GenknowMe SA is an innovative life science company dedicated to transform breakthrough research and clinical science into actionable epigenetics tests.

We have developped a patent pending test that identifies key epigenetic markers, to help adults track, maintain, and improve their wellbeing and potential longevity.

Our product brings us beyond DNA, analyzing the epigenome. The addition of methyl groups on the DNA enable or prevent gene expression. External factors, resulting from lifestyle such as the diet, the amount of exercise you practice, tobacco you may have smoked and alcohol you consume, all have an impact on gene expression. These modifications on the epigenome are reversible.

We measure – at DNA level – the gap between biological and chronological ages by using a cutting-edge scientific technique. The specific contributions of actionable lifestyle factors: Diet quality, physical activity level, tobacco smoking and alcohol drinking are measured individually and delivered in the form of our Epigenetic Report.

Reseearch description

We aim to provide keys and tools for adults who want to objectively monitor the effects of their efforts on their well-being. By performing the test again, patients will be able to track improvement over time.

Our tests are currently only available through a selected network of specialized clinics and medical practises.