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GenomSys opens new branch in Lugano

GenomSys new branch, strategically located in Lugano, adds up to the existing office in the Swiss Health Valley, a hub of technology and genomic innovation around the research centers of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and the Swiss Genome Center.

“Our new office in Ticino reflects our mindset – multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary and future-oriented, a little Switzerland in a company, and it’s aligned with our ambitious growth objectives requiring new talents and skills. As someone living in Ticino for many years, I’m also proud to contribute to the vibrant local innovation community and to the creation of another major innovation hub in Switzerland with focus on the future of human medicine”, says GenomSys CEO Alessio Ascari.

Lugano was chosen as the business center of Ticino and an emerging hub for startup innovation in Med Tech in the south of Switzerland, as well as for the vicinity to the Italian innovation hubs in Milan. The focused effort of the Canton, the recent development of the Lifestyle-Tech Competence Center and the initiatives of the local research centers (USI and SUPSI) are creating a vibrant community of innovators in digital, artificial intelligence, and biotechnology, that GenomSys is both eager to contribute to and to tap into.

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