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PhenomX Health launches first symptoms and nutrient intake app for menopausal care in Switzerland

PhenomX Health SA, a femtech start-up based in Lausanne and, recent winner of the Vanguard Biopole accelerator, is proud to announce its 100 + years of collective biochemical and nutritional expertise has been translated into the first ever wellness and precision nutrition app for menopause care in Switzerland. At the center of its scientific wellness platform, the app has been created to empower women during their menopause transition and healthy aging.

PhenomX Health SA is a Swiss, EPFL FemTech accelerator (Tech4Eva) Alumni, creating an advanced technology ecosystem for menopause (from early & pre to post), precision nutrition and healthy aging. The PhenomX Health App leverages AI and personalized nutrition to support women on their menopause journey. The proprietary algorithms and recommendation engine integrate the sciences of nutrition, longevity, systems biology, functional and lifestyle medicine.

The PhenomX Health App is part of a personalized digital health platform that empowers women to track what they are experiencing physically and emotionally during menopause. With a set of 6 different service offerings and collaboration with MyHealth by OneDoc, the company ambitions to become THE trusted source in precision nutrition for midlife women in Switzerland and, contribute to expand their health span.

Combining advanced technology with expert nutritional and lifestyle guidance, the PhenomX Health App provides a holistic approach to managing menopausal symptoms, to be used complementary or as a substitute to HRT (Hormonal Replacement Therapy).

LIMITED PREMIUM EDITION to define the future of digital health for midlife women

In addition to the launch of the freemium app, PhenomX Health SA is offering a Premium version in a limited release / VIP format. Beyond a few hundred pre-registered women, the company wants to engage with women who wish to create the future of digital health and healthy aging. The scientific foundations have been laid. It’s now up to those women to speak and say what they want to receive as personalized recommendations and services. Any woman that has a stake in the menopause conversation and personalized nutrition can become an actor and help PhenomX Health change the fate of more than 1.3 million women in Switzerland!


The free app enables women to track their symptoms and severity to evaluate patterns related to emotions, diet, supplementation and lifestyle strategies. With daily tracking, patterns are graphically shown in an easy-to-understand format. The user is empowered with the knowledge needed to change their health span trajectory; and the user can share this new knowledge with medical practitioners for further guidance.

Premium / VIP membership give access to personalized recommendations, including diet and product recommendations that originate from PhenomX Health’s proprietary algorithms and expert knowledge.

Food, supplement, and lifestyle daily intake is done frictionless through the use of speech to text technology and a very intuitive interface. The PhenomX technology is easily accessible to all women!

With this new and unique app in Switzerland, midlife women now benefit from a simple yet supercharged tool to feel phenomenal and meet their individual needs!

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