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Milestone: 100,000+ Optimizations By SDLabs

Atinary is thrilled to announce an important milestone: their users have run more than 100,000 experiments using Atinary’s no-code AI platform, SDLabs, the Self-Driving Labs Platform!

Atinary’s technology plays a crucial role in enabling scientific breakthroughs in the pharmaceutical, biotech, advanced materials, and chemical industries, moving from a human-driven R&D process to an AI- and data-driven process. SDLabs helps our users find the elusive global optima with a fraction of the experiments.

Striving for efficiency, accuracy, reproducibility and effectiveness – SDLabs can be deployed in your existing workflows in wet labs or in simulations, either all manually executed, or integrated with robotic platforms – in mere hours.

Finding the best solutions to a problem when there are many parameters to take into account – they solve complex optimization problems, otherwise intractable with current scientific methods, including multi-objectives and constrained-optimizations

At Atinary, they aim to support scientists in their experiment planning and accelerate R&D, innovation, and discoveries across diverse industries. This milestone marks a meaningful achievement in bringing value and effective solutions to our growing community of scientists and R&D labs in industry and academia.


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