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Opening in June 2021, Superlab Suisse SA is the perfect fit for early-stage start-ups in need of a private, ready-to-go laboratory space as they scale up. It serves as the missing stepping stone between being hosted in an incubator and the much more daunting commitment of a fully fledged private laboratory.



Where scientists can feel insipired

Superlab Suisse opens its first branch
in Switzerland, at the heart of Biopôle
m2 of total surface
dedicated to young and established start-ups
private laboratories
with access to shared infrastructure
months renewal lease
to support your flexibility

private laboratories

Superlab offers equipped, licensed and fully serviced private labs. They are fully compliant with BSL-1 and BSL-2 standards and offer lab benches, electricity and water.

Shared and private office space

We also provide private office spaces with dedicated desks for growing companies. These are ideal when two to four members of a team need their own desk outside the lab.


We make sure that you have everything you need at your fingertips so you can get straight to work without worrying about logistics. You’ll find the following shared facilities at Superlab:

  • fume hood room
  • cell culture room
  • freezer room
  • shared equipment room
  • fully equipped kitchen and lounge
  • meeting rooms
  • phone booths


Superlab membership brings you the ability to focus on your scientific work rather than buildings, equipment or other operational concerns. The broad range of services on offer includes:

  • facility management
  • lab cleaning
  • waste management
  • laundry service
  • safety training
  • eyewash and emergency shower
  • equipment maintenance
  • bioreactor / glass wash
  • chemicals and consumables
  • shared liquid nitrogen