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Adaptyv Biosystems and Alithea Genomics level up with support from Biopôle’s Start-up Fund

This month, Biopôle welcomes Adaptyv Biosystems and Alithea Genomics to its prestigious start-up support programme. The two companies follow in the footsteps of Novostia and Genknowme, which were announced as the Fund’s inaugural beneficiaries in October this year.

Adaptyv Biosystems is a game changer in its area of expertise: high-throughput protein synthesis and screening. By miniaturising its technology thanks to a nanofluidic chip, the start-up has already made its offering 100,000 times smaller than existing options. Its future plans are equally ambitious. In two years’ time, Adaptyv Biosystems will have built the world’s largest protein design database, which it will use to develop new therapies for previously untreatable diseases.

Daniel Nakhaee-Zadeh Gutierrez, Co-Founder at Adaptyv Biosystems, commented: ‘For any start-up, the initial investment in infrastructure is substantial; for life sciences start-ups, it can be make or break. The Biopôle Start-up Fund will not only help us buy the equipment we need to scale up our platform, but it will also help us grow our team.’

An exciting new player in the transcriptomics field, Alithea Genomics broke new ground this summer by launching its MERCURIUS BRB-seq kits, which enable high-throughput and cost-efficient RNA-seq library preparation from a wide range of RNA samples. Next, the company plans to expand its reach and evolve its products by offering higher-level testing capacity and automation.

Riccardo Dainese, Co-founder at Alithea Genomics, said: ‘We really value the shared equipment we’re able to access through Biopôle and StartLab, but the Start-up Fund is crucial in helping us reach the next level. The funding will enable us to purchase specific pieces of equipment, which will ultimately speed up the R&D cycle.’

The Biopôle Start-up Fund was launched in May this year to give a financial boost to the most promising life sciences companies on campus. Covering costs from rent to key services, the initiative offers three years of support to help start-ups keep doing what they do best: pursuing innovation to transform patients’ lives.

Companies interested in applying for the Biopôle Start-up Fund can find all the information they need here.

Adaptyv Biosystems develops a protein engineering platform powered by synthetic biology, nanofluidics and machine learning. Their technology synthesize and measure thousands of proteins in parallel to understand and engineer better protein drugs such as antibodies.


Alithea Genomics develops, manufactures and commercializes cutting-edge solutions for large-scale blood transcriptomics. Their proprietary BRB-seq technology enables the unbiased measurement of gene expression in thousands of samples, through a convenient and cost-efficient workflow. For the first time, it is possible to generate RNA data from thousands of samples in a high-throughput and cost-efficient manner.


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