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Alithea Genomics SA

Alithea Genomics develops, manufactures and commercializes cutting-edge solutions for large-scale blood transcriptomics.

Existing transcriptomic technologies are either biased or too expensive and laborious to be deployed on large numbers of blood samples (e.g. biobanks, clinical trials).

In contrast, our proprietary BRB-seq technology enables the unbiased measurement of gene expression in thousands of samples, through a convenient and cost-efficient workflow.

Our proprietary technology, called BRB-seq, makes it possible for the first time to generate RNA data from thousands of samples in a high-throughput and cost-efficient manner.

As such, BRB-seq opens the doors for new applications for the use of RNA data such as high-throughput drug screening, biomarker discovery and large-scale population testing.

Alithea Genomics
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  • rna-seq
  • drug screening
  • biobank
  • clinical trials
  • transcriptomics