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CHF 500k to boost Gondola’s Clinical Research Momentum

Clinical research and studies demonstrate Gondola AMPS therapy's effectiveness for people with neurological disease to move better and live better. The CHF 500’000 Tech Growth loan from the Fondation pour l'Innovation Technologique (FIT) supports Gondola Medical Technologies to scale their clinical research capabilities further.
The claim backed by science demonstrates Gondola Medical Technologies' commitment to scientific rigor. The raised funds of CHF 500’000 Tech Growth loan from FIT come in two installments, CHF 200’000 upfront and CHF 300’000 based on a milestone plan submitted to FIT’s Selection Committee. Gondola Medical Technologies dedicates these funds to research and development, which includes growing their clinical research team and studies.

Francesco Cecchini, CEO states: "Building a capable team - I like to use the word Gondola Dream Team - is one of the most challenging and also rewarding tasks. Having a solid clinical team that shows that we are backed by science was and is decisive for us as a scale-up therapeutic company".

Backed by science
Clinical studies show the benefits of Gondola AMPS therapy for Parkinson's disease patients. It is the ambition to validate the treatment also for other neurological disorders such as stroke. Besides international collaborations, Gondola Medical Technologies entertains an active exchange with CHUV in Lausanne to explore future joint research activities.

AMPS therapy: walking therapy for neurological disorders
The Gondola AMPS therapy works with mechanical pressure pulses applied in two specific areas of both feet, the head of the big toe and the first metatarsal joint. It is a two-minute therapy with instant-on results that is documented in 12 scientific publications with more than 230 Parkinson's disease patients. Gondola AMPS treatment's documented benefits provide significant improvements in walking abilities for speed, stride length, gait variability, and turning. Beneficial effects are apparent immediately after a single AMPS treatment and can remain on average two to four days. Continual use allows to maintain benefits long-term.

Funding: raising equity and loans
In 2014 Gondola Medical Technologies was awarded the StartCup price as the most innovative company in Ticino. Since 2019 it raised a total of 4 million Euro (equity and loans), including a 2.5 million Euro grant from the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, and a first installment of CHF 200’000 from the Fondation pour l'Innovation Technologique (FIT). Currently, the medtech based at Biopôle Lausanne is preparing its next financing round to scale internationally.

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