Novigenix is a Swiss precision medicine company specialized in ImmunoTranscriptomic solutions for the detection of disease, therapy optimization, and disease recurrence monitoring to improve disease management and patient outcomes. The Novigenix proprietary LITOseek platform is optimized for mapping the response of the immune system to onset and progression of disease by integrating patient multi-omics data, advanced Machine Learning, and artificial intelligence approaches, to provide actionable insights and precision solutions for optimization of patient’s therapeutic journey.

The product pipeline of Novigenix includes patient stratification solutions in the field of Immuno-Oncology, Colorectal Cancer early detection and recurrence monitoring, and therapy optimization solutions for management of cancer patients. The company provides services to Pharma and Biotech customers, leveraging its proprietary LITOseek data analytics and patient clinical data platform to deliver previously unknown insights into the immune system, and developing ImmunoTranscriptomic solutions with actionable biomarkers for optimization of new therapeutic modalities.