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Griffon Pharmaceuticals International

GRIFFON Pharmaceuticals is a biopharma company located in Montréal, Canada and Lausanne, Switzerland developing a new bifunctional peptide GRF and VIP analog.

The company aims to develop GP119 in several indications with significant unmet needs.

The company’s lead indication, NASH-HIV, is commonly seen in patients with HIV with an approximate incidence of 250,000 patients in the US.

Research description

NASH-HIV is characterized both by excess fat deposit in the liver and inflammation, leading to fibrosis and liver cell injury. NASH in individuals with HIV and is associated with dyslipidemia, insulin resistance, inflammation, elevated risk of developing liver cirrhosis and requiring a liver transplant. Patients also often show subclinical atherosclerosis, elevated cardiovascular risk, and negative self body image.

GP119 is a highly stable, next generation GRF-VIP analog with increased bioavailability. It is a bifunctional peptide comprising GRF and VIP that have complimentary metabolic, cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory effects. GP119, provided in a patient-friendly mode of administration, is expected to treat the clinical symptoms of NASH-HIV with benefits not provided by the current standard of care.

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