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Immunoassay Development Scientist

ND Biosciences is seeking an experienced scientist in immunoassay development and validation to join our biomarkers and diagnostic development team.

You will participate in projects aimed at the development and validation of novel assays aimed at detection and quantification of protein biomarkers associated with neurodegenerative diseases. An important focus will be the development of assays that enable sensitive and accurate quantification of multiple disease-associated forms of alpha-Synuclein.


  • Execute different types of immunoassays for accurate and sensitive detection and quantification of protein biomarkers in human tissues and biological fluids under minimal supervision.

  • Use different immunoassay platforms to conduct biomarker discovery and validation studies.

  • Be familiar with the technical validation of assays, such as limit of detection, specificity, sensitivity, reproducibility, and other analytical parameters.

  • Perform routine laboratory experiments, including designing experiments and analysis of data.

  • Be familiar with the most common molecular biology and biochemical techniques.

  • Organize and compile data, and present reports on results at internal meetings.

  • Consult and keep up with the scientific literature in the relevant field.

  • Maintain, clear, complete and up-to-date lab notebook and documentation of all experiments, results and reports.

  • Understand and adhere to corporate standards regarding code of conduct, safety, and compliance with international standards adopted by ND Biosciences.

  • Be in charge of ordering and stocking of material/reagents for immunoassay establishment.

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