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11 companies joined Biopôle in 2020

From digital health to biotech, the diversity among Biopôle-based companies never ceases to amaze. Companies are gradually converging, and their interdisciplinarity cannot be categorised  into specific domains. What matters, though, is that our companies are successfully launching new products, winning awards and raising significant funds for their research and development activities. Have a look at all the new arrivals at Biopôle, and keep an eye on them: they are promising.

Bioinnovation Solutions SA brings expertise in generating high resolution bacterial and viral transmission and digital phylogenetic data produced using proprietary AI and genomic technologies. Bioinnovation is part of StartLab.

Gabi SmartCare is a medical, fully integrated solution for home. It combines the most advanced medical wearable technologies and predictive digital analytics to collect actionable data for physicians. Gabi SmartCare is part of the Vanguard Programme of the Digital Health Hub.

GenomSys is a biotechnology company developing technology powering enterprise-grade tools and applications for efficient processing and sharing of genomic information, enabling the progress of large scale and personalized genomic medicine.

Novostia is a privately held medical device company incorporated in 2017 developing an innovative artificial heart valve, especially for young patients.


Pan Therapeutics develops novel virus-based anti-cancer drugs for the treatment of cancer patients and domestic pets.


Pneumoscope develops a medical device which facilitates the diagnosis and follow-up of respiratory diseases. The start-up is part of the Vanguard Programme of the Digital Health Hub.



Pryv makes essential software for data-driven healthcare innovation. Our purpose-built middleware helps organizations manage personal data from creation to use, sharing and disposal. We accelerate time to market, cut IT development costs and speed up connectivity to all data sources. Pryv addresses the enhanced citizen’s right under GDPR and turns privacy compliance into a competitive advantage.


Promoting scientific research and the missions of healthcare and scientists. Identifying the latest news in science and health, promoting this high added value information for the general public – on digital or traditional channels, this is the ambition of RADAR RP Sàrl, an independent public relations agency.


Resilient is developing RestArt, an artificial cloud intelligence that measures and analyzes your unhealthy stress patterns. RestArt interactively guides you to improve your resilience and protects you from stress-induced damages. Resilient is part of the Vanguard Programme of the Digital Health Hub.


VFI is a not-for-profit company based in Switzerland, dedicated to provide its adjuvants and vaccine formulation expertise technologies in open-access to all interested groups.