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Biopôle Start-up Fund: Novostia and Genknowme are the first start-ups nominated

After launching the Biopôle Start-up Fund in May 2021, Biopôle SA is delighted to announce that Novostia and Genknowme have been selected and are the first companies to enter the programme. The Scientific Advisory Board was very impressed by the quality of their applications. 

‘The fund is a breath of fresh oxygen while waiting for the next fundraising round,’ said Geoffroy Lapeyre, CEO and Co-founder at Novostia. Geoffroy and the Novostia team are developing the TRIFLO heart valve, designed to last a lifetime without the need for anticoagulants. TRIFLO will improve patients’ quality of life, while also significantly reducing overall healthcare costs.

For Sébastien Nusslé, Co-founder and CEO at Genknowme, the duration of the support is crucial: ‘At first, I was looking for more cash, right now. However, when planning our financial budget for the upcoming years, I realised that having the support of the Biopôle Start-up Fund offers great security for us. And let’s say it: it is rare to find a fund with no strings attached.’ Genknowme has developed a test (patent pending) that identifies key epigenetic markers to help adults track, maintain and improve their well-being and potential longevity.

Biopôle SA has an annual budget of approximately CHF 500,000 dedicated to helping accelerate the innovation of start-ups established at Biopôle; they can be active in any area of the life sciences, be it biotech, medtech, pharma, digital health, nutrition — or any other related field.

Companies interested in applying for the Biopôle Start-up Fund can find all the information they need by clicking on the button below.

The next application deadline is 30th September, 2021. 

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