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Leman Biotech and Ucello Therapeutics enter into Comprehensive Strategic Collaboration to Advance Universal CAR-T Development

Leman Biotech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Leman Biotech”), an innovative metabolic immunotherapy research and development company, has announced a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with Chengdu Ucello Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ” Ucello Therapeutics”). Both companies will actively explore the translational applications of metabolic reprogramming technology (Meta 10) in universal CAR T cells. Their joint objective is to develop “low-dose” “off-the-shelf” hematological CAR-T cell therapy products to jointly advance the development of cell therapy industry.

Leman Biotech’s Metabolic Reprogramming Technology (Meta 10) is an innovative approach to combatting T-cell exhaustion. Preclinical studies have shown that Meta 10 can activate the oxidative phosphorylation metabolism of terminally exhausted T cells, thereby restoring their proliferative potential and cytotoxic activity. Previous studies have demonstrated excellent tumor clearance in mouse subcutaneous tumor models, lung cancer metastasis models, and NSG human tumor models, and have shown the effect of inducing stem-like immune memory cell formation and the prevention of tumor recurrence. Recently, Leman Biotech initiated an investigator-initiated clinical trial for its metabolically enhanced CD19 CAR-T with Meta 10 technology. The first four enrolled patients have all achieved complete responses (CR) at a very low dose of 5% of the dose typically used for conventional CD19 CAR-T therapy .Furthermore, these patients have responded well during treatment, with no common side effects such as cytokine storms or neurotoxicity observed, underscoring the significant clinical potential of Meta 10.

Focusing on the research, development, and commercialization of allogeneic universal CAR-T cell products, Ucello Therapeutics has completed several rounds of financing, raising millions of dollars within two and a half years of its establishment. Their first product, UC101, the world’s leading umbilical cord blood-derived universal CAR-T cell therapy product, has demonstrated positive therapeutic effects in investigator-initiated (IIT) clinical trials for patients with acute B-lymphoblastic leukemia. Targeted therapeutic products are being developed for various tumor types. Leman Biotech’s Meta 10 technology is expected to address T-cell exhaustion in cancer immunotherapy and improve the response rate and cure rate of cancer patients treated with immune cell drugs. The collaboration between Leman Biotech and Ucello Biotech aims to strengthen the clinical efficacy of allogeneic universal CAR-T on tumor cells and enhance the curative potential of these products for cancer treatment.

By actively partnering with leading cell therapy companies in the industry, Leman Biotech aims to accelerate the clinical development of Meta 10 technology and promote synergistic innovation and high-quality advancement of the cell therapy industry, ultimately benefiting a greater number of cancer patients.


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