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Lausanne, January 16, 2020 – Lausanne-based startup Deep Cube collaborated with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to break the world record for calculating the largest Golden Ratio, also known as the Greek letter Phi and is expressed algebraically as: (Phi = (1+5) /2 = 1.618 ….). It is an irrational number that goes on infinitely after its decimal point. Deep Cube used the HPE Apollo 6500 System, which is purpose-built for high-performance computing (HPC) and deep learning workloads, to achieve a record-breaking 20 trillion digits following the decimal point (or 20 times 1000 billion or 20 Tera Digits or in scientific notation: 20.10 power 12)., in just 6 days and 34 hours, surpassing a previous record of 16 trillion digits calculated in 12.6 days. Deep Cube has achieved a colossal feat (a bit like facing the Matterhorn) and to illustrate the representation of the figure Tera: a distance of 20 terra meters is simply colossal = equivalent to 260 round trips from the earth to the moon.

This synergy between the DEEP CUBE algorithms and the HPE Apollo 6500 System allows the limits of current records to be pushed back. “We smashed a speed record since the last record that had calculated 16 Tera Digits took for calculation 12.6 days and so we calculated in the end about 2 times faster than the previous record. For Deep Cube, this global computing record that I made with our AI engineers Alexandre Gouy and Cyril Hsu, uses HPC architectures from HPE and shows the synergy between mathematics and computing power of a massively parallel server. Infinite mathematical matrices will be at the heart of tomorrow’s collective intelligence. The neural networks of DEEP CUBE solve the diagnosis of diseases such as cancer or neurological diseases, thanks to mathematics, to enable humans to invent the collective medical intelligence” Chris Patris de Broé, founder and CEO of Deep Cube. 

Studied for decades, the Golden Ratio is one of the most fascinating irrational numbers. Symbol of perfection and aesthetics, the golden ratio is obviously found in mathematics but also in art, philosophy, architecture and culture. This number fascinates, inspires and questions by its ability to represent multiple phenomena. 

Early 2019, Deep Cube joined the HPE startup program in Switzerland, aimed at enabling startups to develop their business activities, leveraging the HPE network, technology and expertise. To achieve the world record for calculating the Golden Ratio, Deep Cube used high-performance computing infrastructure at the HPE Geneva Customer Innovation Center (CIC).

Deep Cube SA, is a Swiss start-up company based in the Bio Pole in Epalinges (Vaud, Switzerland), created in March 2018. Specializing in artificial intelligence, it develops an innovative AI technology based on DEEP LEARNING which allows to diagnose in real time the main skin diseases Dermato-Oncology from a simple microscope put in contact with the skin. This medical AI device allows a superhuman performance in terms of accuracy and speed of computation that makes it possible to assist even better AI by the doctors for the analysis of skin diseases. Prestigious prize winner: 2 best AI Awards at the CVPR 2017 and the MEC 2018, and in particular the 2nd World Prize of the World AI Conference 2019 in Shanghai and the 1st prize of the CES ASIA 2019, DEEP CUBE still shows its performance world class on new mathematical algorithms and shines on the international arena of artificial intelligence.

Deep Cube’s partnership with HPE is strategic for the company’s approach to deploy AI with parallel computing of neural networks. The Swiss startup has just bought a spin-off from EPFL a few days ago and is currently looking for investors.