Événements de la communauté

27.08.2019 12:15 | Summer Course in Immunology – Public research seminar

Organizer: CIIL seminars
Venue: Centre de Laboratoires Epalinges, Room B301

“Vectorizing arenaviruses for vaccination and immunotherapy”

Prof. Daniel Pinschewer
Department of Biomedicine, University of Basel

Host: Fabienne Tacchini-Cottier &
Werner Held

Événements de la communauté

28.08.2019 12:15 | Summer Course in Immunology – Public research seminar

Organizer: CIIL seminars
Venue: Centre de Laboratoires Epalinges, Room B301

“How intestinal microbes shape the B cell repertoire”

Prof. Andrew MacPherson
Department for Biomedical Research, University of Bern

Host: Fabienne Tacchini-Cottier & Werner Held

Événements de la communauté

29.08.2019 12:15 | Summer Course in Immunology – Public research seminar

Organizer: CIIL seminars
Venue: Centre de Laboratoires Epalinges, Room B301

“Vaccination against chronic disease: from Alzheimer`s disease to chronic itch“

Prof. Martin Bachmann
Department of Immunology, University of Bern

Host: Fabienne Tacchini-Cottier & Werner Held

Biopôle on the road

03.09.2019 08:00 | Digital Day Switzerland 2019

Organizer: Digital Switzerland
Venue: n/a

Meet Biopôle SA at the next Digital Day Switzerland on September 3rd 2019 !

Biopôle on the road

09.09.2019 09:00 | BASEL LIFE: Showcasing Europe’s Excellence in Life Sciences

Organizer: Congrex Switzerland Ltd.
Venue: Congress Center Basel Switzerland
Contact for registration: https://www.basellife.org/2019.html

Meet Biopôle SA at Basel Life 2019 !

BASEL LIFE is Europe’s leading congress in the Life Sciences, showcasing cutting-edge science and technology.
It brings together preeminent researchers in the field, and offers talented young scientists the possibility to present themselves.
Basel is the heart of European’s Life Sciences landscape.

Événements Biopôle

12.09.2019 00:00 | Convergence in Oncology Summit 2019

Organizer: Biopôle SA and Salus Partners
Venue: Aquatis Hotel @Biopôle Lausanne


The Convergence in Oncology Summit is an international annual assembly of industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors active in the field of Oncology to debate and explore synergies that can accelerate the development of the most promising solutions in the field.

From diagnostics to therapeutics, rapid change in technology innovation modifies the landscape faster than any organizations can keep up with. Convergence of technologies from mature and emerging sectors are creating new opportunities that can significantly accelerate disruptive solutions that benefit patients globally.

The principal aim of this Summit is to promote development of new solutions through convergence and sharing of opportunities in the field of Oncology. The Summit is organized by professionals for professionals and we look forward to welcoming you to Lausanne, Switzerland, for networking and sharing of knowledge among industry leaders, entrepreneurs, academics and investors.



Biopôle on the road

19.09.2019 13:00 | Clinical trial strategy: Fine-tuning the risk–reward profile

Organizer: Swiss Biotech Association

The Swiss Biotech Association and Parexel join forces to address major clinical trial strategy challenges, including the growing complexity of trials, changing regulations, spiralling costs, and patient access. The meeting will explore the impact of real world data science, adaptive clinical trial design, biomarkers and more.


Save the date: Sept 19 from 13:00 to 18:30 in Lausanne.  Join us to hear from top experts from throughout the world and share your knowledge and experience.


>> Visit the official website 

Événements de la communauté

24.09.2019 09:00 | ILMAC BASEL

Organizer: ILMAC
Venue: Messe Basel
Contact for registration: www.ilmac.ch

ILMAC est depuis 1959 le seul salon industriel de la de la chimie et des sciences de la vie qui présente toutes les applications industrielles de la technologie des procédés et de laboratoire. En tant que salon orienté utilisateurs, ILMAC s’adresse aux spécialistes des secteurs suivants:pharmacie, chimie, biotechnologie, produits alimentaires, boissons, cosmétiques et autres. En dépit de cette diversité, ILMAC est bien structuré (Il peut être visité en une journée). ILMAC est proche (a lieu au centre de l’industrie pharmaceutique et chimique suisse) et représente tout le marché suisse.

Plus d’information: www.ilmac.ch

Biopôle on the road

01.10.2019 00:00 | Alpine High-Tech Venture Forum

Organizer: Tech Tour
Venue: Hôtel Aquatis
Contact for registration: https://techtour.com/events/2019/10/event-alpine-high-tech-venture-forum-2019.html?pageId=3271866

The 8th edition of the Alpine High-Tech Venture Forum (AHVF), organized by Tech Tour and traditionally hosted by Canton de Vaud, will return to Lausanne on 01-02 October 2019.
50 Swiss and International investors, over 40 presenting companies from the Alpine region and more than 120 attendees are expected to take part in the popular business event. It will take place at Aquatis Hotel & Conference Center.

Alpine High-Tech Venture Forum is a unique occasion for entrepreneurs in ICT, Life Sciences and Cleantech sectors from Switzerland and the Alpine region to meet and present themselves to active international investors and corporations seeking investment and partnerships. AHVF is an important platform to promote a dynamic and professional image of innovative entrepreneurship and venture capital of the region.

Visit official website

Biopôle on the road

29.10.2019 12:30 | BioAlps Networking Day 2019

Organizer: BioAlps
Venue: Théâtre du Crochetan in Monthey (VS)
Contact for registration: https://bioalps.org/bioalps-networking-day-2019/

The BioAlps Networking Day will take place on Tuesday 29 October 2019 at the Théâtre du Crochetan in Monthey (VS).



BioAlps’ annual event is the perfect occasion to meet your futur partners, clients and investors. The Association also takes advantage of this opportunity to award the yearly BioAlps prize. This distinction aims to recognize an academic representative and an industrial actor, who have contributed through their activities to the development of life sciences in western Switzerland.

Meet Biopôle at this event !

More information here

Biopôle on the road

11.11.2019 08:00 | BIO-Europe Hamburg 2019

Venue: CCH - Congress Center Hamburg, Am Dammtor / Marseiller Str., 20355 Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

Biopôle SA is looking forward to welcoming you at BIO Europe 2019 in Hamburg !

BIO-Europe® is held annually in different cities and is an international forum to promote business development between pharmaceutical, financial and biotechnology companies. The event is Europe’s largest partnering conference serving the global biotech industry. At this conference leading decision makers of the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and financial industry employed at emerging companies meet annually. Investors and pharmaceutical companies offer benefits to life-science companies that exceed financial investment. These benefits include information on questions reaching from regulatory and permit requirements to marketing and representations of interests for patients.

The 25th fair anniversary of the BIO-Europe® takes place on 3, Mon. in 11.11.2019.