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Ichnos November 2020 update

Ichnos Sciences aims to shift the way the world thinks about innovation in medicine by developing potentially transformative treatments in oncology and autoimmune disease. The
company, with its global headquarters in New York City, and discovery and manufacturing at two locations in Switzerland, has strong capabilities in the research and development
of new biological entities (NBE). Ichnos is also engaged in the discovery of new chemical entities (NCE) to treat cancer through an agreement with Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.
for work being conducted at its research facility in the Mumbai, India area.
Ichnos currently has four molecules in clinical development: two in oncology, one in autoimmune disease, and one in pain management. With a patented BEAT® technology platform1 for development of novel biologic drugs, along with drug pioneering teams, Ichnos Sciences has a mission to provide breakthrough, potentially curative therapies that will hopefully extend and improve lives, writing a new chapter in healthcare.
Officially launched on 15 October 2019, Ichnos has an experienced executive leadership team and board of directors. The company is a subsidiary of Glenmark Holding SA, which is currently funding operating expenses while additional investors are secured during calendar year 2020 and beyond.

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