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FutureHealth brings its innovative healthcare conference to Lausanne for the first time

FutureHealth’s mission is to create the opportunity for inspirational encounters to redesign a future-oriented healthcare system. After six successful conferences in Basel, Biopôle SA has been working closely with FutureHealth to bring the initiative to Western Switzerland, taking advantage of the region’s dynamic life sciences ecosystem. But FutureHealth Lausanne is not just a one-off regional edition of the event; the plan is to make it an annual fixture in the healthcare calendar, just like FutureHealth Basel. While the original event in Basel-Stadt will focus on major macro trends, the new conference in Vaud will concentrate on innovation.

What’s special about FutureHealth?

FutureHealth, and its organisers NZZ Connect, arrange unique conferences that bring together carefully selected national and international decisionmakers, policymakers and changemakers from the healthcare sector. The events combine keynotes, deep dive sessions, fireside chats and networking opportunities in a single stimulating day.

As Raphaël Conz, Managing Director of the Office for Economic Affairs and Innovation (SPEI), canton of Vaud and Board Member of Biopôle SA, explains, ‘FutureHealth has consistently showcased interesting use cases, inspired insightful discussions and fostered meaningful dialogue between participants.’ At the inaugural FutureHealth Lausanne, the invited speakers will share their vision for how innovation and technology development in the lab can be translated to support patient empowerment and well-being, and ultimately accelerate the move towards value-based healthcare.

Why bring FutureHealth to Lausanne?

The canton of Vaud is a major life sciences hub in the heart of the Swiss Health Valley, with over 1,000 life sciences companies and research laboratories responsible for more than 50,000 jobs. Over recent years, it has fostered the perfect conditions for a vibrant life sciences community to grow and thrive.

Biopôle SA is acting as the initiative partner for FutureHealth Lausanne. As Olivier Philippe, Biopole SA’s Corporate Relations and Business Development Director, explains, the conference will ‘build more connections between the major stakeholders of the healthcare ecosystem across Switzerland and bring more visibility to Lausanne and the canton of Vaud as an iconic place for healthcare innovation.’ The event will share expertise, showcase pioneering technologies and increase networking opportunities, leading to better partnerships and improved investments opportunities.

Why should people attend this event? 

The conference will be an opportunity to network with forward-looking peers from Romandy, Switzerland and beyond. Participants will also hear from key experts and entrepreneurs about their experience of translating innovation from bench to bedside. As Magali Bischof, Secretary General of the BioAlps Association, outlines, ‘the aim of the event is to exchange ideas about trends in future health and build bridges to support the development of technology that will benefit patients throughout their journey.’

The inaugural FutureHealth Lausanne conference will take place on Tuesday 3 October 2023 at SwissTech Convention Center. Raphaël Conz and Magali Bischof will both be part of the line-up, alongside Nasri Nahas, CEO of Biopôle SA. Find out more and reserve your place now.


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