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ADC Therapeutics recognized with Excellence Award at Convergence in Oncology Summit

ADC Therapeutics has received the “Salus Partner Excellence in HealthTech Award”. The prize recognizes ADC Therapeutics’ excellence in execution and the rapid development of its product pipeline in the field of targeted cancer therapy.

ADC Therapeutics SA is a clinical-stage oncology-focused biotechnology company pioneering the development of highly potent and targeted antibody drug conjugates for patients suffering from hematological malignancies and solid tumors.

Upon receiving the award Dr. Chris Martin CEO and co-founder of ADC Therapeutics comments: “We are very happy and honored to receive the 2019 Salus Excellence in HealthTech Award. It is a much appreciated recognition of our success in the development of our unique next-generation product pipeline to treat as many patients as possible worldwide.”

“ADC Therapeutics joins a prestigious group of companies recognized by the Salus Partners Excellence in Health Tech Award.  They are a great example of the flourishing innovation in the field of oncology here in Switzerland” says Dr. Brian Hashemi, Co-Founder of the Convergence in Oncology Summit and Managing Partner of the investment firm Salus Partners SA in Lausanne, Switzerland.

ADC Therapeutics was founded in 2011, and has raised $531 million since that time to advance the pipeline of programs. Today, ADC’s programs, including ADCT-402, ADCT-301, ADCT-602 and ADCT-601, are advancing in ongoing clinical trials in multiple hematological and solid tumor indications. In addition, the company has numerous preclinical ADCs that the team is working to bring to the clinic.

PICTURE: From left to right: Brian Hashemi, Founder and Managing Partner Salus Partners, Chris Martin, Founder and CEO ADC Therapeutics, William Burns, Chairman of Molecular Partners, former CEO Roche Pharma, and Nasri Nahas, CEO Biopole.

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