– Functional proteomics and drug discovery
– Design, development and manufacturing of biologically active peptide systems
– Development of synthetic therapeutic peptide vaccines for oncology and infectious diseases
– Peptide probes for cancer diagnostics and therapeutics.


– Custom peptide synthesis, peptide arrays, high throughput screening
– Peptide-based probes for cancer diagnosis/therapy
– Mass spectrometry-based peptide and protein analysis
– Cancer biomarker targeting by mass spectrometry
– Synthesis of isotopically labeled peptides for protein quantification by mass spectrometry
– Nanoscale mass spectrometry methods for the identification and quantification of protein/peptides in clinical samples

Main research methods

Peptide design, peptide synthesis, peptide arrays, protein and peptide purification and analysis
– Peptide synthesizers (single and parallel synthesis)
– HPLC s preparative and analytical
– Mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF)