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From bench to bedside: New opportunities for the Biopôle community

Interview with Antoine Hubert, Delegate of the Board of Directors at Swiss Medical Network and President of the Genolier Innovation Hub

How does Swiss Medical Network (SMN) ensure that it delivers the best outcomes for its patients?
From both strategic and operational viewpoints, significant efforts are made by SMN to improve treatment outcomes for its patients. One of our main strategies is to develop our multidisciplinary approaches, both in terms of diagnosis and treatment, which require perfect coordination between the various medical specialties involved in the management of our patients. We also endeavour to ensure optimal integration of all our healthcare teams, right along the chain of treatment and follow-up.

What new medical technologies have you brought, or are you planning to bring, to your clinics?
Our medtech platform is constantly being upgraded and renewed. Both SMN’s diagnosis and treatment domains benefit from the acquisition of lastest-generation devices. For example, in radiotherapy we have just installed top-level equipment, aiming to increase the precision of our irradiation significantly thanks to a sophisticated combination of robotic and irradiation technologies, like in our Cyberknife Unit in Geneva.
For diagnosis, high-resolution imaging is at the centre of our development policies. A nice example is the role that high-performance PET scans play in combining functional (metabolic) and morphologic images in the field of oncology. With the new technologies we integrate into our clinical platforms, we not only want to respond adequately to our patients’ expectations, but also to build a sustainable and responsible growth strategy.

How do you think Swiss Medical Network will benefit from this new partnership?
SMN is already a partner of the Genolier Innovation Hub (GIH). Partnering with Biopôle will bring opportunities to network with regional and national players, and this in turn will inject new impetus into our biomedical R&D work. Hence, this partnership is a matter of high priority, not only in terms of successful integration of the GIH into the Swiss innovation community, but also because of the way we can complement each other: while Biopôle welcomes start-ups, the GIH will host companies that have reached the last phases of their research programmes, with products ready to be tested and implemented in a clinical setting, so companies hosted at Biopôle will enjoy the opportunity to collaborate in the GIH with SMN and all others members during their later clinical trials.

What medical developments are you hoping to deliver to patients in the future?
We are now moving towards integrated care, which means that our policy is a paradigm shift from ‘fee for service’ to ‘fee for performance’. Outcome measures are and will continue to be one of our priorities, in order improve the quality of the therapeutic management and level of satisfaction for our patients.
In terms of medical development, precision medicine – in other words, individualised treatments – is one of the most powerful tools we are currently promoting, for instance with genomic-driven treatments in selected patients with cancer.

What type of start-ups are you looking for to collaborate with? 
Our stakeholders will essentially address issues linked to ‘from bench to bedside’ transfers. While the Genolier Innovation Hub won’t be an incubator, it will pay attention to all start-ups researching the potential application of innovative, biomedical products.

What can start-ups expect from a collaboration with Swiss Medical Network?
Here again the complementarity between Biopôle, Swiss Medical Network and Genolier Innovation Hub will play an essential role along the chain of development of a given product or solution. Companies who want to transform their R&D track successfully in clinical reality would profit from collaboration and have privileged access to the Hub.

About Antoine Hubert

Antoine Hubert acquired a shareholding in the Clinique de Genolier in 2002 and founded Swiss Medical Network in 2004. Prior to this he had been active in the real-estate sector, and had established and managed numerous companies in a wide range of fields. At AEVIS VICTORIA SA and Swiss Medical Network SA he serves as Delegate of the Board, and also holds further functions and Directorships in various subsidiaries of the Group.

Biopôle SA expands its partnership programme with Swiss Medical Network

December 2nd, 2021 - Biopôle SA’s innovative life sciences community continues to grow with the addition of Swiss Medical Network, one of Switzerland’s leading private clinic groups. This new partnership will enable Swiss Medical Network to remain at the forefront of medical technology, delivering the highest-quality care to patients from Switzerland and beyond.

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