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Bioinnovation Solutions

Bioinnovation Solutions SA brings expertise in generating high resolution bacterial and viral transmission and digital phylogenetic data produced using proprietary AI and genomic technologies. This technology generates highly reproducible quantitative data that is superior to other detection systems (such as qPCR) and enables faster, simpler, and more sensitive next generation sequencing for researchers and clinical trials compared to standard methodologies. Having a very accurate and targeted approach, the Bioinnova DxSeqTM system also reduces bioinformatic burden and associated costs.

Research description

The major advantage of the Bioinnova system is the ability to simultaneously provide information down to the species and strain level, identify a repertoire of relevant resistance genes, and provide fine-tuned clonal profiling of various bacteria and viruses.

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  • Digital Phylogenetics
  • AI and Genomics
  • Functional microbiomics