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CHF 150,000.- for epigenetic testing and plant-based meat startups

In Corona times, when startups need it the most, Venture Kick continues to support and finance Swiss startups without interuption. Genknowme and Planted Foods, a Lausanne and a Zurich based company, were each awarded CHF 150,000.- last Wednesday.
Genknowme: Swiss epigenetic testing for a healthier lifestyle (www.venturekick.ch/Genknowme)
Semira and Sebastien Gonseth Nusslé co-founded Genknowme, a University Hospital’s Lausanne spin-off, developing a novel blood test to determine an epigenetic profile. The test allows to measure the impact of lifestyle on health at the DNA level with unprecedented precision. The data will support healthcare professionals to coach their patients in adopting a healthier lifestyle. During their postdoctoral work at UC San Francisco and UC Berkeley, Semira Gonseth investigated the epigenetic links between cancer and lifestyle risk factors, while Sébastien Nusslé conducted key research on the links between genetics and the environment. Market launch is planned for 2021, while testing with reference clients already happens this year. “Winning Venture Kick is an amazing financial support for us. Being granted access to their amazing network, resources and - not always “nice to hear” - but highly efficient critical feedbacks, multiplied our chances to access key players in our field as well as investors” states CEO Semira Gonseth.

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