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26.03.2020 09:00Tech Tour Growth Summit 2020

Organizer: Tech Tour
Venue: Geneva & Lausanne
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Overview Tech Tour Growth 2020 – Redefining Ambition

Europe’s boldest, most ambitious growth company CEOs and their investor shareholders brought together at the shores of lake Geneva!

 The 7th edition of the Tech Tour Growth will take place on 26-27 March, 2020 in Geneva & Lausanne and brought together 70+ of Europe’s boldest CEOs – the entrepreneurs with the vision and drive to build game changing businesses.

 We all know that each year the bar for global tech success gets higher. And each year we’re delighted to see Tech Tour “alumni” such as Farfetch, Adyen and Shazam go on to meet the promise of their bold ambition. ​

​That’s why the theme of this year’s summit was Redefining Ambition. The Summit was not a talking shop but based on facilitated, CEO only workshops and special activities. In this way, all participants had the opportunity to share their experience in a spirit of trust and collaboration. ​

 Following the CEO workshops on day one and the Tech Tour Growth Awards ceremony, day two started of with several guest presentations where after we hosted a series of roundtable discussions covering the impact, and opportunities created digitally enabled across a number of sectors and themes including Healthcare, Mobility, Blockchain, Business Productivity, Resource Efficiency and Internet of Things. Most importantly we covered what it takes to build truly massive companies from Europe. We Redefined Ambition.

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