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Biopôle Q&A : The New Normal in Digital Marketing

The importance of programmatic and social media advertising in the age of digital complexity.

The pandemic has pushed digital advertising like never before. The progression of consumption isenormous and with the major retailers having had to fight between open and closed periods there are fewer advertisers than BC (Before Covid). This has opened the doors to great opportunities; some companies grasp them, while others losemarket share blaming Covid when in fact it is their lack of adaptability that is the real problem.

Today digital complexity is a challenge but there are solutions like never before.Discover the powers of Big Data in Programmatic Advertising, and how this can be turbo-chargedwith Search Engine Marketing and Digital Influence.


Olivier Kennedy, CEO & founder at Enigma

Olivier created Enigma in 2008 when he identified a gap in the services provided by other advertising agencies. Since then Enigma has grown to be a leading player in Switzerland and today manages campaigns in 15 countries in 10 languages. Olivier has a passion for bringing science and technology to the domain of marketing, in areas such as neuromarketing and data analysis focused campaign optimization. Olivier is a digital marketing pioneer, constantly at the forefront of this evolving terrain.


Charlotte Paris, Head of Digital at Enigma

Charlotte joined our team after many years of experience in advertising agencies, as well as in advertising networks. The past few years, she was the Head of Media Trading in an agency that is the market leader in its area of expertise. Now, she decided to become part of Enigma and put her digital knowledge at your service.


Moderator: Emanuela Jurietti, Director of Marketing & Communications at Biopôle SA

Emanuela Jurietti is Director of Marketing & Communications at Biopôle SA, based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Since she took up the role in 2018, Emanuela has led Biopôle’s team efforts in internal and external communications; she is also a member of the management team. Before joining Biopôle SA, Emanuela delivered digital communication and media relations services as a PR consultant at Cabinet Privé de Conseils in Geneva. Emanuela has previously held communications positions at VirtaMed, a Zurich-based company specialising in virtual medical simulation, and Ticino Turismo, the organisation that develops and implements the tourism strategy for Switzerland’s Italian-speaking canton. With an impressive background in media relations and corporate communications, Emanuela helps Biopôle companies to increase their visibility.


SAVE THE DATE: Life Sciences Marketing & Communication Series

For many start-ups working in life sciences, it can be challenging to get noticed by the right people, at the right moment. At Biopôle, we help our member companies by connecting them with experts from various fields, from investors to lab suppliers. In this special series on life sciences in marketing and communication, attendees will be able to ask our communication consultants their questions and get feedback on specific projects.

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