase their walking by an average of 24%, improving their health and reducing CO2 emissions while earning rewards.
  • Second Prize: Aspivix (Medical Tech) – Aspivix is transforming women’s healthcare with advanced devices for gynecology. Their flagship product, Carevix, is the world’s first FDA-cleared and CE marked suction cervical stabilizer, reducing pain and bleeding during procedures, including IUD insertion. Ikram Guerd, Aspivix’s GM for the Americas and VP of Global Marketing, emphasized their mission: “It is time to replace the traumatic tenaculum used on women by OBGYNs that was created during the Civil War to remove bullets. Let’s stop inflicting unnecessary pain on women across the world!
  • Third Prize: Yuka (Consumer Empowerment) – Yuka empowers consumers to make informed choices with their mobile app. By scanning barcodes on food and cosmetics, users gain insights into a product’s health and environmental impact. Yuka’s CEO and co-founder, Julie Chapon, highlighted the app’s influence: “A recent survey showed 94% of US Yuka users put down a product with a red rating in the Yuka app. We strive to influence manufacturers towards healthier options too.”

The FAEA equips winning entrepreneurs with valuable prizes, access to a network of influential contacts, and significant media exposure – a powerful combination to propel their ventures forward.


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