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Leman Biotech and Xiangxue Life Sciences Form Strategic Collaboration to Develop Metabolically Enhanced TCR-T Therapy for Solid Tumors

Leman Biotech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Leman Biotech”), a clinical-stage biotechnology company focusing on development, production, and commercialization of innovative metabolic immunotherapies, has signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with Xiangxue Life Science Technology (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Xiangxue Life Sciences”). The two parties will apply their respective technological advantages to fully explore the combined application of Meta 10 metabolic reprogramming technology and TCR-T cell therapy products in the treatment of solid tumors. This collaboration aims to achieve mutual benefits, strong cooperation, and comprehensive enhancement of the clinical translation and commercialisation capabilities of TCR-T cell therapy, thereby promoting the advancement of cell therapy industry. The collaboration plans to prevent or reverse TCR-T cell exhaustion through Leman Biotech’s Meta 10 metabolic reprogramming technology, to further enhance the proliferative capacity and cytotoxic activity of TCR-T cells in solid tumors, and to improve the therapeutic potential of TCR-T cell therapy for solid tumors.

Meta 10 metabolic reprogramming technology, developed by Leman Biotech, has been proven to successfully activate the oxidative phosphorylation metabolism of terminally exhausted T cells, thereby restoring their proliferative potential and cytotoxic activity and achieving tumor eradication in a variety of mouse solid tumor models. It has tremendous potential to significantly enhance the efficacy of tumor immunotherapy. The relevant preclinical data of Meta 10 technology have been published in the top academic journal Nature Immunology and have applied for a PCT patent (entering more than 50 countries or regions worldwide). Meta 10, to a certain extent, has overcome “T cell exhaustion”, a major bottleneck in the field of tumor immunotherapy, by enhancing the oxidative phosphorylation metabolism of terminally exhausted T cells and preventing or reversing their exhaustion state. Therefore, T cell-based tumor immunotherapies can further release their therapeutic potential using Meta 10 technology. This will provide an innovative platform for the tumor immunotherapy drugs currently under development or already on the market to unlock their potential.

Leman Biotech has recently completed treatments for two patients using the metabolically-enhanced CAR-T cell therapy targeting CD19 based on the Meta 10 technology platform. Clinical remission has been achieved at very low doses (5% of the conventional dose), without experiencing common side effects of conventional CAR-T treatment such as cytokine storms and significant neurotoxicity caused by treatment. This preliminary evidence confirms the safety and efficacy of Meta 10 technology. Leman Biotech will explore the platform potential of Meta 10 metabolic reprogramming technology to fully empower various tumor immunotherapies, and collaborate with leading companies in the industry to achieve the shared vision of curing solid tumors and benefit cancer patients.


About Xiangxue Life Science Technology

Xiangxue Life Science Technology is a clinical-stage biotech company focusing on the research and development of high-affinity TCR-based cell immunotherapy products and technologies. With a strong focus on TCR-T cell immunotherapy, the company aims to address major health challenges in cancer treatment. Their mission revolves around harnessing the potential of TCR, empowering T cells, and conquering solid tumors.

Xiangxue Life Sciences owns independent intellectual property rights for its TCR core technology. The company has established a comprehensive and advanced technical system for the development and production of TCR-T cell products, including platforms for antigen peptide discovery, high-affinity TCR development, and TCR-T cell product development. They also possess an automated cell production platform and a quality control platform for efficient and reliable TCR-T cell production. This integrated system covers the entire process, creating an innovative industrial chain for TCR-T cell products. Xiangxue Life Sciences’ research and development capabilities have yielded a robust pipeline of ongoing projects, encompassing proprietary targets associated with solid tumors and HLA typing specific to the Chinese population, positioning them at the forefront of the international stage.

Xiangxue Life Sciences has currently obtained IND approvals in China for two of its products. The first product, TAEST16001, is indicated for soft tissue sarcoma and is undergoing Phase II clinical research. The second product, TAEST1901, is intended for primary liver cancer and is poised to commence Phase I clinical research. These milestones demonstrate the company’s commitment to advancing innovative TCR-T cell immunotherapies for the benefit of patients.

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