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SEED Biosciences joins three talented ventures at StartLab

Personalized medicine enabler SEED Biosciences will be the 4th start-up to join Biopôle’s StartLab, the first incubator dedicated to life sciences located in the Canton of Vaud. The EPFL spinoff’s application was unanimously appreciated by the StartLab Advisory Board.

Just a few days after winning CHF 130'000 in the Venture Kick's Final, Vaud medtech SEED Biosciences becomes the 4th life science startup selected to join Biopôle's StartLab in Epalinges. The first three companies were HaYa Therapeutics, GNUbiotics and Volumina Medical, all award-winning swiss ventures.

A personalized medicine enabler

SEED Biosciences developed DispenCell, a compact pipetting robot to enable scientists to precisely isolate single cells three times faster than existing solutions. Single cell isolation is a key enabling step in many biological processes, including the production of biologics, cancer diagnosis, stem cell therapies and personalized medicine.

Current methods of single cell isolation are not traceable yet, which implies that scientists invest up to five months in validation time or need to invest in very expensive equipment. The patented pipetting system also permits accurate traceability, complying with the most stringent industry and regulatory standards. With DispenCell, SEED Biosciences offers an affordable and intuitive single-cell solution to industry players competing in the emerging multi-billion market of personalized medicine.

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