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The vaccine formulation institute (VFI) joins the Biopôle

VFI is a not-for-profit company dedicated to the provision of adjuvants and vaccine formulation expertise on an open-access basis, for the benefit of the whole vaccine community.

VFI has headquarters and laboratories in Plan-Les-Ouates (Geneva), and will now rent new laboratories at the Biopôle at the end of this summer for its “Lausanne team”. Located on the ground floor of the Alanine building, VFI will pursue its activities to supply adjuvants for research and preclinical vaccine development on an open-access basis, provide adjuvant formulation and technical expertise for the vaccine community, and perform research and development of innovative adjuvanted vaccine formulations.

Last April, VFI temporarily moved into the StartLab @Biopôle. With the support of the StartLab team, VFI was able to continue working during the pandemic and re-allocated all its activities and resources for supporting the global response to develop COVID-19 vaccines.

With the support of stakeholders such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the European Commission, VFI has performed head-to-head formulation and immunogenicity studies of numerous COVID-19 vaccine candidates, provided by international partners in combination with VFI adjuvants.

Several of these COVID-19 vaccine candidates adjuvanted with VFI adjuvants are now on track for entering clinical trials.

Among the most advanced VFI adjuvant technologies, we recently announced the availability of a GMP oil-in-water adjuvant for human prophylactic vaccines, which has been made possible through our partnership with SEPPIC (Air Liquide Group).

We are excited to continue our adjuvant work at the Biopôle in our brand-new laboratories soon, for the benefit of the vaccine community worldwide.


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