At Biopôle since 2013.

Novigenix is an innovative Swiss molecular diagnostics company specializing in new generation blood tests for early detection of cancer. Colox®, our lead product is a proven molecular blood test designed to significantly reduce mortality from colorectal cancer through early detection and follow-up colonoscopy.

Novigenix’s technology is based on a new generation of predictive gene expression profiles of circulating blood cells and concentration profile of tumor-derived protein markers in combination with state-of-the-art mathematical analytical models. Our predictive molecular signatures of biomarkers provide new and accurate solutions for the early detection of cancer.

Colox® is a new generation blood-based test for early detection of colorectal cancer. It is clinically validated and currently available through medical laboratories in Switzerland. Colox® has proven to have significant benefits:

  • It accurately and reliably detects both adenomatous polyps and early stages of colorectal cancer.
  • It offers a convenient solution for patients to be tested with no need for bowel or stool preparation.
  • It can be ordered by the physician as part of a routine medical check-up.

Visit Novigenix website for more information on the product.