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Maximise your innovation footprint

For your business to be one step ahead, you already know you need to think outside the box – but you also know that this is easier said than done. At Biopôle SA, innovation is our business. Our community is made up of dynamic life sciences entrepreneurs, all pursuing exciting new ideas in their field and equipped with the resources to turn them into reality. Whatever field in the life sciences you’re working in, Biopôle can give you access to everything you need to boost your company’s innovation and advance its R&D: from networking, investment and scouting opportunities to the infrastructure you need to test out your next big business idea.

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between corporate partners and start-ups
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at different stages of maturity and from different sectors
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We all know it’s not just about what you know but who you know – and at Biopôle, we have both. As well as networking with our community of innovative entrepreneurs, our corporate partners work closely with our experienced team, who will connect you with the right people. And, most importantly, we’ll let you in on our most precious asset: our address book. Our team has over a decade of experience in the region’s start-up and academia ecosystem, so if there’s anyone we don’t know, chances are we know someone who does. Outside of our network, we search for, select, and contact any start-up or project available on the market – and we don’t give up until we’ve found your perfect fit.

Biopôle - Serine - StartLab. Office and laboratory space


To innovate, you need the time and tools to play and experiment – but not everyone has everything they need at their fingertips. Luckily, we do. Biopôle’s StartLab offers a fully equipped laboratory where your employees can experiment with new ideas without investing in expensive infrastructure. For digital health projects, look no further than the Vanguard Accelerator: a six-month programme designed to help test digital health-oriented projects, which includes free office space and mentoring by a select group of experts. Alternatively, get to know start-ups in your industry and join the buzz by setting up a satellite office in one of our co-working spaces. You’ll also get free access to our meeting rooms for partner meetings.


Becoming a corporate partner of Biopôle is a sure-fire way of increasing your visibility in one of the most dynamic European start-up ecosystems. It sends the signal that you’re open to collaborations to advance open innovation in healthcare. Our full calendar of scientific, business and social events gives you the perfect opportunity to meet and network with entrepreneurs, investors and researchers. Plus, our skilled on-site event managers make it easy for you to organise your own events on campus.


Our campus might have impressive facilities and be in an ideal location, but it’s our members that make Biopôle one of the most attractive innovation hubs in Europe. Biopôle is home to leading companies, start-ups and SMEs, prestigious research institutes, clinical research departments and dozens of other research entities – all collaborating with, learning from and inspiring each other. The diverse skill sets, priorities and business approaches on campus make for fruitful collaboration. More than 70% of our members work together on business and research projects.

I am on site regularly to meet and mentor those in the early-stage community. It’s an invaluable way to connect with cutting-edge innovation while it’s still bubbling.

Samantha Brandler, Director Geographic Search, Strategy & Business Development at BMS


Our corporate partners vary in size and work in different fields, but they all share one vision: to be at the forefront of health innovation.


If you have an established business in the life sciences industry that takes big dreams seriously, we want to hear from you. We do our best to deliver on whatever our corporate partners ask us. In addition to an annual fee, we ask for only one thing in return: keep our community alive and thriving by engaging with the innovation opportunities we deliver to your doorstep.

The benefits of a corporate partnership with Biopôle include:

  • Regular meetings with the Innovation and Partnerships Director and his team
  • Business intelligence through our constant and long-term tracking of innovation pipelines in Biopôle’s network and beyond
  • Personalised, on-demand reports about companies working in a specific therapeutic area, using a specific technology or at a specific stage of maturity
  • Visibility via our corporate channels
  • Opportunities to reach new audiences by being onstage at Biopôle events (keynote, panellist, speaker)
  • Opportunities for collaboration and business development
  • Support in organising innovation events, such as match-making events for start-ups
  • Access to our wet labs, co-working space or accelerator programmes to incubate your own projects
  • Access to our meeting rooms to facilitate meetings with companies of interest
  • Access to our community app (MyBiopôle)

Find out more about our corporate partnerships

The best way to learn more about our Corporate Partnerships programme is to have a chat with Pierre-Jean Wipff, Director of Innovation and Partnerships. Pierre-Jean is a seasoned innovation advisor. Alongside running the Corporate Partnerships programme, he manages the Vanguard Programme and sits on the Scientific Advisory Board of the Biopôle Start-up Fund.