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DEEP CUBE Received CES Asia 2019 Awards at SWISSTECH Pitching Night

DEEP CUBE SA, an AI startup at Biopôle, wins the SWISSTECH CES ASIA 2019 AWARDS at pitching Night for its Intelligent AI for the SKIN solution able both to diagnoses skin cancer and skin diseases in real time, shown in Shanghai, China.

Deep Cube, is a Swiss start up, created in march 2018 at the Swiss Biopôle of Lausanne Epalinges and is leader in inventing disruptive AI Models for the Healthcare designed in real time.

“We are proud to be awarded with the CES Asia 2019 Awards in Shanghai as a winner of Pitching Night when presenting our AI Technology for the SKIN in Real Time. This recognition by leading industry jury in all technologies honors AI for Healthcare leading innovations from DEEP CUBE. With Intelligent AI classification at the cellular level of the skin, we offer a flexible solution allowing a fast-diagnostic tool for the SKIN in areas of dermato-oncology-beauty”,” said Christophe Patris de Broe, CEO and founder of DEEP CUBE.

“I am very proud to be the jury’s choice as well as the public’s choice and in result to win the award of the pitching night at CES Asia 2019. It is a great recognition for our innovation” - said Matt Morawski, Business Development Officer and Co-Founder of DEEP CUBE.


Intelligent SKIN AI SOLUTIONS for the dermato-oncology
DEEP CUBE will create a new spin off to commercialize 3 Intelligent SKIN AI SOLUTION for the Skin cancer and diseases and also the skin beauty. Our solutions include 3 products:

  • DEEP SKIN Cloud AI application: This solution allows to upload a skin image coming from a skin medical image source (macro-photography, confocal technology, dermato-scopy/skin microscopy) and to get the instant diagnosis prediction in real time.

  • DEEP SKIN Laptop AI application: This solution is a microscope device connected to a laptop via USB port, so that the microscope could classify the skin cancers, the skin diseases and the skin beauty problems, in real time.

  • DEEP SKIN Search Engine: This solution allows online clinical image search for the same stages and same subtypes of diseases with images classification online, showing and explaining the Ai results with known existing clinical cases coming from the doctors and stored in the online database.


High-quality Prediction from our AI Model
To enable a disruptive skin cancer and skin disease diagnosis or skin beauty analysis with the AI, DEEP CUBE has developed a new SKIN AI Model taking as input the signal coming from a microscope, and doing the prediction of the SKIN cancers, diseases and beauty, in real time.

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(Photo: DEEP CUBE’s team - from left to right : Zaikun Xu, Matt Morawski, Cyril HSU)