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Gnubiotics Announces Self-Affirmed GRAS Designation of GNUbiome FI

LAUSANNE, Switzerland--Gnubiotics Sciences SA (Gnubiotics), a Swiss biotech company has announced its oligosaccharides-peptides complex (GNUbiome FI) has achieved GRAS independent conclusions status.

The self-affirmed GRAS status was obtained through an assessment completed by a panel of qualified experts. The review included a thorough analysis of the product's manufacturing process, nutrition profile and an evaluation of research studies and toxicological data. The panel unanimously concluded GNUbiome FI is manufactured in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practices and meet all regulatory and safety requirements to be deemed "Generally Recognized as Safe".

GNUbiome FI is intended for use as a nutritional ingredient in the food of cats and dogs of all life stages. The ingredient will primarily be incorporated into the complete food of cats and dogs but may also be provided in the form of supplementary feed including treats. Studies on related individual mimics of human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) which are structurally related to GNUbiome FI indicate that these compounds will remain intact on ingestion and act as a source of fermentable fiber in cats and dogs.

In this role, GNUbiome FI is an innovative, natural and safe functional nutritional ingredient that contains Animal Milk Oligosaccharide (AMO) biosimilars critical for companion animal microbiome health. GNUbiome FI is the only comprehensive clinically proven solution to transform the microbiome of both cats and dogs. As the first and only ingredient containing AMO biosimilars, GNUbiome FI has been proven through palatability data as well as 6-month safety and utility clinical trials in both cats and dogs to increase companion animal microbiome health and diversity which is critical to overall health and wellness.

GNUbiome FI is already approved and available for sale in the EU, including the UK and Switzerland.

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