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Ludwig Cancer Research

Ludwig Cancer Research is an international community of distinguished scientists dedicated to preventing and controlling cancer. American businessman Daniel K. Ludwig began to support cancer research with the establishment of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in 1971. Today, the scientific efforts endowed through his resources have grown to encompass the Ludwig Institute and the Ludwig Centers at six U.S. institutions, all pursuing breakthroughs to alter the course of cancer.

Ludwig Lausanne led by Prof. George Coukos

The Ludwig Lausanne Branch is primarily dedicated to the study of tumor immunology and the design and development of novel immunotherapies. We are especially focused on immunotherapies that are tailored to an individual patient’s cancer—such as dendritic cell vaccines and therapies that involve the engineering and reinfusion of a patient’s T cells. We also focus on developing technologies to standardize and streamline such personalized therapies, which will be essential to their wider deployment. Basic research in our laboratories is similarly tailored to support our program in immunotherapy. Aside from tumor immunology, it includes the exploration of the tumor microenvironment, systems biology, cancer cell metabolism and the development of antibody and computational biology technologies. Our Lausanne Branch is an integral part of the Department of Oncology of the University Hospital of Lausanne and a founding partner of the Swiss Cancer Center Léman.