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Gondola Medical Technologies and the renowned Mount Sinai Health System enter research collaboration

Gondola Medical Technologies collaborates with the world-renowned Mount Sinai Health System in New York City (USA) to enhance the research on Automated Peripheral Mechanical Stimulation (AMPS) therapy.

Gondola Medical Technologies is currently collaborating with the Abilities Research Center (ARC) of the Mount Sinai Health System that is part of The Department of Rehabilitation and Human Performance.  The research collaborators include David Putrino, Ph.D., PT, and Mar Cortes, MD, both co-Directors of the ARC; and Gabriela Rozanski, Ph.D., PT, who is a physical therapist and research professional. These clinicians and researchers are leaders in investigating and implementing innovative technologies to empower individuals with neurological disorders to improve independence, mobility, and quality of life.

The joint goal of Gondola’s collaboration with Mount Sinai is to enhance the scientific understanding of AMPS therapy, so that more patients all over the world can benefit from clinical innovations of this nature. This process includes conducting clinical research to document further the therapeutic benefits of AMPS and its underlying mechanism of action, i.e., decoding how the therapy works in the body to elicit the clinical outcomes that can be observed in patients after AMPS therapy.

To do this, the research team will use advanced techniques to measure effects such as reflex activity, electromyographic signals, intracortical inhibition, and motor-evoked potentials. These provide information about which parts of the central and peripheral nervous system are activated or affected by the therapy.  Measurements will be taken immediately after a first AMPS therapy session and after weeks to months of therapy to assess both short- and long-term effects on the nervous system. These results can be coupled with movement analyses, clinical outcomes, and functional measures to understand how AMPS can improve walking, independence, and quality of life for those suffering from neurological conditions.

Francesco Cecchini, CEO and Co-founder of Gondola Medical Technologies states: “We have really been looking forward to this impactful and exciting collaboration and are delighted it is now well on its way”

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