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A first partnership with the Swiss Center for Preventive Medicine for the epigenetic profile of Genknowme

Genknowme signs with the new Swiss Center for Preventive Medicine.

This medical center associated with the Hôpital de la Tour (GE) becomes the first to measure the epigenetic biological age in order to personalize preventive medicine.

Highcare, a medical center at the forefront of personalized prevention

The Swiss Center for Preventive Medicine, Highcare, is a highly specialized structure designed to preserve and optimize the health and physical fitness of its patients. Thanks to innovative medical approaches and the collaboration of the various specialists on the Hôpital de La Tour campus, Highcare offers health check-ups and personalized advice to stay in good health for anyone interested in an overview of its health status and recommendations to preserve it, including companies concerned with the well-being of their employees and managers.

Epigenetic assessment of the impact of lifestyle at DNA-level

Genknowme’s epigenetic tests, as well as the measurement of various biomarkers obtained by means of a blood test, thus reinforce more traditional examinations. Based on innovative, scientifically and clinically validated diagnostic methods, Highcare check-ups go further than a conventional check-up. They make it possible to understand the current state of health of patients and to identify potential risks on which to act preventively. In particular, the establishment of an epigenetic profile allows the assessment of lifestyle’s impacts on biological age. Based on the most recent knowledge in genetic medicine, this test measures changes in the functioning of genes induced by lifestyle (diet habits, alcohol and tobacco consumption, physical activity).

Youth capital, the difference between biological age and chronological age

Epigenetic biological age is a scientific estimate of the physiological state of an individual. It encompasses longevity and the ability to function (healthy aging) and takes into account many factors, such as the passage of time, genetics, but also lifestyle. Recent research has thus shed light on the regulatory mechanisms of genes linked to external factors such as the environment and lifestyle. These are called "epigenetic" markers which can be combined to form age estimates called "epigenetic age". The difference between epigenetic age and chronological age is called “youth capital”, with negative values indicating that a person is biologically older than their years.

Genknowme, the Lausanne-based company specializing in epigenetics

Founded in 2019 by a team of passionate scientists, Genknowme is an innovative Swiss life science startup dedicated to transforming cutting-edge research into epigenetic tests measuring the impact of lifestyle on biological age. Genknowme offers a new reading of DNA: an epigenetic test that measures the reversible impacts of lifestyle on genes, to help everyone develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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