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Founding and running a life sciences start-up isn’t for the faint-hearted, but Biopôle is here to help. Whatever stage you’re at, we offer tailored support, from the infrastructure of StartLab and Superlab to digital solutions in the form of the Digital Health Hub (DH2) and the Vanguard programme.

On top of all that, the Biopôle Start-up Fund offers a remarkable funding opportunity for the most promising life sciences start-ups to boost their research and development – and we’re constantly working on new additions to the range of support we offer too. All to help you focus on what matters most: innovation and growth.

Biopôle Start-up Fund


Let’s start with lab space. In the initial stages of their development, Biopôle members can choose to take up residence at StartLab, which provides state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment and a full suite of administrative services, all available from day one on a pay-as-you-play basis. As their growth phase takes off, many will then move to Superlab, whose serviced laboratories are the perfect halfway house between incubator and private laboratory. And as growth continues, companies can opt to set up their own bespoke labs at Biopôle while still enjoying all the benefits and opportunities that the campus provides.

Biopôle - Serine - StartLab. Office and laboratory space


Got a great idea for a new therapy, a groundbreaking diagnostic or a revolutionary way of looking at disease? Every quarter, start-ups at Biopôle apply to StartLab to give their innovative project the best chance of success. StartLab incubates selected life sciences projects, offering them the tailor-made support needed to bring them to fruition.

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Opening in June 2021, Superlab Suisse SA is the perfect fit for early-stage start-ups in need of a private, ready-to-go laboratory space as they scale up. It serves as the missing stepping stone between being hosted in an incubator and the much more daunting commitment of a fully fledged private laboratory.

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Digital companies are catered for too, from the immersive Vanguard programme, which gives inspiring early-stage start-ups six months of free desk space and access to the Digital Pulse community of experts, to the Digital Health Hub (DH2), a 900m2 facility that ticks every box from coworking space to private offices, as well as offering a range of amenities and exciting networking prospects.

Corridor of the DH2 infrastructure at the Biopôle


The Digital Health Hub is the beating heart of a vibrant network of digital health professionals, researchers and companies. If you’re looking to develop e-solutions for patients or break into the digital health market it could be just the space for you. It will help you develop innovative solutions for – and with – patients. As you collaborate with an extensive network of industry experts, you’ll fast-track your projects.

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Biopôle - Phenyl - Digital Health Hub. Entrance to the open space


Vanguard is a free six-month programme run by Biopôle SA and its partners to help promising digital health projects supercharge their innovation and take their business to the next level.

The aim of the Vanguard programme is to help consolidate the business plan of each enrolled start-up to launch new pilot projects, finalise an investment round or begin clinical studies. The Vanguard programme acts like an accelerator in the design and adoption of digital health innovation.

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Biopôle Start-up Fund:

Biopôle SA values entrepreneurial passion and early-stage innovation. That’s why we created the Biopôle Start-up Fund, a source of no-strings-attached financing to boost Biopôle’s emerging life sciences ventures. We don’t ask you to give us equity in your company in return, and nor is this a traditional loan. All we do ask is that you focus on what you do best: running your company, taking care of your employees and furthering your mission to improve human health through innovation.

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